The Struts - Could Have Been Me/Kiss This - Medley (Live) (Late Night With Seth Meyers)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 17, 2015
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  • Bryan T.  3 years ago

    Despite the horrible audio work behind the scenes, that voice is damn awesome. He's got talent.

  • Real Heel Ryan  5 months ago


  • TheBulldog019  3 years ago

    they need to fire the guy running the mixer

  • B. K.  6 months ago

    No kidding.... this is some of the absolute sound work I've heard. AWFUL.

  • Timothy Powers  1 years ago

    Your right . They are a great band this is their Ed Sullivan chance. diff is people know now .

  • Gabriel Dart  2 years ago

    It's like Freddie Mercury and Dr. Frank N Furter from Rocky Horror had a baby who was then given vocal lessons from Quiet Riot... I love it!

  • Groovy Baby  3 months ago


  • Your Nightmare  8 months ago true

  • Adam G  3 years ago

    man that guy can sing

  • Joe Cline  2 years ago

    these guys are gonna be famous

  • Queen 225  2 months ago

    You right

  • Michael De Tie  5 months ago

    @Travis Burke I dunno, one of the things Lucas talks about is staying away from drugs and girls.

  • Alex Febrero  3 years ago

    Freddie Mercury son. I like this band so much. Espero que sean famosos. Greetings from Perú!

  • jp s  3 years ago

    Yes, Luke is the son of freddie mercury ! this band is incredible....

  • The Watchman  3 years ago

    +Alex Febrero Mick Jagger's nephew?

  • You can see Freddie Mercury beaming off this guy. From the dialect, to the mannerisms, and the glamor. Quite nice to see in a new generation.

  • Jimmy Sapien  2 months ago

    I’m impressed

  • Isaiah De Simone  10 months ago

    Wishful Daydreamer Productions Freddie sucks so much and dont see any resemblance.

  • Jennifer M  1 years ago

    This is SUCH a great band! But between the lousy mixing & the poor acoustics you'd never know it. I'm so glad this was a year ago and people know it now!!!

  • kleber augusto  2 years ago

    Mick Jagger + Freddie Mercury = Luke Spiller, talentosíssimo, gravem este nome, junto com os integrantes de The Struts, farão muito sucesso, Parabéns virei, Fã!!

  • Nova Vanguarda  1 years ago

    Viciei tb velho .. ta doido.. me deu a sensação que o rock ta revivendo!

  • meeegashie  2 years ago

    something wrong with the sound