What really caused Robert's Rebellion?

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 22, 2018
  • What actually caused Robert's Rebellion? Was it what happened with Rhaegar and Lyanna, or was there something deeper going on?In Deep Geek - Insight and debate about Westworld, Game of Thrones and more.My new channel: The Well Told Tale - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCai6...GoFundMe for The Well Told Tale - https://www.gofundme.com/the-well-tol... Join me on Patreon - http://patreon.com/indeepgeekFollow me on Twitter - @indeepgeekFollow me on Instagram - indeepgeekofficialfollow me on Facebook - https://facebook.com/indeepgeekThis video was brought to you with support from my amazing Patreon community - special thanks to Chase Perkins, Maura Lee, Brooke Geer Person, Jane Lord, Jeffrey Boerst, Carbonsnail, John of House Petry, Johannes Sobanski, Amy Wagner, Mark Bryan, Richard Magee, Katrin C, Klaus, Amberlyn McKay, PJ, Sonia Rangel, Meredith Lucas, Peach, Susan Dunckel, Hannah, Alisa, Dave Roberts, Fraeulein Winter, RedSonya4, June Coates, Jose, Kasey Duhon, Aenne Loew, FirCorred, Habitual Explorer, Coleen Vandepas, Valeria Cross, Jackie Miles, Kelly Zahara, Sean T McPherson, Marilyn Kae, Jesus Tagle Jr, Kornelia Echzeller, Ben Androvich, Nana L, The Lonely Genius, Sara Whalen and Mairi Montgomery.Affiliate links:(buying anything on Amazon after clicking through these links supports this channel at no extra cost to you)Westworld:Season 1 DVD - http://amzn.to/2nOj1r2Books:The World of Ice and Fire (official history of Westeros) - http://amzn.to/2syLbtPA Song of Ice and Fire (all 5 books) - http://amzn.to/2rJMEL7A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms (all 3 Dunk and Egg stories) - http://amzn.to/2rKgkrx Lands of Ice and Fire (official Game of Thrones maps) - http://amzn.to/2rKD1vrDVDs:Complete seasons 1-6 - http://amzn.to/2rKJmHaSeason 6 - http://amzn.to/2rKiyXBThanks for watching!(all images are assumed to be public domain - please PM me if you would like a credit.)


  • southeast01  11 months ago

    I wish we could’ve gotten a Roberts rebellion live action. Show watchers don’t realize how much a bad ass Robert Baratheon was.

  • facetiousbadger  26 days ago

    @Derek R WatsonYou're right, I tend not to notice that kind of thing.

  • Derek R Watson  26 days ago

    facetiousbadger the actor did a great job, don’t get me wrong I just always pictured Robert taller I guess.

  • ivanbluecool  11 months ago

    Here is what makes me laugh. Targarean are not ruling by right. Its by conquest. Aegon won westeros with power and killed all the former kings or forced them ro bend. Hence he won by conquest. Robert jon arryn and ned won the war by conquest. So if anyone says dany should be queen by right. Its false. She is meant to win by conquest. Same as any lord. If it was by right. Amyone with greenhand blood would be king. Not any Targarean. Just saying.

  • Fuzzy Dunlop  8 days ago

    There is not *right* to rule. 'Right to rule' is something those in power cooked up in order to help them hold on to their power.

  • Boogie Down  3 months ago

    John Doe It’s because there was no Iron Throne or house Baratheon before Aegons conquest.The Iron Throne was founded by the Targaryens. Yeah they conquered the 6 individual kingdoms but they didn’t conquer the Iron Throne, they founded it. There is a difference between the kingdom of the Iron Throne, the kingdom of the rock(westerlands), the kingdom of the vale, and so on and so on.They didn’t conquer the Iron Throne they conquered six individual kingdoms and founded the Iron Throne. There is a ...

  • Brendan Ward  11 months ago

    I knew it would turn out to be the Masons, er, I mean Maesters.

  • maza monty  11 months ago

    Coffee...vape...comfy seat. Okay Robert Go! Looking forward to this, x Great as usual. Isn't it strange that the whole R and L thing also developed at the same tourney that Prince R was meeting to conspire with other lords. Just pure coincidence??

  • grat2010  11 months ago

    Well Told Tale + this. Can't think of a better way to spend my Sunday afternoon. Thank you.

  • In Deep Geek  11 months ago

    grat2010 - Oh, thank you so much!

  • What I find very interesting is what happened with Starks and religion after the alliance was made. Ned build a small sept in Winterfell, apparently to please Cat, and people didn't like that very much. Also ALL of the Stark children fallow the faith of the seven, even Robb, heir to Winterfell. The only one that fallows the old gods is Jon, one child Cat doesn't give a damn about. Why would any northern lord allow that and most of all a Stark? You're telling me thousands years of fallowing the old gods...

  • Fuzzy Dunlop  8 days ago

    Why are the only two replies to this comment batshit insane?

  • Reese Torwad  25 days ago

    @MephistoTry to fallow this: Eve Online is always and forever going to be garbage, and it can't be saved. Best to be done with it, I say, you fallow me?

  • Belal Sweepe  10 months ago

    Perfect, but i like to add the that the father of robert was the best friend of aerys. But the son Robert has targaryan blood and would be the best option for king after the targaryans with his targaryan blood.

  • Yvette Vera  11 months ago

    Yes!!! I’ve been waiting for a video on this topic as well as a timeline of Roberts rebellion leading up to the tower of joy...bcuz if he really loved Lyanna as much as he claimed WHY wasn’t he with Ned when he found her??

  • Wolfeson28  8 months ago

    It's a matter of location and time. Robert and Ned fell out briefly over Ned's outrage regarding the brutal killings of Rhaegar's children. So Robert stayed in King's Landing while Ned took his army south to lift the siege of Storm's End and receive the surrender of the Reach army. Most likely (I don't think anything in the text directly says this, but it's highly logical), Ned only found out where Lyanna was around that time, so he set out immediately from Storm's End for the Tower of Joy with his 6 c...

  • Monique Francois  10 months ago

    Richard Fitzpatrick : the episode of Robert flirting with waitresses at the tourney of Harrenhal is told in A world of Ice and Fire, which is relatively canon. The presence of Brandon shows nothing. We are in the context of a violently patriarchal society. Probably Brandon did not care that his sister be deceived event before being married. Faithfullness in marriage was not seriously expected from the husband.

  • Alpha Wërks  11 months ago

    In my opinion they were already planning for rebellion, just look Brandon was already betrothed to Katlyn and Robert and Lyana were already betrothed. Which to me means the Lord's of the seven kingdoms were already plotting because of the mad king.

  • Pablo Alvestegui  11 months ago

    Excellent analysis, Robert, I agree that R+L was the spark that they needed to carry out what was already cooking.

  • nikola jurican  1 months ago

    If hadnt been that it wouldhave been something else