Day in the Life of an Average Japanese Salaryman in Tokyo

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 5, 2019
  • Japanese work day at a Japanese office for an average Japanese salaryman in a Tokyo office. Living in Japan and working in Japan is quite a unique experience. This is a day in the life of Japanese worker, Makoto, 27 years old who lives in a Tokyo 3-story house with his family. This Tokyo salaryman works in a small Tokyo office, but spends many of his Japan working hours traveling from client to client on the Tokyo trains. Makoto works for a company called Mobal and as many Japanese salarymen, he entered the company straight from a Japanese University and he plans to spend his entire salaryman career at the same company. That is the life in Japan for a salaryman. We take a look inside what it's like to work in a small Tokyo office as well as to visit clients throughout Tokyo city area. His job experiences maybe unique to his company, but fundamentally he is very much an average salaryman. He commutes by train everyday to get to work and has to ride his mama-chari bike to get to the train station from his home. This Tokyo salaryman life has him arriving to work early and working late. As a salaryman, Makoto receives a standard salary every month for all the long work hours. The Japanese office is also configured so his boss' desk is right in front of him, quite a Japanese style office working environment. This very average Japanese work day and work lifestyle showcases a true day in Japan work life.


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  • Paolo fromTOKYO
    Paolo fromTOKYO  5 months ago +828

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  • xNite_
    xNite_  53 minutes ago

    1:42 that is everywhere ein the world

  • Buster F Johnson
    Buster F Johnson  3 hours ago

    bro, i hate that alarm sound lol

  • Rheena Castanar
    Rheena Castanar  5 hours ago

    how about your Paolo? what do you do for work? What's your typical work day like?

  • red planet
    red planet  5 hours ago

    me before this video. "i want to live and work in Japan"

    me after this video. "i'm so glad i'm not born in Japan"

  • universal tv
    universal tv  5 hours ago

    Hi Paolo! IAM Abdul shakoor from Pakistan,I like your video on seleryman , which shows Japanese life style

  • April Harmony
    April Harmony  7 hours ago

    ::BIG HUGS:: to Makoto💕 My life is busy but not this busy. When I have time to sleep OMG I sleep but when I'm on the go, I'm gone. That's the main reason I deleted all my social media, alcohol & stupid ppl lol to build my life. I get it💯

  • Dom Wings
    Dom Wings  8 hours ago

    Wish people could see salary men on their way home on the train at 11pm. Depressing af

  • G. Mendoza
    G. Mendoza  9 hours ago


  • Black Petal
    Black Petal  9 hours ago

    in my present job i can watch youtube or open my facebook account after i finished my job.. so relaxing but after seeing this one?.. i ask my brother "am i a lazy person?"..

  • Kelfin Ramadhan
    Kelfin Ramadhan  10 hours ago

    he is only marketing advisor, not negotiator.. easy job.. while my job is similiat with this person.. but I am negotiator also

  • Eden Roth
    Eden Roth  11 hours ago

    There are a lot of mid 20s men and women who are still single and even don't have gf or bf in Japan. My Bro is a work transfer from Cambodia to a Japanese company. He told me that his girl colleagues sometime ask him to have sex after work and this is like normal for company man and woman.

  • rabbit white
    rabbit white  12 hours ago

    So much work???

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith  14 hours ago

    The old men get to work at 5AM at my plant. Us college students who stay up until 12-1AM come in around 7AM

  • Luke Silletta
    Luke Silletta  15 hours ago

    Yikes everyone here is feeling sorry for Makoto and thinks this is like slave labor. Japanese work culture is very different from western work culture. Japanese seem to take pride and care about their jobs vs western workers who are lazy and don't give a shit and just show up for the paycheck. Neither is good but they are different sides of the same coin.

  • Sae Wings
    Sae Wings  16 hours ago

    I also work like that...but I do it somewhat voluntarily and at least get some extra pay for the extra work. (My boss is a good guy) But many small business in Korea and Japan won't even pay for these.

    One day a govenment department investigated more than 100 IT companies in Pangyo, Korea, and only one was complying all the employment laws👀...I guess it is not that different in Japan

  • Don Smith
    Don Smith  16 hours ago

    Holy fuck how do these people not swallow shotguns on the daily??? Looks so depressing

  • Armed Conflict
    Armed Conflict  16 hours ago

    No wonder the suicide rate in Japan is so damned high.

  • Strongsixpack
    Strongsixpack  18 hours ago

    This is why the suicide rate is so high in japan.. people work sleep and repeat.

  • My Late Audition
    My Late Audition  18 hours ago

    he should show a bit more dominance in the office to grab the attention of the hotty across from him. Cant be pouring coffee bruh