Maybe VR isn't dead after all... - Valve Index Review

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 12, 2019
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    We had almost completely lost faith in the progress of consumer VR products... until the Valve Index arrived at our office.

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  • Phillipe
    Phillipe  3 months ago +4583

    Oculus Rift S, anyone? Linus forgot to mention it entirely!!!!!!! No need for extra cameras at all, for $ 400, it’s a good VR headset...

  • Stampli
    Stampli  59 minutes ago

    Linus should try boneworks with this

  • Ivium
    Ivium  6 hours ago

    Don't make the mistake to buy a Rift S instead of a Quest you will regret it

  • Fatal
    Fatal  7 hours ago

    This requires a PC? Well then, Oculus Quest for $400 here I come.

  • BigTyme420
    BigTyme420  9 hours ago

    "If I Fitz, I Sitz"

  • Max Stovall
    Max Stovall  15 hours ago

    Test out boneworks, the game takes huge advantage of the valve index and has a crazy engine

  • Dick Kickem
    Dick Kickem  15 hours ago


  • Wacky Parsons
    Wacky Parsons  yesterday

    age of empires 2 vr

  • User
    User  yesterday

    Not wireless, booo 👎

  • Zyon
    Zyon  yesterday +1

    10:07 "a lot of fascinating possibilities".... Me: MIddle finger

  • Marceleyyy
    Marceleyyy  yesterday

    "honestly its a bit of a mix feeling comfort wise" there are literally huge foam bumbers strapped onto every part of the plastic what more comfort do you want

  • WadelDee
    WadelDee  yesterday

    Is it really necessary to censor every single instance of 🖕?

  • Firestar 3x
    Firestar 3x  yesterday

    You can pair both the meat handle and index controllers in the same setup.

  • milo20060
    milo20060  yesterday

    Will probably get when I make my new pc next year summer or something.

    Worked and saved a bit for big upgrade :)

  • Super Intendent Chalmers

    Too bad it wasn't dead. This is just too far in video games taken to a absurd level. People look like fucking idiots in those things and it is brimgimg people deep into isolation.

  • Edgarv68
    Edgarv68  yesterday

    il wait 5 more years.

  • Gameboy
    Gameboy  2 days ago

    How to determine whether or not something is dead: the linus test

  • WaaDoku 【和ァ独】

    I'm getting the Index right now! It comes with a free cat!!! This is awesome!

  • Benjamin Arvizu
    Benjamin Arvizu  2 days ago

    its comes with a kitty!

  • American Fry
    American Fry  2 days ago

    The durability on both the headset and knuckles controls are garbage 1 month of daily play and it is falling apart completely even my old regular rift works better