Breaking Weather Storm Surge outbanks now.#ncwx

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 13, 2018
  • Emmy Award winner Jeff Piotrowski is a Storm Chaser and LOVES all aspects of weather! Join him for up to the minute breaking weather with Hurricane Florence. Thanks So Much for Your Support!


  • Will Whittaker
    Will Whittaker  a years ago

    wow hope you all safe.

  • lambanmartyr
    lambanmartyr  a years ago

    Be safe Jeff! 😬

  • Our Mother's Way
    Our Mother's Way  a years ago +1

    omg this gonna be bad

  • Conspiracy2Riot
    Conspiracy2Riot  a years ago

    those people living on the beach and in that neighborhood deserve NO bailout from the gov't. if you're stupid enough to build where you are surely going to lose your home or see it severely damaged you better have the cash to fund yourself.

  • Emilyx
    Emilyx  a years ago +1

    Just saw this video on the news in england. Your footage is amazing despite the tragic weather.

  • ✡🌿 Shalom Dove 🕊🕎

    STAY and KEEP away now!! keep that phone and stop the video!! Get on your way to safety to shelter.

  • Desiray Rushing
    Desiray Rushing  a years ago

    please be careful

  • Justin Campbell
    Justin Campbell  a years ago +1

    Jeff is a God dammed hero.

  • Eric Wingrove
    Eric Wingrove  a years ago +3

    be safe

  • lavixl
    lavixl  a years ago

    Dam it up.

  • jonathan garcia
    jonathan garcia  a years ago +4

    I wonder if he left Jeff there lol

  • jessaroo
    jessaroo  a years ago +5

    Thank you Jeff!! Missed you!!

  • convex
    convex  a years ago +7

    Wow and this is before landfall?

  • geayh
    geayh  a years ago

    Wow..It's going to be bad with the water..Stay safe...

  • Jason Todd
    Jason Todd  a years ago +14

    And so it begins... Love the man on the ground footage. Be safe.

  • Brian Poe
    Brian Poe  a years ago +6


  • Kenny D
    Kenny D  a years ago


  • Tami Mohr-Jones
    Tami Mohr-Jones  a years ago

    Praying for you Jeff!!

  • Ethan B
    Ethan B  a years ago +1

    Looks like it's getting pretty serious already