LeBron James "GREATNESS" - NBA Players on LeBron James (Kobe, Curry, Durant..)

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 24, 2017
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  • Jahmil Blair
    Jahmil Blair  18 hours ago

    The fact that he came out of highschool to the NBA and it's been 16 years AND STILL BEASTIN🔥🔥

  • chosen one
    chosen one  20 hours ago

    one of the best player ever but he also walks a LOT.

  • Steve Johnson
    Steve Johnson  yesterday

    Dwight Howard hilarious and now he's on the Lakers! 😂😂😂

  • #true2dis #unew2dis

    J.R.....Stephen A said...."Stay off the weeeeedddd!" 😂

  • Tj Njie
    Tj Njie  yesterday

    Lebron is lebron not Jordan. Lebron was is human and Jordan is an alien out of space he didn't come from this planet

  • Donbezzy Thompson

    The Cleveland LeBron is the best LeBron by far he beat golden State almost by himself and won the chip

  • Mod Jay
    Mod Jay  2 days ago

    LeBron is a GOAT can't front.

  • Love 12040
    Love 12040  3 days ago

    Oscar Robertson said come on... Righteously said. Listen to those who’ve paved the way.

  • Edwin Acosta
    Edwin Acosta  3 days ago

    King James, simply the most dominant player in NBA history.

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime  5 days ago +1

    Russell- 11 rings
    Jordan- 6 rings
    Magic- 5 rings
    Kareem- 6 rings
    Kobe- 5 rings
    Duncan- 5 rings

    Lebron- 3 rings
    Wade- 3 rings
    Steph- 3 rings
    KD- 2 rings
    AD- 0 rings
    Westbrook- 0 rings
    Harden- 0 rings

    1st group has some of the greatest NBA players of all time. 2nd group has some of the greatest all star players. And the greatest player of all time cannot posses a losing record in the NBA finals (3-6 is Lebron's finals record). Until someone goes 7-0 in the finals w/out ever playing a game 7 then MJ is the GOAT. Russell is a close 2nd. But he lost in the finals even tho he has more rings, he played multiple game 7s in the finals, and his team was full of HoF players. Start comparing teammates of the 1st group with the 2nd group and you see most of the 2nd group has played with each other. While no one in the 1st group played with each other.

  • bee boo
    bee boo  5 days ago

    Gaybron STILL needs his mama to fight his battles and oh yes, to sleep with his team mates too :)

  • gleen soria
    gleen soria  5 days ago

    Lebron all d way.😍😍😍😍

  • Jason Harris
    Jason Harris  5 days ago

    A lot of people forget that lebron never had a great coach smh...hes truly the GOAT

  • David Meza
    David Meza  6 days ago

    Just came on here to say 3-6 in the finals

  • Vince Cole
    Vince Cole  7 days ago

    The Ultimate Warrior

    ROMAIN WHITE  7 days ago

    Man I love Wade and Lebron, just that real friendship, it’s rare

  • Pac West
    Pac West  7 days ago +1

    enjoy the greatness of Lebron while he is still playing, might be a very long time before we ever see another player as great.

  • Daryl Gladney
    Daryl Gladney  7 days ago

    He has to win at least 5 first.

  • STK Killer
    STK Killer  7 days ago

    Ik damm well Draymonds donkey looking self just said he cant have this ring bitch you cant have any rings with out kd you cant even have rings without curry or klay you weren't even the 4th option on that team when kd joined

  • Ambitious Heart
    Ambitious Heart  7 days ago

    LeBron is the best
    Because to be the best you need to great at every facet of the game
    Passing, rebounding, scoring, defense iq
    Additionally being selfless and down to earth does help other players around u better also.
    He has awards , achievements , rings.
    But remember rings are not everything.
    Lastly think about it if the best player (LeBron) went against the second, 3rd and 7th best player in the league basically in a handicap match and lost that’s only normal 😅