Tornado Alley - Real Time Tornado: Joplin, Missouri

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 1, 2018
  • *I DO NOT Own This* CopyRight: The Weather Channel


  • Annie Dotson
    Annie Dotson  18 hours ago

    Thank you to the storm chasers risking their lives to call in tornados asap like that. I believe they save people by being out there instead of just relying on a radar.

  • WhiteTip Velociraptor

    I remember watching this tornado live on TV as it was happening from down here in Houston TX and just being so worked up and worrying about my elderly grandmother whom lived in Springfield at the time of this tornado. Thankfully she was safe and all that year my family worked on getting her the hell out of tornado alley down to where we live so that we would not have to worry about her no more.

  • josuke higashikata

    always scares me that a tornado will go through the heart of my city, since I live so close

  • Donut Life
    Donut Life  6 days ago

    In my dusty voice welcome to the suck zone

  • Rain Agar
    Rain Agar  6 days ago +1

    To think I was only 20 minutes from that in the St. Louis airport

  • 02Nawal
    02Nawal  7 days ago

    Build basements and get better warning system

  • Lily Brown
    Lily Brown  7 days ago

    my family just BARELY missed that tornado... we feel so blessed to still have them. I'm so sorry for all the families who have lost someone... I can't imagine... God bless you.

  • Kay Mann
    Kay Mann  7 days ago

    15:22 - yeah dont think that would be my first concern. I would be thinking about which officer and how they are.

  • Sophia Yonker
    Sophia Yonker  7 days ago

    "I love you guys" a bunch of strangers in a beer cooler saying that to each other while a monster is above them ruining lives. I'm crying😢❤

  • Tasha Clark
    Tasha Clark  7 days ago

    When are you folks going to realize you weren't lucky you were blessed God protected you guys so you need to give thanks to God for it

  • tripleheshy
    tripleheshy  7 days ago

    Who moves from Seattle to Joplin, Missouri?? Don't hear that every day.

  • Hataichanok Scherman
    Hataichanok Scherman  7 days ago +1

    Just imagine to be forced to watch your child to just get ripped away from you and you can’t do anything about

  • JestersJuices
    JestersJuices  7 days ago

    The woman who had her baby ripped from her arms by the tornado has every drop of sympathy I have. How, as a parent and human being, does a person deal with experiencing that?

  • Eliza Hernandez
    Eliza Hernandez  7 days ago

    what ever happened to officer waters ? I know he was under the bridge helping civilians but what ever happened at the end were they all safe ?

  • SkankHunt 42
    SkankHunt 42  14 days ago

    I have the strangest boner while watching this

  • Killer Creativity
    Killer Creativity  14 days ago

    No lie i was in this tornado

  • Isas Dance
    Isas Dance  14 days ago

    How do you guys protect yourself? Go into a cellar or?

  • Staticmations
    Staticmations  14 days ago +1

    Joplin: No body can beat my record!
    El reno: Hold my beer

  • Agent 47
    Agent 47  14 days ago

    And I have no idea why Tornados always happens on Graduations. Damn.

  • Agent 47
    Agent 47  14 days ago

    Man this brings in 2013 Nostolgia. I loved this.