The World Ends with You: Final Remix - What’s New Info Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 13, 2018
  • In the crowded chaos of Tokyo, players of the Reapers’ Game must complete daily missions or face total erasure. Check out some of the content exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version. Available Oct. 12!

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  • EthanDraws
    EthanDraws  6 days ago

    Ayyyyyyyyy can we have a sequellllllllll?

  • Cherryblossom ink
    Cherryblossom ink  7 days ago +1

    Man it sucks its only for the switch hmm who are these guys from what game besides kingdom hearts

  • Smasherfan88
    Smasherfan88  10 days ago

    Sad, the cut the original new seven days.

  • Tokyo/Rin
    Tokyo/Rin  10 days ago

    Coco technically isn’t new to the game since she was in the previous port (or some Japan only version on the phone). Still hyped to see that new scenario. Just hope it doesn’t replace the non canon scenario focused on Tin Pin Slammer

  • Emme The Fangirl
    Emme The Fangirl  11 days ago +1

    ...oh I thought this had something to do with Soul Eater...

  • snowvilliers7
    snowvilliers7  12 days ago

    I'm in debate on whether I should buy TWEWY:FR or Octopath Traveler. Can someone tell me cuz I cant decide

  • slickemr
    slickemr  12 days ago

    No way this is worth 50 buck

  • Chokelattae
    Chokelattae  12 days ago

    This looks cool

  • LinkinPark4ever2000

    I CANT WAIT 😍😍😍😍

  • Jhalen Hanshaw
    Jhalen Hanshaw  12 days ago

    Why neku look like Sora

  • Mario
    Mario  12 days ago

    Its a mario time

  • Geff Joldblum
    Geff Joldblum  12 days ago

    Can't wait for the soundtrack to be uploaded to youtube. I gotta get my hands on those Hybrid and Twister remixes!

  • CyberVirtual
    CyberVirtual  12 days ago

    1:08 Ohh look a Deviantart OC is in the game.

  • IsolatedWeeb
    IsolatedWeeb  12 days ago

    Is this Kingdom Hearts?

  • SeeJay Landingdingding


  • 【Wavy】
    【Wavy】  12 days ago


  • Akiba
    Akiba  12 days ago

    I’ve never played this and I really want to so I just want to know if it’s worth 50$ legit question

    • MamaChoco
      MamaChoco  12 days ago

      It's so worth it. The game and story is amazing.

  • Elysian 5th
    Elysian 5th  13 days ago


  • Fazz Gaplant
    Fazz Gaplant  13 days ago +1

    Did anyone else click on this thinking it was Kingdom Hearts? Ugh I hate clickbaity thumbnails!!!

    • Ohzora2000
      Ohzora2000  12 days ago +1

      I guess KH3D would explain it to a degree but Sora and Riku aren't even in the thumbnail do I couldn't even draw that conclusion

    • Nastase Daley
      Nastase Daley  12 days ago +1

      Fazz Gaplant Did you not read the title or...?

  • B Ca
    B Ca  13 days ago