Godfall - Reveal Trailer | PS5

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 12, 2019
  • Learn more about Godfall: http://godfall.com. Godfall is a third-person fantasy looter-slasher focused on melee combat, coming to PlayStation 5 Holiday 2020. Developed by Counterplay Games & published by Gearbox Publishing.


  • marcus chen
    marcus chen  2 hours ago

    The armor and weapon design Looks like mobile game from China.


    my computer cant even play the youttube video

  • ApK- link
    ApK- link  11 hours ago +1

    Tu comentario en español :v

  • Money Talkzz
    Money Talkzz  20 hours ago

    Is this PS3 graphics?

  • Tiisetso Hlatshwayo
    Tiisetso Hlatshwayo  21 hours ago

    Sounds nd looks like a new transformers movie

  • Asim Siddiqui
    Asim Siddiqui  yesterday


  • Kevin Vo
    Kevin Vo  yesterday

    So how does the game play?

  • FalconGamer58
    FalconGamer58  yesterday +3

    If this had PS4 in the title, nobody would care

    PRADYUT KUMAR  yesterday

    Isn't that Zeus, Poseidon and Hades
    The Greek Gods

    MIDN1GHT  yesterday

    Me: where’s the PS5 at?!?

    Nick: there was an idea

  • László B
    László B  yesterday

    One concern about the ps5
    How will sony handle the ps+ subscription?
    If u have a ps4 subscription does it mean u have a ps5 too or it's the other case that if u have ps+ on ps3 it's different from having ps4 ps+ and also ps+ was free on ps3 but paid on ps4 and it will most likely be paid on ps5 too its just that we/me dont know the prices and also I was thinking they could give us like a transition like if u have half a year left from the ps+ on ps4 it could mean that u can transfer it to ps5

  • Ali Hamdi
    Ali Hamdi  yesterday

    Why would I buy a PS5 for game no one knows what it is

  • Jenik Bolisig
    Jenik Bolisig  2 days ago


  • Lucian Victor Gudiu

    Hellblade 2 looks better , it’s a pitty only exclusive for Xbox.... there are so many games that look better than this Godfall . Ps4 clearly graphics

  • Batlos
    Batlos  2 days ago +3

    This is gonna be in our reccomended 6-8 years from now when the ps6 is being teased

  • Tech Ajay
    Tech Ajay  2 days ago

    So I guess we can play avengers on ps5 and 4 but... the question is where is gta 6 ?

  • ks kumar
    ks kumar  3 days ago

    Power rangers villains are heroes in this?

  • Gerby Jerzz
    Gerby Jerzz  3 days ago


  • deedeeman01
    deedeeman01  3 days ago

    Looks pretty ps4ish to me

  • Nischay Machiraju

    Looks disappointing for a PS5 game