2 High Guys Carve a Pumpkin

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 15, 2018
  • Two high guys compete to carve the best pumpkin. The loser gets publicly shamed. Next episode of #Cocktober next week!

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  • PoppYHD
    PoppYHD  2 days ago

    High asf right now this is a fucking masterpiece

  • sadbutironclad
    sadbutironclad  3 days ago

    Tennessee has the spirit of a florida man 😂😂

  • Gracie Vanmeter
    Gracie Vanmeter  5 days ago

    And god said let there be weed

  • Daphne the twitch thot

    I was watching this in class and I was dying lmao

  • Maximo Leyzaolatztli

    Love TENNESSEE!!! another vid please!!!

  • Alaycia Earl
    Alaycia Earl  6 days ago

    Everything if better and funnier when you're high lol.

  • Kirakirabosh69
    Kirakirabosh69  6 days ago

    Tennessee is so funny, he can make me laugh at a funeral

  • Sea Witten
    Sea Witten  6 days ago +1

    Wait, what? How have I never even heard of you before what is this

  • 3AM snack
    3AM snack  7 days ago

    "And that's why I dont want a dog." I cant.

  • Destiny Brown
    Destiny Brown  7 days ago

    Lmao I wanna get high with Tennessee

  • Aidan Lounsberry
    Aidan Lounsberry  7 days ago

    Tennessee is the most chill person

  • Oxyyii Yt
    Oxyyii Yt  7 days ago

    Tennessee is fun

  • Lindsay Nitz
    Lindsay Nitz  7 days ago

    I miss you Tennessee...I miss you❤️

  • crystal the pistol

    okay but you guy’s bond is everything

  • Wendy McCoy
    Wendy McCoy  14 days ago

    I'm just curious as to where you found him and are there more??

  • DRGameplayswithMilan

    Tenessee was as high as Snoop Dogg, HIGH AS F*CK!

  • Margaux Clark
    Margaux Clark  14 days ago +2

    can you make more videos with tennessee luke XD hes the best

  • Bree Quill
    Bree Quill  14 days ago

    I love Tennessee he's the best guest lol

  • Lily Greenhalgh
    Lily Greenhalgh  14 days ago

    I didn’t expect to see this guy in a video again, it’s nice to see how well they get along despite age or differences!! Unexpected chemistry :,)

  • Lily Greenhalgh
    Lily Greenhalgh  14 days ago

    Dude this is so good, shoulda done another one this year :’)