Blizzard 2013 Paralyzes Northeast Region

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 10, 2013
  • The extreme weather team tracks the latest on the northeast snowstorm.


  • Saad Khan  5 years ago

    I still like winter better than summer

  • GREAT expectations  7 months ago

    I LOVE the abundance of snow and -40 degrees

  • bambina360  5 years ago

    oh km so thankful and happy to b living in my beautiful Puerto Rico! i was born in PR. i lived in Rhode Island since i was 6 mths old till i was 29. i liked the snow till i was like 14 then i started to get sick of it and to make it worst i missed my family that were all in PR. i became really deppressed. and in summer when i went to visit i didnt want to leave my homeland. and always left in tears and heartbroken. anyway im sooo happy to finnally b where my heart has always been and with the people i...

  • sorry about my name  3 months ago

    I had to take a whole week off of school of this

  • James Bond  2 years ago

    If stranded in a vehicle, keep the tailpipe clear of snow. The engine can provide heat, but the CO can get into the cabin. Get out and check the tailpipe again later, Drifting snow can re-clog the tailpipe. The New England winter can be deadly.

  • jdtractor man  2 years ago

    2:20, idiot blowing snow into the street. Way to go dude.

  • jesse sanchez  3 years ago


  • KateDenthimamai  5 years ago

    I used to live in northern greece where you get blizzards also and very low temperatures and now I live in athens where in the summer you can't breath if you don't have the air conditioning on 27/7.. and I much rather have the blizzard than this heat of hell.

  • Little Blitz  5 years ago

    I'll take the heat, just jump in the pool.

  • Imunderpar4win  5 years ago

    Ginger needs to layoff the facelifts.. Eyes gonna be on top of ur head soon