Asking Strangers To Tell Their Crushes They Like Them!!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 8, 2018

    Calling your crush and telling that person you like them is one of the hardest things in the world... It can be terrifying but also immensely rewarding. Even if it doesn't work out... At least you'll know. So we decided to go out in the streets and challenge some strangers... by asking them to call their crushes.. and tell them they like them. Enjoy!

    Shout-out to Mikey Murphy for inspiring us to do this video!

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  • A man
    A man  a years ago +9043

    Legends say Yes theory will pin my comment because they reached 900k. #roadto1mil

  • John Reach
    John Reach  5 hours ago

    This chick might just be my crush just from her attitude and willing to do this twice now.

  • jůśt mě
    jůśt mě  yesterday

    Please film with a camera man

  • SBsloppynicklesツ

    I hate niggas in cali

  • Jun Manibusan
    Jun Manibusan  2 days ago

    Michael missed out. Smh shes beautiful I'd cuff

    PRO GAMER  3 days ago

    I have a crush on you.
    Him: cOoL

  • Philipp Richter
    Philipp Richter  3 days ago

    - "Do you have a crush on someone?"
    - "I like Pizza"
    ._ .
    . _.

  • Aiman Al-Hamdi
    Aiman Al-Hamdi  3 days ago

    Ay yo what a boring ass boyfriend. That’s some lame ass shit

  • JanniGHG
    JanniGHG  4 days ago

    I like pizza haha

  • Aaron Drewelow
    Aaron Drewelow  4 days ago

    Sign me up for a date. Lol

  • Luke Datema
    Luke Datema  6 days ago

    Who in their right mind would say no to her?

  • Tory Sama
    Tory Sama  7 days ago

    She's into someone who's clearly not into her. Sad.

  • Khairun Najmi
    Khairun Najmi  7 days ago

    I hope i meeet this team right now!!

  • Darth Krul
    Darth Krul  7 days ago

    Someone: Do you have a crush?

    me: yeah! *takes out a crush*, you want it?

    someone: .....

  • Darth Krul
    Darth Krul  7 days ago

    someone: do you have a crush on someone?

    me: *takes out a paper that says "someone"

    and a can of crush then put the crush on top of it.


    still me: ....yeah.

  • Saša Bogdanović
    Saša Bogdanović  14 days ago

    i was thinking at frst that she have crush on Ammar ? im the only one or ?

  • Silver Typhon
    Silver Typhon  14 days ago +7

    "What are you doing right now??"
    "...Eating an apple."
    This is man is my new favorite.

  • Joel Sebastian.k
    Joel Sebastian.k  14 days ago

    I like pizza 😁

  • Pirate Amigo
    Pirate Amigo  14 days ago

    Are they in Vespucci Beach?

  • Izzy lapena
    Izzy lapena  14 days ago

    i was more focused on the gorgeous lighting with the golden sunset ahh