What really caused Robert's Rebellion?

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 22, 2018
  • What actually caused Robert's Rebellion? Was it what happened with Rhaegar and Lyanna, or was there something deeper going on?

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  • Nate Osborne
    Nate Osborne  1 months ago

    This video is the ye s

  • Alex Setzer
    Alex Setzer  1 months ago

    Do you think Pycelle told Robert Baratheon that his rebel lords were meeting at Summer Hall?

  • Darker Than Black
    Darker Than Black  2 months ago

    Your voice is incredible you sound like the narrator for the GoT audible books.

  • C Irby
    C Irby  2 months ago

    This is about as authoritative a review of the geopolitical evolution going on as I’ve seen. Your presentation of the detailed look at who was who and what was what really fills in a bit on what I picked up watching the show. I truly enjoyed the show - even the ending - but feel, after watching your YouTube videos that I must have watched something else. I’m gonna need to rewatch the whole damned thing again to really understand it all. It seems the show should have started 20 years before the start date we see in the show.

  • roblinssen88
    roblinssen88  2 months ago

    After watching you on a Q&A with the Order of the Green Hand I found your channel and I really like your videos.

    Question though, Aerys' supposed madness comes mainly from being paranoid. He suspected Tywin wanting him dead and Rhaegar wanting his crown... both of which do appear to be true. Could we really call him a mad king then? This doesn't look like a situation of the gods flipping a coin, it looks to be nurture instead of nature.
    If not even the supposedly best example of the Targ Madness was unjust in going paranoid, can we not just delete that hypothesis as a possibility?

  • kaiser kitty
    kaiser kitty  2 months ago +1

    Starting the series over again, probably my favorite on YouTube. Keep up the great work!

  • Kevin Nease
    Kevin Nease  2 months ago

    Another well done video, kudos

  • Deathcoldan
    Deathcoldan  3 months ago

    So maesters were acting like jews? The efforts to make Rickard Stark make alliances to rebel and the rumors that the maesters poisoned the dragons couls mean they were plotting against the Targaryens since the beginning. Pycell actions could support that theory

  • Humble TreeStump
    Humble TreeStump  3 months ago +1

    The maestor angle IS SO GOOD

  • Fuzzy Dunlop
    Fuzzy Dunlop  3 months ago

    I'll be honest - I've only ever viewed the Maesters and the Citadel on a whole as a rough allegory or cautionary example for dogmatic academic orthodoxy stymieing creative discovery. Not sure I buy this whole 'Maester conspiracy' stuff.

  • Rita van Eck
    Rita van Eck  3 months ago +1

    Tywin had first suggested to Aerys that Cersei and Rhaegar be married. It made sense that these two powerful houses joined. However, Aerys had grown uneasy with Tywin due to all the rumours and stories going around that Tywin was the real ruler of Westeros. As a result of his distrust, Aerys rejected Tywin's proposal and decided to wed Rhaegar to Elia Martell of Dorne. Thereafter he appointed Jaime as Kingsguard, effectively extinguishing Tywin's plans of ensuring the legacy of house Lannister. Only Tyrion could technically further the line, but Tywin would be too insulted to do that. And Aerys knew this. It is after all this that Tywin resigned as hand of the King and returned to Casterly Rock.

  • tHeWasTeDYouTh
    tHeWasTeDYouTh  3 months ago

    Lyanna would have never wanted to marry that retard Robert, he already had a bastard daughter in the Vale!!!

  • facetiousbadger
    facetiousbadger  3 months ago

    IDG Do you have a YouTube based way to support your channel? I'd like to contribute, but I don't like using third party sites.

  • Derek R Watson
    Derek R Watson  3 months ago

    I just came across these videos, and they are great. Well thought out and really interesting. Thank you.

  • rohit c
    rohit c  3 months ago

    Basically Jon Snow and Ned Stark are the only character who were not power hungry .

  • Shade Blackwolf
    Shade Blackwolf  4 months ago

    so an alternate timeline where rhaegar had offered the starks independence in exchange for helping to depose the mad king would have likely succeeded

  • Ian Vickers
    Ian Vickers  4 months ago

    Nice analysis! I had kinda forgotten about the maesters' sometimes shady work. I agree that the disappearance of Lyanna with Rhaegar was the excuse used, but I would say the cause, and the spark, were the mad king Aerys. He was increasingly abusive of his people which set up both the conditions for conspiracy and set the Lannister's against him, then he executed Brandon and Rickard Stark. There are a lot of subtle details which you analyze perfectly in your videos, but the cause was actually quite simple.

  • Swampie
    Swampie  4 months ago +1

    Hey, great video. However, there's a mistake in the Targaryen family tree - it says Jaehaerys instead of Viserys

  • Shannon Reynolds
    Shannon Reynolds  5 months ago +1

    Brandon Stark and Aerys started it. Brandon was know to be hotheaded and could not be reasoned with as by his actions described and Aerys was as crazy and a mad dog on bath salts.

  • Georgi Georgiev
    Georgi Georgiev  5 months ago

    Why didn't the North secede after the Rebellion then?