Blizzard 2013 Paralyzes Northeast Region

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 10, 2013
  • The extreme weather team tracks the latest on the northeast snowstorm.


  • KateDenthimamai
    KateDenthimamai  5 years ago

    I used to live in northern greece where you get blizzards also and very low temperatures and now I live in athens where in the summer you can't breath if you don't have the air conditioning on 27/7.. and I much rather have the blizzard than this heat of hell.

  • Little Blitz
    Little Blitz  5 years ago

    I'll take the heat, just jump in the pool.

  • Imunderpar4win
    Imunderpar4win  5 years ago

    Ginger needs to layoff the facelifts.. Eyes gonna be on top of ur head soon

  • Yankeesfan10234
    Yankeesfan10234  5 years ago +2

    I live in Connecticut. I have been through many blizzards. It's fun to watch all the snow fall but it's the cleaning up and shoveling part that's always hard :(

  • prairiemom3
    prairiemom3  6 years ago

    Spoken as someone who's never had to ride out a blizzard.

  • darkwonder80
    darkwonder80  6 years ago

    shut the fuck up.

  • Drewrob99
    Drewrob99  6 years ago

    Wow that's alot of snow

  • gamegeekx
    gamegeekx  6 years ago

    All of you guys are lucky. In North Carolina snow is very rare. I rather be freezing in Chicago instead of burning my butt off in North Carolina. North Carolina feels like Texas or Florida.

  • theroach10
    theroach10  6 years ago

    I really hope you're trolling haha.

  • Awesome
    Awesome  6 years ago

    The sun got cold.

  • Chris Metcalf
    Chris Metcalf  6 years ago

    Please don't breed.

  • generationll
    generationll  6 years ago

    God is speaking.Alot of these have homosexual marriage and this snow could be judgement from Heaven.Liberal malloy should get homo marriage repealed

  • Arduex2020
    Arduex2020  6 years ago

    Ginger is frackn hot

  • dkhill27
    dkhill27  6 years ago


  • brahmin21
    brahmin21  6 years ago

    year of the black water snake

  • brahmin21
    brahmin21  6 years ago

    on the's the Yeti....

  • john henry
    john henry  6 years ago


  • Seemorerocks97
    Seemorerocks97  6 years ago

    Climate chaos. Welcome to the future!

  • ramir233
    ramir233  6 years ago

    thats why I live in the west coast LMAO

  • 2431Jesse
    2431Jesse  6 years ago

    how the hell can i watch this? says no video available??