Starlink: Battle for Atlas - Nintendo Switch | Nintendo Direct 9.13.2018

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 18, 2018
  • Nintendo Direct 9.13.2018 featuring the newest updates for Starlink: Battle for Atlas! Available 10/16.Learn more about Starlink: Battle for Atlas! #StarlinkSubscribe for more Nintendo fun! for all the latest! Nintendo on Facebook: us on Twitter: us on Instagram: us on Pinterest:


  • Thomas LAURET  8 months ago

    Wolf's voice is so cool^^

  • dogefi 237  4 months ago


  • Starnana  9 months ago

    0:45 Wolf finds out about Nintendo Switch Online

  • dogefi 237  4 months ago


  • Nolan Kenny  8 months ago


  • R3n3gad3  9 months ago

    I like how they advertised this as basically a new Star Fox game which is good since this is their excuse to celebrate Star Fox's 25 Anniversary!

  • Medea Agapishvili  1 months ago

    That would be 2022.

  • Adolfo Pena  8 months ago

    Wolf sounds like Scar.

  • PlayingGames97  7 months ago

    Alightminer8 OFFICIAL No, that’s Ja Green doing Wolf’s voice.

  • Adolfo Pena probably the same voice actor.

  • FurryWolfDog  4 months ago

    I love Star Fox! <3 Fox McCloud and Wolf O'Donnell are the best <3

  • Sleeper hit of the year.

  • Alanna Harvey  9 months ago

    OMG! Star Fox is back!

  • Alanna Harvey  8 months ago

    UH OH! Is wolf again

  • Fox McCloud  8 months ago

    As you wish

  • R3n3gad3  9 months ago

    Sorry Isabelle and Animal Crossing fans but, this is the most hyped I got from the direct! I love Star Fox, it's my favorite Nintendo series behind Smash, and I hope this succeeds showing Nintendo that people do care about Star Fox and are invested with these characters and universe! But I just hope we get info on that racing game Retro is supposedly working on.

  • dogefi 237  4 months ago


  • Gaming With Calvin  8 months ago

    yeah star fox is great

  • 0:46 *me after watching nintendo switch online*"Never thought I'd miss the Wii U"

  • weird lad  8 months ago

    @Jacob Woodson Music i do

  • Jacob Woodson Music  8 months ago

    BeanyPads Im Purrfect you don’t miss the Wii U, you just don’t. Don’t be delusional

  • GammaCatch  9 months ago

    I kinda wanna pet StarWolf...but I do not think he wold appreciate it.

  • Kat Bat  3 months ago

    Stay away from his hind quarters, hahaha! You’ll get instant bite lmao 🍑👋🏼 😂

  • that guy  8 months ago

    Depends where you pet him