The 'AAA' Industry Can't Be Trusted To Regulate Its Gambling Problem (The Jimquisition)

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 12, 2019
  • game industry is currently making a performance of tackling the loot box debacle, and a performance is what it is.The ESA announced that console makers will require the odds for in-game gambling purchases to be disclosed. They only did this after the FTC got involved, and they're only doing it to make a show for the government. While the ESA and game publishers pretend to be proactive, it's important to stress that the "AAA" game industry cannot be trusted to regulate itself. It had that chance, it's repeatedly blown that chance, and it won't ever take that chance seriously. #LootBoxes #Microtransactions #ESA #FTC #JimSterling #Jimquisition__Twitter:’s Big Ego (No Relation): of the Sax Dragon - https://carlcatron.bandcamp.comNathan Hanover -


  • Macaco Macabra
    Macaco Macabra  7 days ago +1460

    Just the fact that microtransactions and lootboxes have no real world value seems more like a reason NOT to have them instead of a justification.

  • Nimfix
    Nimfix  7 days ago +262

    I don't get the whole "You can't cash out" defense, like isn't it a real life casino biggest wet dream, that all the money you win stays in the casino that you can use again once you come back, never being able to cash out? Doesn't this make it worse?? Maybe I am too dutch for this, thats probably why lootboxes are illegal here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Schneeregen _
    Schneeregen _  7 days ago +341

    Fictionalized violence in adult games! Oh, the humanity!
    Actual gambling in E rated games, now that's what I'm talking about

  • Alistair MacRae
    Alistair MacRae  7 days ago +291

    To be honest, it doesn’t matter if lootboxes are gambling or not. Gambling isn’t regulated because it’s called gambling it regulated because of what it does to people.
    Lootboxes do the exact same things.

  • P〈Ç〉r@zy
    P〈Ç〉  7 days ago +248

    "'s not converted to value in the world. It can only exist in the digital world..."
    I wonder how NOBODY try to use this defense for PIRACY yet.

  • Gigglebox1318
    Gigglebox1318  7 days ago +1016

    slap a game containing lootboxes with the Adult's Only AO rating and see how quickly they disappear.

  • TheNzFox
    TheNzFox  7 days ago +262

    "gambling in a game does not effect you in real life because its a game"
    Also politicians;

  • GHB
    GHB  7 days ago +252

    ESRB: “parents don’t know what loot boxes are.”
    You could’ve say “purchases for random item” in 4 words.

  • Charlie Broom
    Charlie Broom  7 days ago +402

    I love how these companies "defend" "loot boxes" by literally admitting they're worse than real world gambling

  • Radical Rat
    Radical Rat  7 days ago +195

    The AAA industry attempts to erase Jim Sterling from existence, but cannot contain him. And Thank God they couldn't.

  • Chubby Catfish
    Chubby Catfish  7 days ago +1027

    Trusting the AAA industry to regulate itself is like entrusting an alcoholic to watch over a brewery.

  • Kolbatsu
    Kolbatsu  7 days ago +127

    "Loot boxes have no real world value..."
    So why are people paying money for them and why are these companies so defensive over them?

  • ArlanKels
    ArlanKels  7 days ago +125

    "They have no real value"
    Except that you just spent money on them, which makes them have value.

  • SnappyJon
    SnappyJon  7 days ago +42

    To be fair, loot boxes have "enhanced my experience" of playing EA games. I've stopped buying or playing EA games since they put loot boxes in their games and my gaming experience is vastly enhanced.

  • Joe Wilson
    Joe Wilson  7 days ago +48

    Jim, you're doing a public service for the entire world's gaming population, and I can't thank you enough. Your sincerity is clear. I believe your work addressing these issues will accelerate the much needed change. Keep fighting on!

  • Stan Knight
    Stan Knight  7 days ago +801

    Gambling in games is not the same thing as gambling in real life.
    Meanwhile: Violence in games is the same thing as violence in real life.
    Makes sense.

  • Braden Best
    Braden Best  7 days ago +36

    "Sweet buffet crab is better than loot boxes"
    I'm vegan and I agree.

  • Jakieth Edwards
    Jakieth Edwards  7 days ago +15

    Let me fix that title for ya Jim.
    "Corparations Cannot Be trusted To Regulate Themselves period".

  • Dahn
    Dahn  7 days ago +64

    I'm really getting utterly sick and tired of the triple aaayyyeee gaming industry.
    Shit like this is why I am Boycotting almost ALL of them

  • goodpeople25
    goodpeople25  7 days ago +19

    "Even those who claim they do, don't really understand what a loot box is."
    This part of the ESRB's statement stood out to me.
    Even if it isn't implying that none of the parents (people?) researched "really" knew what a loot box was, I don't trust a part of the video game industry to define loot boxes or to not throw out data based on their own definition.