Top 7 Game of Thrones Dialogues

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 30, 2018
  • My complete top 10 favorite Game of Thrones dialogues:
    10) Catelyn & Talisa:
    9) Tywin & Arya:
    8) Tywin & Tommen:
    7) 0:29
    6) 5:41
    5) 8:34
    4) 14:33
    3) 18:55
    2) 22:58
    1) 28:27

    Complete list of top 30 dialogues: 37:55


  • firefist x
    firefist x  9 hours ago

    Hard to say if Cersei didnt have Tyrion killed because of family connection or the fact hes currently keeping her alive

  • howard biel
    howard biel  4 days ago

    You had some good ones but, Dany & Jon? I can think of 27 better scenes off the top of my head.

  • Karlo Vaćko
    Karlo Vaćko  4 days ago

    The hund "Fuck the king" speech

  • Jurgen Parkour
    Jurgen Parkour  5 days ago

    Daenerys has never been raped, my gosh🤦🏻‍♀️

  • That Fart Of Doom meant:-

    The end of the "A Finger In The Bum" speech by Euron Gravejoy was one of the funniest. LOL

  • Sara Bourgoin
    Sara Bourgoin  7 days ago

    It's been bugging me. A Lot... When? When exactly was she Raped and Defiled?

  • Nic P
    Nic P  7 days ago

    Honestly why is Tyrion so overrated? Ppl like the character but they/creators n author try too hard at making him clever. I don't dislike him i just wonder why?

  • Paul St. Marie
    Paul St. Marie  7 days ago

    This feels like the 11-15 best dialogues. No oberyn martell??!! Every scene with him is an absolute gem

  • GroverClevelandFRRLZ

    boooooo these suck

  • Geno Porreca
    Geno Porreca  7 days ago

    What Queen made this list??

  • alan vale
    alan vale  14 days ago

    Can’t watch this shit anymore... they really Fked up one of the greatest shows I have ever watched..

  • Lori Hanks
    Lori Hanks  14 days ago

    I've never seen Oberyn fight. Well you'll be quite impressed Jamie, everyone was until the end lol

  • SerbAtheist
    SerbAtheist  14 days ago

    10) Drogo and Dany in the vision
    9) Sansa and LF at LF's trial
    8) Jaime and Brienne
    7) Tyrion telling Jon to check his privilege at NW.
    6) Oberyn becomes Tyrion's champion
    5) King Robert and Cersei talk
    4) Jon and Tyrion, Tyrion convincing Jon to kill Dany
    3) Jon and Dany, final scene.
    2) Dany and Mirri Maz Durr
    1) Jon and Maester Aemon (love is the death of duty)

  • Nadja Ilic
    Nadja Ilic  21 days ago

    I don’t understand the beetles story. Why was it in the show. Was there any subtext it metaphor I didn’t understand

  • Uchenna Esomonu
    Uchenna Esomonu  21 days ago

    I can’t believe that chaos is a ladder wasn’t the first

  • blackbirds4
    blackbirds4  21 days ago


  • ‘hanna
    ‘hanna  28 days ago

    Stannis and Renly in season 2?

  • Milos Reljic
    Milos Reljic  1 months ago

    My favorites:
    1. Tyrions trial
    2. Tywin talking to Jaime about Ned Stark
    3. Olenna Tyrell death

  • KD eeZ
    KD eeZ  1 months ago

    sEASoN 7 aNd 8 aRE tRaSh

  • blacktee31
    blacktee31  1 months ago

    16:16 all goes down the drain in season when Tormund stupidly says Manse wouldn't kneel because of his pride. As if D&D had amnesia while the writing seasons 7 & 8. Manse not kneeling had nothing to do with pride and more to do with the survival of his people.