George RR Martin on Racism and Sexism Accusations against Game of Thrones

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 15, 2019
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  • Founding Father  2 months ago

    J.K. Rowling: "the dragons are gay"

  • you are a patriarcal pig they are obviously pansexual

  • I love GRR Martin's replies. Non-defensive and educational at the same time

  • Papa Chomsky  1 months ago

    @Jc Day nice bubble

  • Papa Chomsky  1 months ago

    He isn't being attacked why would he be defensive

  • cptawesome  2 months ago

    "women in the show/book only exist for titillation" - somebody didn't read the books or watch the show

  • Interviewer: women in the show/book only exist for titillation right?Catelyn Stark: am i a joke to you?Sansa Stark: am i a joke to you?Arya Stark: am i a joke to you?Girl with no name: am i a joke to you?Olenna Tyrell: am i a joke to you?Margery Tyrell: am i a joke to you?Missandei of Naath: am i a joke to you?Brianne of Tarth: am i a joke to you?Ygritte: am i a joke to you?Yara Greyjoy: am i a joke to you?Lyanna Mormont: am i a joke to you?Meera Reed: am i a joke to you?do i have to k...

  • Anarchist Xomburg  1 months ago

    @Tayler Janisse There's a LOT MORE historical inspiration than just the war of the roses, mate.

  • Mehdi  2 months ago

    Gender problems? Are you kidding me, two females are literally fighting to get the 7 kingdoms. Without mentioning Arya and Sansa... If there is a series where ''girl's powa'' is strong, this is the one.

  • Aleks Dyon  4 days ago

    @AgainstOdds source? The film's I quoted are the sources

  • Zaltus  3 months ago

    Omg an author having to justify his fiction. Insane.

  • houdini2233  1 months ago

    @Samings Exactly. The persecution complexes that these people have (who are most likely alt-right rejects) is incredible.

  • seeingeyegod  1 months ago

    imagine thinking it's insane to have a conversation about these subjects. He's not having to justify anything.

  • Justafan IV  2 months ago

    My main take away from this? Apparently it's pronounced "Dothrak-eye".

  • Dr. Skillz  1 months ago

    @Tobias Pettersson Too late. She's at my place of work making a big fuss about wanting to see the manager.

  • Tobias Pettersson  1 months ago

    @Dr. Skillz be careful or she'll want to talk to your manager

  • Mark Alldridge  2 months ago

    He is very measured, very thoughtful and very interesting. He speaks so well!

  • A Jim Fan  1 months ago

    GRR whispers into the microphone, "Fucking liberals. It was about slavery socialism, ain't that what you want?"

  • Fal Nop  1 months ago

    Yea, thats why hes a liberal and understands the validity of the questions, not like the dumb apes in this comment section who are more mad that people have a problem to begin with

  • "When you do that in Morocco, Moroccans show up"

  • Gryffith 13  5 days ago

    Kratatch bit of a stretch lol

  • al gonzález  9 days ago

    @Nebojsa ****** yes, you can call them subsaharan btw. But at the same time neighbour caucasian groups such as persians, hebrews and north africans can look similar sometimes

  • TheBlackClockOfTime  2 months ago

    GRRM rolls his eyes at "phallic symbols of power", priceless.

  • xdarkprince  3 days ago

    no he does not roll his eyes.

  • TheMaskedCrisis  3 months ago

    George really knows how to get comfy in a chair.

  • Jeff Mcdaniel  1 months ago

    Thank you. Like on Family Guy.

  • Founding Father  2 months ago

    Big men usually do