The Struts - Could Have Been Me/Kiss This - Medley (Live) (Late Night With Seth Meyers)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 17, 2015
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  • Edward Bliss
    Edward Bliss  14 days ago

    The album is amazing musically. The image is kind of gimmicky

  • BananaBoombox
    BananaBoombox  1 months ago

    Why arent they big yet. Man whats wrong with the world

  • Cotton Zipwire
    Cotton Zipwire  3 months ago

    Queen tribute band.

  • Sandra Kaiser
    Sandra Kaiser  3 months ago +1

    I mean, we already had one Freddie Mercury but heyyy this band is good

  • Sandra Kaiser
    Sandra Kaiser  3 months ago

    Reminds me of Freddie in 70s. I like it 😂

  • Felipe Donadelli
    Felipe Donadelli  3 months ago

    I'm so in love with this band! This band is ready to be a headliner

  • Jimmy Sapien
    Jimmy Sapien  5 months ago

    I’m impressed

  • JewelryMaker 1
    JewelryMaker 1  5 months ago

    💞 Love em!

  • Θανος Z
    Θανος Z  5 months ago +1

    This performance could have been much better if the mix was better, you cant even hear the background vocals or even the guitars that well.

  • Thomas Kavounas
    Thomas Kavounas  6 months ago

    Letterman would love you guys! Saw you at the pageant in St. Louis, great show!

  • Mark Blackwell
    Mark Blackwell  6 months ago

    The singer should have played Freddie M.

  • Christopher Clarkin
    Christopher Clarkin  7 months ago


  • Eden Sham
    Eden Sham  7 months ago

    Yeah, even if the sound is really bad done, they are still amazing. If a band is amazing, no matter how the sound or something else is wrong, they KNOW how to catch you because they are good. ;-)
    Love you the Struts !!! Luke is now definitely one of my favorite singers. :3

  • Vito B
    Vito B  7 months ago

    guys a walking drape

  • samler pill
    samler pill  7 months ago

    Soooo much better live I actually feel it better

  • Fackin got off with someone didn’t I

    Guy on the mixer making it sound like a vocals only version

  • Hafiz Jumat
    Hafiz Jumat  8 months ago

    remind me of Killer Queen

  • Percy's
    Percy's  9 months ago

    Pop Crap....Rock has guitar in it

  • J u r a s s i c
    J u r a s s i c  9 months ago

    you guys are awesome

  • Taroyable Casubuan
    Taroyable Casubuan  9 months ago +1

    Freddie Mercury wanna be, but hey!!! still a great band 🔥🔥🔥