October 10, 2018 - Hurricane Michael - Callaway, Florida

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 8, 2018
  • Callaway is across the Bay from Tyndall Air Force Base.
    This video is the short form, for the full story which includes an additional 13.5 minutes from Day 0, please follow:
    We were in the western eye for about 22 minutes. This is not a storm chaser video, it's a homeowner video.

    Michael is just the 4th Cat 5 landfall in US history and took less than 36 hours to grow from Cat 1.
    I have addressed my lack of preparation and the reason for it. Any further attacks which fail to understand these reasons will be removed.

    We went to sleep thinking we faced a Category 3 hurricane the next day. Although intense, we were in a sturdy structure on high ground and decided to stay. In 15-hours, it jumped two categories (35 MPH MSW), extremely rapid intensification.
    Date Time Lat Long Max Sus Ps Category
    10/09/19 22:00 27.1° -86.5° 125 mph 947 mb 3
    10/10/19 01:00 27.7° -86.6° 130 mph 945 mb 4
    10/10/19 04:00 28.3° -86.5° 140 mph 943 mb 4
    10/10/19 05:00 28.6° -86.4° 140 mph 937 mb 4
    10/10/19 06:00 28.8° -86.3° 140 mph 937 mb 4
    10/10/19 07:00 29.0° -86.3° 145 mph 933 mb 4
    10/10/19 08:00 29.1° -86.2° 145 mph 933 mb 4
    10/10/19 09:00 29.3° -86.1° 145 mph 931 mb 4
    10/10/19 10:00 29.4° -86.0° 145 mph 928 mb 4
    10/10/19 10:30 29.5° -85.9° 150 mph 923 mb 4
    10/10/19 11:00 29.6° -85.8° 150 mph 923 mb 4
    10/10/19 12:00 29.9° -85.7° 150 mph 919 mb 4
    10/10/19 12:30 30.0° -85.5° 160 mph 919 mb 5
    The storm continued to intensify right up to interaction with land, gaining 15 MPH MSW in the final several hours.

    If I had the information in the following web page days in advance of landfall I would probably have evacuated. I relied on local media too heavily (in retrospect), and feel the alarm wasn't sounded early enough, nor loudly enough until too late to get out. Combined with reluctance due to our financial and transportation difficulties, resulted in riding it out. The rapid intensification before landfall was foreseen, according to this, but was not expressed by the media.
    Very informative page here...in particular go to the "Storm History" tab.

    We had no electricity for 14-days, no internet for 58-days. Two months later, still no cable TV, nor landline telephone. Most of the trees across a 4,000 square mile swath have been destroyed and virtually all are damaged. At least seven houses in the immediate neighborhood were damaged beyond repair. Another lot was cleared the week of the first anniversary. And recovery continues.
    My home, several miles away, is also damaged beyond repair. But, I haven't yet been able to have it demolished.


  • Ron Veri
    Ron Veri  17 hours ago

    ithought that tree would snap before it went over.

  • plateshutoverlock
    plateshutoverlock  yesterday +1

    Whoever thought of forced Windows updates did not take into account thunderstorms and other situations where you need to shut down fast.

    If a t-storm comes in, I'm unplugging whether M$ likes it or not. It won't matter if Windows is corrupted if lightning fries the machine!

  • Idania Perez
    Idania Perez  yesterday

    Qué mucho daño hacen los huracanes las personas con sus casitas de madera que no sobreviven Qué pena

  • Benjamin Evans
    Benjamin Evans  2 days ago +1

    Awesome but scary video. We got some of the rain from Michael here in East TN.

  • Pman InJapan
    Pman InJapan  2 days ago +2

    I just went through Typhoon Hagibis in Japan...so your calmness was inspiring. Sorry about your yard.

  • ironhorzmn
    ironhorzmn  5 days ago +1

    I have to ask. Is there a taxi company in that town called 'Callaway Cab'? There should be.

  • Robert Woods
    Robert Woods  7 days ago +1

    Damn, I remember Michael. I had to get a new house cause of the 160mph wind storm. I had still been recovering from Irma the year before. Then this year, bad luck almost kills me when I'm in the Bahamas on vacation, well here comes the juggernaut Dorian and pummels the archipelago. I hope you're doing alright, pray Florida doesn't get a monster like Michael again this year. Dorian came uncomfortably close to Florida at Cat. 5 strength.

  • gladatlast
    gladatlast  7 days ago +1

    Thanks for Sharing Lydia's uncle. So glad you guys were okay. We stayed as well, but about 12 miles west of you. Love how calm you are the whole time.

  • Katie gilbey
    Katie gilbey  7 days ago +1

    Love your video

  • Tom rizzo
    Tom rizzo  7 days ago +4

    You did such a good job documenting this I felt so bad when I saw that piece of tree through your roof and I totally understand why you stayed but you kept calm I live in Florida too but have not experienced anything more than a cat 1 I hope you and your family's life is back to normal now

  • leonracing79
    leonracing79  7 days ago +1

    I admier your calmnes throughout the videorecording🙌🏼
    We can have som pretty heavy snowstorms opp here in Norway, but nothing like this...thank god✌🏼

  • Everything Tech
    Everything Tech  7 days ago +2

    In one of the biggest winds you keep your camera more stable than most YouTubers who are not even subjected by these harsh conditions. Good job sir. One question begs to my mind, when the eye wall was present, there was no damage (visible) to your car. Was it not possible to move the car behind the house facing away from the wind which eventually in the 2nd turn would come from the other direction?

  • smart451cab
    smart451cab  7 days ago +1

    600K views as we're days away from the 1st anniversary of Michael.
    It couldn't be uploaded until 58-days after the storm due to internet outage.
    Interestingly, it didn't reach 1,000 until 58-days after publishing (116-days after storm), and 10K until 137-days after storm.

  • Gacha - Brawl Stars
    Gacha - Brawl Stars  14 days ago +1

    My b'day was in October 10

  • martin ruffley
    martin ruffley  14 days ago +1

    Great video regards to you and your Wife V WEDGE Greetings from IRELAND

  • Meteorological
    Meteorological  14 days ago +2

    Excellent documentation of this incredible storm. I was watching from Fort Myers. Glad you made it through ok and I hope the recovery is going smoothly!

  • Alva Shoemaker
    Alva Shoemaker  14 days ago +1

    Oh, Gee...THET was a TERRIBLE storm; I'm happy you survived this storm; you had a "front row seat" to an AWESOME storm!! I love in Texas; we do deal with hurricanes, too. Thank you for sharing that experience!

  • Wayne Grant
    Wayne Grant  14 days ago +1

    I am so happy that where I live we do not get storms like this...WESTERN CANADA

  • supererik man
    supererik man  14 days ago +6

    it's a damn shame, those beautiful trees never had a chance

  • pacesetter NO.1fan

    Theres supposed to be cat 5 in irland what cat do u think it will be wen it hits england?