Who is Old Nan and what does she know?

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 2, 2018
  • Who is Old Nan? How does she know so much? And is she always right?

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  • Joseph Davis
    Joseph Davis  28 days ago

    If Nan is a representation of history repeating itself, and her stories are a symbolic reflection of foreshadowing, the Nightfort has just been reopened, or rather is being repaired so that the Night's King can return as well. The tale of Harrenhall could easily be the Red Keep, but we still don't have any clear indication of what the Night's King could represent. Also, in another video i just watched, you brought up the dire wolves and how their names reflect character story arcs. Nymeria gathered ten thousand ships and wandered the seas before settling in Dorne, then married a Martell and even after her husband's death continued to gain lands. Nymeria the wolf is actually fulfilling this to some extent. Also, Lady dies and much of Sansa's training is from her enemies. In a lot of ways she sacrifices her Stark heritage. The people of Skagos are said to be hairy, so "Shaggydog" would make sense in that context and may foreshadow that Rikon stays there, or goes back if he leaves.

  • andromidius
    andromidius  1 months ago

    She was probably a former camp follower. Travelling around with soldiers means hearing lots of stories around campfires.

  • Justin Chalmers
    Justin Chalmers  2 months ago

    Who is old Nan? What does she Know? Does she Know things? Let’s find out

  • Exhiled Silence
    Exhiled Silence  2 months ago

    great topic..peoplke tookl abouut her buu8t not examine her

  • lloydvallentine2
    lloydvallentine2  2 months ago

    Ko je ova baba i sta ona zna?

  • Sam Nickoei
    Sam Nickoei  2 months ago

    Thanks for this interesting video. The fact is she is alive in the books and steel we can learn more about the old nan. I don't think she is some kind of God know everything but if she is steel alive it means that she is important and Martin have plans for her

  • Thornlore
    Thornlore  2 months ago

    Shiera Seastar

  • Arijit Mondal
    Arijit Mondal  3 months ago

    Old nan is creepy lady... who needs medical attention

  • Calvin Bottoms
    Calvin Bottoms  4 months ago

    Older people are very knowledgable about certain things young people couldn't fathom. if i can't google something i look for Gandalf...

  • Kiritu George
    Kiritu George  5 months ago

    She is Rohanne Webber. Its so clear.

    EDIT: If oral traditions are the only ways the first men remembered, then explain the citadel's existence which was before the Andal invasion.

  • shawn6669
    shawn6669  5 months ago

    There was no threat from beyond the wall. The white walkers fall right over. I bet everyone was like "why didn't we get rid of these weakling 5 thousand years ago instead of being afraid of them for so long." stab! ...and it's over...

  • Seth Wedgewood
    Seth Wedgewood  6 months ago

    Old Nan 2020🎉🎊

  • LaidBack Gaming
    LaidBack Gaming  6 months ago

    Just an old lady

  • filbertrocko
    filbertrocko  6 months ago

    she is johrana Webber lannister dunk and egg tales yes duncan the tall

  • Jack Stonebridge
    Jack Stonebridge  7 months ago

    Waste of time you fucking mong! Get a life or post some worthwhile videos, for fuck's sake

  • duhawma
    duhawma  7 months ago +1

    ⁸oldest person in winterfell.
    .. almost 40.

  • Kody Tiffany
    Kody Tiffany  7 months ago +3

    She could be an Avatar of storytelling; not interested in outcomes just ensuring the tales forever get past on.
    I do not think she has to be more than an old lady full of kindness and wisdom; but I always like being wrong in story.

  • bboyhoyack
    bboyhoyack  7 months ago

    Your videos don't seem bad, but they're hardly videos. Show some clips from the show, cite quotes from books. You presented a question at the start of the video and in the title, however you don't really try to answer it. Obviously, no one expects you come with a definitive answer like "she is actually Syrio Forel in disguise!", but after watching your video I don't feel like I got anything out of it. Ok, you presented what we definitely know about her and then there are theories about her being somebody who she's most probably not. Most compelling part was about her being in love with Ser Duncan the Tall and while that is the most interesting bit because the evidence you briefly showed us is credible, you just skimmed over it and went on with some general stuff about her being Bloodraven's spy and some other stuff, talking in the style of a podcast where you talk about whatever gets on your mind as you go. We, as audience, don't really learn anything particularly new about the topic or get any insight about the things we did know.

    To summarize,
    - make a video, use clips from the show and cite books,
    - focus on one topic and divide it more clearly in smaller sections,
    - don't try to get a video out 3 times a week, 1 is more than enough.

    Alt Shift X and The Take (formerly ScreenPrism) are probably the best channels on YT as far as GoT is concerned. You have a great voice and I would really like to see higher quality video essays from you.

  • John The Baptist
    John The Baptist  7 months ago

    applause great episode!

  • Marcos Sintes
    Marcos Sintes  7 months ago

    Westero stars and celebrities: What do they know? Do they know things? Let's find out!