How Would You Escape North Korea? (The 7 Choices)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 15, 2017
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    If you were living in North Korea right now - trying to survive on a diet of rats, grass, soil and tree bark, quenching your thirst by drinking out of mud puddles in the ground - what would you do?

    There's also the conceivable chance of being sent to a political prison camp for years on end just because you innocently thought out loud one day to a bunch of friends (North Korean propaganda is strong), where you are then beaten, tortured, and left so hungry that you are forced to dig and consume the grains out of faeces, or the maggots from dead bodies just so you have the energy to perhaps last one more day.

    You'd probably wanna escape. But how?

    The North Korean government in Pyongyang refuses to let its citizens leave, a clear violation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, viewing North Korean defectors as traitorous criminals. Captured North Koreans would be subject to unimaginable torture and often public executions.

    If they are successful in their escape, then three to four generations of their family back home would be sent to North Korean prison camps to rot ....or worse. This is a strong deterrent.

    But this still doesn't stop desperate North Koreans from tempting fate. In this video, I'll go over the seven ways to escape the DPRK, including the most dangerous, the most unforgiving, the most unique, and the most unexpected.

    The North Korean border on the south side (ie. South Korean border / Korean DMZ) is the shortest distance to travel for safety and stability but as a result, the regime makes it dangerously hard. A North Korean escapee can be shot down by North Korean soldiers (border guards) or step on the many landmines in the area.

    The northern border to China has it's own set of challenges. Most North Korean refugees escape through this way, usually crossing the Tumen River border (like the famous North Korean defector Hyeonseo Lee). Once in China, the nightmare doesn't end there.

    There are also other, more unconventional ways you can try to escape such as through North Korean labor camps.

    Even if you make it to safety and resettle in a stable country, the North Korean regime will still try to hunt you down, so you're never truly safe. Especially if you're an outspoken critic or a threat to Kim Jong-un's power - just ask his half brother, Kim Jong-nam


  • Kento Bento
    Kento Bento  1 years ago +3598

    ► The only way to 'take down the regime' as I mentioned at the end of the video is to help disseminating as much information about South Korea and the rest of the world to everyday North Koreans, so they can create their own 'Korean Spring' uprising and revolution. Change must start internally.
    ► To the people who keep saying the video is useless/stupid because internet is BANNED in North Korea & North Koreans wouldn't be able to see it - you're not supposed to take the title literally. It's obviously not meant for actual North Koreans living in North Korea. It's the dynamic of the video narrative to imagine how life would be if you were placed in such a situation. MOST people watching intuitively get this.
    ► I didn't get into why China & North Korea are allies. Here's a video explaining it:
    ► The fear of being caught in China is so great, that some arm themselves with crushed chilli peppers to throw at guards who may try to stop them. If detained, they may pull out a small knife; not to harm others, but themselves. Sadly, a clean slit to the wrist/throat, or a fatal stab to the stomach often beats getting sent back to North Korea.
    ► There are Chinese people in China who feel sympathetic to the NK defectors' plight and end up helping them, risking imprisonment themselves. I hear even some Chinese police officers do this.
    ► There are many Christian organizations and pastors who help NK defectors. Raising money so they can afford escape brokers and extra costs for the perilous journey ahead.
    ► Russia and North Korea share a border along the tail end of the Tumen River, but defectors rarely cross at this point as it is only 17km long - it's a small stretch of land easily patrolled by border guards.
    ► Numerous North Koreans have still made it to Russia, but this was more so in the past and almost always through China, during times when border security was loose.
    ► Russia and North Korea are also long-time allies, so even if defectors were to make it to Russia, the likelihood of being deported is high.
    ► To the people getting offended when I said North Korea outsources its labor force to several countries around the world including Poland, as well as others I plotted on the map at 10:48, it's public knowledge! (not too hard to look up). People who are particularly sensitive with the Poland inclusion seem to think I'm somehow connecting it to german labor/concentration camps of the past. It's got nothing to do with that. This is not some negative agenda I have towards Poland as some have insinuated. However, it's been noted that North Koreans are employed by 32 companies in Poland under impoverished conditions. Here are 2 such sources:
    ► 'Non-elite' North Koreans also may end up bribing border guards and paying escape brokers. It's just not as common. The elite don't have to worry about saving up for it however.
    ► NOTE: Damn, this video got demonetized, just like many of my war-related or humanitarian catastrophe videos in the past. It really discourages content creators from doing videos on anything controversial, even the ones that help spread awareness. Maybe I should start a Patreon? Hmm..
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    • Photosounder
      Photosounder  3 days ago

