Top 7 Game of Thrones Dialogues

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 30, 2018
  • My complete top 10 favorite Game of Thrones dialogues:10) Catelyn & Talisa: Tywin & Arya: Tywin & Tommen: 0:296) 5:415) 8:344) 14:333) 18:552) 22:581) 28:27Complete list of top 30 dialogues: 37:55


  • Syohei Harr  1 months ago

    1. I duhnt wunt it. She’s muh queen

  • LifeInPink999  23 days ago

    @Jonathan Lauzon Season 8: ''I wanted those elephants'' (sums pretty much the season...).

  • Christrulesall2  1 months ago

    Jon(Season 8):" Arghhhhh" To undead dragonI dun wun it.She's muh queen.Thats all. Ugh!!!

  • Almorema  2 months ago

    you forgot to put the best one in this list. Varys and littlefinger talking about the realm and ladder

  • cbaby gags  28 days ago

    @l CRON l XBL It really isn't cliche, but if you believe it is, cliche isnt always bad.

  • Wyatt Trumpower  1 months ago

    Smilemma that was a good scene but the best one is for sure (in my opinion) Tyrion’s trial for the murder of king Joffrey

  • Best dialogue is Jon Snow's response when asked about him being a Targaryen– "I don't want it. Daenerys is my Queen." Haha

  • David Uziel  17 hours ago

    Lander Dean Alcorano correction it was actually more like: “I duhnt wun it, Daenerys is muh Queen.”

  • Joffrey Baratheon  14 days ago

    @daskrip george rr martin wrote most of it

  • Those who should be in this video:1.Tyrions trial2."Chaos is a ladder"3.Oberyn telling Tyrion he will be his champion4."Which is a bigger number 1 or 5?"5.Tyrion sending Janos Slynt to the wall6.Varys' riddle7."Tell Cersei I want her to know it was me"8.The Kingslayer's confession9.Tywin teaching Jaimie while skinning a deer10."-Who do you serve? -The Realm my lord...someone has to"

  • Anthony DePaola  8 days ago

    -Tyrion asking for Casterly Rock and getting shut down-Robert, Jaime and Selmy swapping war stories-Stannis dictating his letter that he's king-Tyrion talking about how his mind is like his sword-every conversation Tywin and Arya had-Joffrey, Cersei and Margaery talking about being charitable-Cersei in every scene during the battle of the blackwater-Tywin and Joffrey talk about Daenerys-Tywin and Jaime discuss the two swords-The Hound and Pulliver

  • Arif Adnan  1 months ago

    The most memorable dialogue is definitley going to be "Danerys kinda forgot ..."

  • Joseph Underwood  1 months ago

    She kinda forgot about the IRON FUCKING FLEET?!

  • D GR  1 months ago


  • Joseph Hernandez  1 months ago

    Anything with Tywin and/or Olenna in it is always going to be "top dialogue" for me.

  • Luke mc govern  1 months ago

    I really like the scene where tywin is first introduced. It's a combination of the monologue and the scenes of him butchering the the horse. Showing both his motives and how he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty.I really thought it was a brilliant intro and that he lived up to the talk that had preceded him.

  • jungle bungalow  2 months ago

    I love the one where Oberyn is speaking with Tyrion before his trial and tells the story of how he saw just a baby when cerci so I monster at tyrions birth

  • MatthewJBD  1 months ago

    That's a good one, it's in the books too.

  • glocinda  1 months ago

    Oh My Heart !!!! Awesomely emotionally wrenching scene 😢 beautifully performed! 💔

  • blackwolf899  5 months ago

    “This is jon snow...... hes king of the north..” one of my favorite lines

  • Anthony DePaola  8 days ago

    Lalogue I hate it when people say "of the North."

  • TIFFANY PERSAUD  1 months ago

    I watch the show with my mum. We laughed so hard. Davos came through for him in the same scene a little after though - saying people chose Jon mot because of his birthright as he has none as a bastard, but because they believed in him.

  • bonesix  4 months ago

    Theese are not even remotely the best dialogues ... there are at least 2 who deserved to be on first or second.1.) the dialogue between Cersei and Robert in season 1 "do you want to know the horrible truth? i dont even remember what she looked like"2.) the dialog between littlefinger and varis "chaos isnt a pit ... it is a ladder"

  • C Irby  4 days ago

    ben1ben2ben1 Came back to bite LF in the ass when Bran quoted him with this line when LF returned to Winterfell after Bran did.

  • Vilém Obrátil  28 days ago

    @Vinista You are most welcome, friend :).

  • Asturias  1 months ago

    How did it go from this to "I couldn't count to 20, and now I can count 20 :)"

  • amrane Sohaib  1 months ago

    It beats my head everytime i think about it :(