Kids help me GET A JOB

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 21, 2018
  • I've never had a real job before so I asked some advice from kids to help land me a full time writing job at a TV network.▸ My incredible merch: | Subscribe to validate my existence:▸ Huge thank you to Jayden & Isaac for telling me how to get a job. And to Lina Green for her help as Sabrina.▸ Thank you so much Mike Criscimagna for editing this and Peter & Sam of Bad Weather Films ( for helping me shoot this. Also a huge thanks to Joe Hodorowicz for helping with production on this bad boy.▸ Watch my last video attempt: My second channel▸ steaming pile of social garbage▸▸▸▸▸ Watch my last video attempt: My second channel▸ steaming pile of social garbage▸▸▸▸


  • AnthonyPadilla
    AnthonyPadilla  a years ago +2431

    please tell me if you would have hired me or not

  • Man Of Your Dreams
    Man Of Your Dreams  a years ago +1569

    Why couldnt this video come up when I had a job interview last week? I wouldnt have failed if I watched this video. But better late than never I guess. Will definitely wear a unitard next time.

  • Rajat Prakash Music
    Rajat Prakash Music  a years ago +1737

    Notes taken. Thanks anthony

  • del
    del  a years ago +834

    idk about anthony but somebody should hire those kids to be therapists/guidance counselors.

  • Lucy Servo
    Lucy Servo  a years ago +708

    Let us know when you get the job confirmation!!

  • warrior from the deep web
    warrior from the deep web  a years ago +400

    Thanks a lotttt... I have an interview tomorrow... So where can I buy that unitard?!

  • nucx0
    nucx0  a years ago +425

    Thanks for this it’s good info I’m transitioning out of the army and have to find a real bois job and now I’m equipped with the proper knowledge.

  • TheCallousOne
    TheCallousOne  a years ago +150

    Anthony:Do you have a ps4?
    Interviewer: I'm no I'm an adult?
    Bish. Being an adult sounds boring

  • amelia
    amelia  a years ago +68

    my dad has a fatter one than you

  • Forgettable Senpai
    Forgettable Senpai  a years ago +452

    You’re getting bullied by kids...what has your life come to

  • Mechanical Ninjineer
    Mechanical Ninjineer  a years ago +738

    This guy kinda looks like that dude from smosh!!!

  • Adam Celadin
    Adam Celadin  a years ago +444


  • Bern. G
    Bern. G  a years ago +260

    Thanks Anthony and kids, I've followed these steps and after my interview they said they're gonna call me back😏 wish me luck guys

  • Ťeo
    Ťeo  a years ago +56

    This channel has turned out to be what smosh should be like. You make the best comedy videos on youtube 100% and the edits are on point

  • Tzù Nano
    Tzù Nano  a years ago +53

    I like the editing. My heart is weak

  • DaveMusic
    DaveMusic  a years ago +38

    4:38 "My dad has a fatter one than you"

  • Hilda U.J.
    Hilda U.J.  a years ago +143

    These just keep getting better and better!! 😂😂

  • Joshua Berry
    Joshua Berry  a years ago +65

    what an inspiration...!!! just scheduled a job interview and am gonna try these techniques

  • Michael Lazcano
    Michael Lazcano  a years ago +76

    4:37 my dad has a fatter one lol?!

  • Tzù Nano
    Tzù Nano  a years ago +33

    The kid with the stars on his shirt is nuts