      Why would I want to escape Best Korea?
      "The only way to 'take down the regime' as I mentioned at the end of the video is to help disseminating as much information about South Korea and the rest of the world to everyday North Koreans, so they can create their own 'Korean Spring' uprising and revolution. Change must start internally."
      Take down the regime??? Gulag yourself you absolute Soros-funded imperialist regime change-thirsty neocon cunt!! "Oh no look at these poor people in North Korea, their women aren't whoring themselves out for free from the age of 16 like all the women in the """civilised""" world do, they probably don't even have tranny/sodomite propaganda in schools or an opioid or obesity or AIDS epidemic like we do. Wow we can't let a single country not have our shitty immoral degenerate capitalist progress that leads to people turning into diabetic unmarried cunts, we have to do something! Surely if North Koreans find out about our sick way of life they will rise up and demand dysfunctional corrupt American-style democracy, Big Macs and that the Moranbong Band starts making vapid shitty songs for tweenagers like K-Pop bands made of talentless whores do in South Korea" -- t. You. Who the fuck are you to decide what's best for Best Koreans or not? You don't know shit about Best Korea, only shitty propaganda that originates from Worst Korean and Chinese tabloids that then everybody else is happy to repeat as if it were fact. Stupid imperialist cunts believe that Best Koreans live in the dark about the rest of the world and only know propaganda, but that's you, you're the one in the dark who knows nothing else but propaganda. Best Korea best enemy of Israel and neocon cunts like you! Juche idea best idea ever! Fuck you!
      To all you sceptical cunts, google "Why do North Korean defector testimonies so often fall apart?", even what the defectors say is fake bullshit that you want to hear. Everything you know is fake. You morons actually believe that everyone in Best Korea has been starving for the last 25 years straight. How the hell do you starve for 25 years straight? Bullshit propaganda like this video are all about lubing the public opinion for some aggressive bullshit, look at the comments, after watching this shitty CIA-funded video there's people begging for nuking Best Korea.

    • Alex Feng
      Alex Feng  9 days ago

      1. Dongbei Province of China, which directly connected to North Korea, has a minority group that is basically Korean descents that recognize themselves as Chinese. Many members of the group work underground providing a number of safe houses for North Korean defectors.

    • Krzysztof Kędra
      Krzysztof Kędra  9 days ago

      +Kento Bento Well, this 'updated' info is still highly misleading, almost such as those fake news links quoted here. there were some foreign firms in Poland that hired those people but it's considered a criminal thing in Poland and it was prosecuted by Polish AT units.
      And to your knowledge - it can be considered nearly as offensive as calling nazi German camps located in Poland as 'Polish'. With all respect for providing useful information that can let North Korean people escape the regime, I gotta say this part is still offensive.

    • I D K
      I D K  11 days ago

      Oh god dis is long

    • Lynn Grimm
      Lynn Grimm  12 days ago

      if they can get an illegal radio station they might be able to inform the people on a widespread scale, much like what my boy Ernesto Che Guevara with Radio Rebelde in Cuba during the late stages of the Cuban Revolution (roughly a year before Batista was successfully ousted. Although this technique would be reliant on propaganda and the people not notifying the government AND assuming that large enough scales of the population have access to radio, and probably bring about much short term suffering-- as overthrowing your local government tends to- in the long run it would probably be what is most beneficial to the world and most importantly the people of North Korea.

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    I'm gonna throw up

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    Adolf or Kim🤔🤔hmmmmmm. Hitler still takes the cake

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    Don’t tell Kimmy!

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    I feel really privileged to be living in America right now....

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    American imperialists are evil

  • Dunning Kruger
    Dunning Kruger  5 hours ago

    I live in the USA... am starving and dirt poor. Been arrested for panhandling, beaten in jail.

  • O H Y E A H Y E A H

    How about the US-Mexican Border? Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah.

  • Billy Mays
    Billy Mays  8 hours ago

    North Korea: *easily best fucking country in the world*
    U.S.A: *m8 u wot? Your leader looks like a fucking dumpling*
    North Korea: yeah, well uh, your leader looks like a *FUCKING* orange XD
    *USA has disconnected*

  • Jesus Sandl
    Jesus Sandl  9 hours ago

    Next video: How would You Escape South Korea? (The 7 Choices)

  • Christopher Kantz
    Christopher Kantz  9 hours ago

    "Kim Jong-Un seems like a person who cares about his people"

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    If you're watching this, you propably don't need it.

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    Kento Bento if you go to North Korea now they will punish you

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    FINALLY someone is speaking out about the awful things that happen in NK most people dont like to talk about it

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    *Kim Jon um nuked kento bento and deletes this video*

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    Toxic fucking soviet union that ruined korea

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    I just want to punch Kim jong un in his fatass face

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