Kids Help Me After a Car Accident

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 6, 2018
  • I recently crashed my car into a man's car as he was pulling out of his driveway. Thankfully, Don (6) and Natalie (8) agreed to help me deal with the situation.▸ My incredible merch: | Subscribe for more "content":▸ Thank you so much Peter & Sam of Bad Weather Films ( for appearing in this, and helping me shoot/edit this! Go subscribe to them because they are such sweet, sweet baby boys.Also a huge thanks to Joe Hodorowicz for helping with production on this bad boy. And of course thank YOU for watching and supporting this thing.▸ Don -▸ Natalie - ▸ Ross (the guy whose car I hit) -▸ Watch my last video attempt: My second channel▸ steaming pile of social garbage▸▸▸▸


  • AnthonyPadilla  1 years ago

    please comment and let me know how else i can get advice from kids because i need help.

  • HKYBV  10 months ago

    AnthonyPadilla u could try sucking his dick

  • Leah Rodriguez  1 years ago

    Forget about Dr. Phil im calling Don after this

  • Hahahhaa YES!!!!!

  • Isaiah_ AA  1 years ago

    Leah Rodriguez *Namaste*

  • Gaia Meera  1 years ago

    Hi, quick question for Don (6), from me (21)....would you perhaps consider writing a step-by-step guide for people in *_dire_* need of help in all aspects of their life? Thanks. Big fan. Namaste.

  • Fuya Lascaris  1 years ago

    Gaia Meera *Amaste

  • Vidhi Mehta  1 years ago

    10/10 would hire these kids to make my life's decision

  • Rose -  1 years ago

    ask for advice on making friends

  • Friends?

  • zozobear  1 years ago

    yes XD

  • Jessica  1 years ago

    i’m an accident can they help me?

  • Lady Pugs  1 years ago

    No you're not an accident. (P. S. I like your profile picture.)

  • Jessica  1 years ago

    Solid Life thank you

  • Kayleigh Chitty  1 years ago

    I swear these children are being more sensible and have better advice than 3/4 of the adults out there.

  • RanmaSauce  1 months ago

    Especially Don

  • KatieSue  1 years ago

    These kids are wise beyond their years. So precious.

  • Isaiah_ AA  1 years ago

    *Namaste**-Don Juan*

  • Annie Evers  1 years ago

    Saving this video so I can use this advice when I’m in an accident. Wish I had this information sooner. Namaste.

  • jmaraf77  1 years ago

    Next time I'm involved in a hit and run, I will ask some children for their advice...

  • Cawalski Erikson  8 months ago

    the kids get an even better treat the guy who got hit comes in and chases ian

  • Ulises Antonio  1 years ago

    I'll give you some ice cream after