The 'AAA' Industry Can't Be Trusted To Regulate Its Gambling Problem (The Jimquisition)

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 12, 2019

    The game industry is currently making a performance of tackling the loot box debacle, and a performance is what it is.

    The ESA announced that console makers will require the odds for in-game gambling purchases to be disclosed. They only did this after the FTC got involved, and they're only doing it to make a show for the government.

    While the ESA and game publishers pretend to be proactive, it's important to stress that the "AAA" game industry cannot be trusted to regulate itself. It had that chance, it's repeatedly blown that chance, and it won't ever take that chance seriously.

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  • 3l H4ck3r C0mf0r7
    3l H4ck3r C0mf0r7  2 hours ago

    The only games that did gambling mechanics properly were old-school Pokémon. No monetization, no real money to spend at all, just a way to teach children just how gambling fucks you up. And there are even stories of even smarter kids milking the Elite 4 dry of their infinite money, and using these gambling mechanics to prevent their addict parents from wasting their life away at a real casino!

    And if those mechanics were removed from the old Pokémon rereleases, everything else has to go, too.

  • Ethan Batterbee
    Ethan Batterbee  15 hours ago

    Loot boxes do effect the experience when you can see that Activision put dlc guns in loot boxes... Content through loot boxes and not even can be accessed via progression just loot boxes.

  • Aerrae
    Aerrae  7 days ago

    If the stuff in the loot boxes have no value, then why the fuck aren't they free?

  • matt baber
    matt baber  7 days ago

    I take you seriously, Jim. You, and your tangents (perhaps ESPECIALLY your tangents). A friend of mine recommended your channel to me because I say a lot of the same kinds of shit in conversation with her, and she (quite rightly) figured I'd love the Jimquisition. So, if nothing else is gained from what must feel like shouting at a wall (a wall that is also somehow THE most avaricious & exploitative wall in the entire history of walldom), know that you've got at least one fella who is on board, & perpetuating your videos throughout my entire chat messenger friends list

  • Mik Wolf
    Mik Wolf  14 days ago

    Why am I, a 20 year old animal science student, better at writing persuasive essays than the ESA?

  • Mr Bluntforce T
    Mr Bluntforce T  21 days ago

    How DARE you Call it "Gambling mechanics" ! They are SURPRISE mechanics which is`nt the same.

  • Zathurious
    Zathurious  28 days ago +1

    But your right... everything has turned out exactly the way you said it would.

  • Eva San
    Eva San  a months ago

    you do ring up a valid point and I get the whole "image" thing but if you want to be taken Much more "seriously," considering what you are saying Is serious and Should be taken seriously, maybe it's time to put aside the trolls and just have the podium. I get the "audacious hat" thing also and it doesn't bother Me, but you Are limiting your audience to the less-mature, which perhaps is your target market but also is limiting your "power" so to speak.

  • Dan the Mind Sculptor

    "Easy access to automatic weaponry" ??? I'm going to assume you're just ignorant, and not trying to spread false information.

  • Namoth
    Namoth  a months ago

    inded it worked great for YOU!.....and it only hurt EVRYONE ELSE! that intire time!

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez  a months ago

    3:28 odds displayed like this
    "Less than 50%" normal
    "Less than 20%" good
    "Less than 1%" rare
    Especially the last one we already saw ... thats how they do the reveal, give the people a dirty dry bone! Tell them what it will NOT BE instead of WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS . a fact.

  • Marlon Kunst
    Marlon Kunst  a months ago

    The movement is spreading around the world Jim. Thx mate.

  • Sir Yeetus XIV
    Sir Yeetus XIV  a months ago

    "it has no value in the real world"
    Someone hasn't heard of Steam's Marketplace.

  • Joshua Bradford
    Joshua Bradford  a months ago

    Do you know what also has odds of winning? GAMBLING!

  • Serious Spike Sam
    Serious Spike Sam  2 months ago

    Hey! That's Weather Master!

  • June Quinn
    June Quinn  2 months ago

    Oh.... he’s drinking jewels... gems... because compulsive game spenders... are addicted to in-game premium currency.... gems... like alcoholics are to drinking.


  • Twilight
    Twilight  2 months ago

    wait isnt that illegal or missmarketing? if i bought a copy of crash team without the IGM label i should be able to sue them for false marketing right?

  • Slagomancer
    Slagomancer  2 months ago

    I still can't believe that I know people who will throw shade about Free to Play stuff, but live and die by Overwatch Lootboxes. Lootboxes in a fucking full price game.

  • BlackPrinny
    BlackPrinny  2 months ago

    Did Jim nearly die in the aftermath of this opening? oO

  • M 7
    M 7  3 months ago

    Pro tip: Don't buy Lootboxes...

    Instead, Buy crabs 🦀🦀👍