Day in the Life of an Average Japanese Salaryman in Tokyo

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 5, 2019
  • Japanese work day at a Japanese office for an average Japanese salaryman in a Tokyo office. Living in Japan and working in Japan is quite a unique experience. This is a day in the life of Japanese worker, Makoto, 27 years old who lives in a Tokyo 3-story house with his family. This Tokyo salaryman works in a small Tokyo office, but spends many of his Japan working hours traveling from client to client on the Tokyo trains. Makoto works for a company called Mobal and as many Japanese salarymen, he entered the company straight from a Japanese University and he plans to spend his entire salaryman career at the same company. That is the life in Japan for a salaryman. We take a look inside what it's like to work in a small Tokyo office as well as to visit clients throughout Tokyo city area. His job experiences maybe unique to his company, but fundamentally he is very much an average salaryman. He commutes by train everyday to get to work and has to ride his mama-chari bike to get to the train station from his home. This Tokyo salaryman life has him arriving to work early and working late. As a salaryman, Makoto receives a standard salary every month for all the long work hours. The Japanese office is also configured so his boss' desk is right in front of him, quite a Japanese style office working environment. This very average Japanese work day and work lifestyle showcases a true day in Japan work life.Mobal- Hearts Coffee Club- Toe-Kyo Shirt Merch- in the Life in Japan Video Playlist- Channel Support ---Want to help SUPPORT my channel, buy me a BEER or Maiko and I DINNER? Thank you in advance!- PayPal: Venmo: PaolofromTokyo ( Patreon: Bitcoin: 1AUZW1Emio4qtRiBir3EUDey1zi3ssoRswORCheck the SHIRTS I wear in my videos- Business -----Want me to feature your business in my to send me stuff?For ADDRESS - For more info about me -----I'm from TOKYO JAPAN, I've been living here for a long time. I'll be your Tokyo Travel Guide, taking you to the spots I love as well as showing you what to do all around Japan and maybe sometimes overseas. I'm also into Tech so you'll see a few videos about my drone and other cool toys I discover. In short, the channel is all about what I Love, Japan, Food, Travel, Tech and most likely coming FROM-TOKYO, my home.-Website Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Help me with Translations? ------- My Film Gear ------ Main Camera(USA Link) Main Wide Lens(USA Link) Main Portrait/Night Lens(USA Link) Powered Mic(USA Link) Mic(USA Link) Wireless Mic(USA Link) Portable TriPod(USA Link) Gimbal(USA Link) Drone (Original)(USA Link) For a complete list of my gear:


  • Paolo fromTOKYO
    Paolo fromTOKYO  1 months ago +548

    My Day in the Life Video Series Playlist -
    Also, Comment on what other Day in the Life vids you want to see!

  • Braulio Ruiz
    Braulio Ruiz  1 months ago +6522

    You forgot to film Makoto crying himself to sleep

  • WuzNab
    WuzNab  21 days ago +1765

    I now see why crime rates are so low, because they are too busy working.

  • Mahe Kai
    Mahe Kai  21 days ago +898

    the depressing fact is that Makoto is working at beter environment. Majority of companies are worse.

  • Siyanda Makhathini
    Siyanda Makhathini  14 days ago +603

    The voice in the background: "As you can see he's excited for work!"
    Me: so that was a lie

  • Jim D
    Jim D  14 days ago +473

    Sleeps in a single bed, in a shared bedroom, in his parents house, doesn’t have a car, no mention of a romantic partner, hours and hours of commuting everyday, and the job still isn’t done when he gets home. Makoto seems like a nice enough dude, and he’s a mentor for school kids, so that’s cool, but when does he get time for himself?
    Reminds me how fortunate I actually am.

  • jwillj2k4
    jwillj2k4  1 months ago +11052

    Now i understand why most anime's are based on high school students. They are the last days of any kind of freedom.

  • D Dankovsky
    D Dankovsky  14 days ago +365

    I feel bad for Makoto if he is reading these comments. I was in the situation where I had to commute 5 hours every day and work literally took all time from 8.30 a.m to 7.30 pm without commute. I would come home just to sleep. In that situation, people telling how bad it is and making fun of him are the last thing needed.

  • Strikye B
    Strikye B  yesterday +5

    Japan's economy is like a V6 engine revving at 10000 RPM.
    the higher the population the more cylinder, the harder people work the higher the RPM.

  • Divine Chomusuke
    Divine Chomusuke  14 days ago +148

    Every time I hear that specific alarm, I want to die

  • Sunny La-bear
    Sunny La-bear  6 days ago +69

    Bro makoto is dope, I hope he finds a nice girl and takes a good two week vacation

  • Eric Fajeta
    Eric Fajeta  1 months ago +8512

    Makotos diet
    Breakfast: nothing
    Lunch: Pastry
    Dinner: Beer

  • PirateTHESteam1
    PirateTHESteam1  21 days ago +375

    Makoto is a real G.
    Super hard worker.

  • snois2
    snois2  14 days ago +176

    He is 27? He looks like he 19

    STUCKI STUCKI  21 days ago +108

    This is the stuff nightmares are made of. The video caused me anxiety just by watching it.

  • Ivan Nalcic
    Ivan Nalcic  14 days ago +84

    *proceeds doing heavy drugs at weekend*

  • Jérôme D.
    Jérôme D.  yesterday +2

    I love how respectfull people are to each other in Japan. We could use more of that respect in the west! Japanese must think we're rude people when they visit us lol

    TAILS NINE  14 days ago +93

    I’m Japanese.
    It is Lie. Generally businessMan is working over 10PM and No Holiday

  • J
    J  14 days ago +75

    Makoto seems like a gentle and kind person. The way the talk and smile. So adorable 💕

  • Christian Alexander Gutierrez

    The more I see how people in Japan interact with each other in both business and personal settings, the more I realize how informal we tend to be here in the US compared to them