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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 13, 2019
  • This one is for all those nurses out there that requested I check out this show. I had no idea what I was getting myself into as Nurse Jackie is a very fresh character. I do think that when a show is raw like that it makes for a great medical drama review

    I want to watch more of this show so please hit me with some episodes that you really like from the first/second season as I want to watch it in some sort of reasonable order.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches Nurse Jackie  / Real Doctor Reacts to Nurse Jackie. If you want me to continue making this doctor reaction video please give it a  like and leave me a comment on which tv drama or show you'd like for me to review next. Love you all!

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  • Pink Beyblade
    Pink Beyblade  3 hours ago


    Girlfriend:can I sell his kidneys on the blackmarket

  • Infinite Harmony

    Nurse Jackie ends up getting a pixus in the show! And she freaks! lolol

  • WatsonKeen221B
    WatsonKeen221B  2 days ago

    Love Dr Mike laughing at "F you"

  • Christina N
    Christina N  2 days ago

    Funny you mentioned the Pharma machine - you should watch an episode from the later seasons when they actually get one! Cranks the craziness up a bit

  • Vaughan Bevan
    Vaughan Bevan  2 days ago

    Isn't a "near miss" a hit?

  • Natasha BenjaMin
    Natasha BenjaMin  2 days ago

    I used expcorates in nursing school. Especially during clinical.

  • Tanya Edes
    Tanya Edes  4 days ago

    I trip myself out. I knew he was Russian before I knew for a fact he was Russian. The fact that his father was a doctor in Russia came to America learned the language went back to medical school is amazing! I wish my parents made me memorize pages from text books, but I lack at retaining information I have to really study.
    How can you donate a kidney but you can’t sell your kidney? Donate blood but can’t sell it? Curious

  • Akari Artsy
    Akari Artsy  4 days ago

    Pls watch doctorx its a Japanese Show

  • the other bob
    the other bob  5 days ago

    Doctor Mike !! GCS ranges from 3 to 15 ! Not 0 !!!
    We get heavily scolded by seniors when we make this mistake. Or do french doctors have another point system ? I'm confused.

  • Mandi DC
    Mandi DC  5 days ago

    When he mentions a Pyxis. Foreshadowing 🤔 So much drama surrounding the generic Pyxus machines they replace Eddie with. I'd love his take on it. More Nurse Jackie, more Scrubs and more Grey's please!

  • Owen Dare
    Owen Dare  5 days ago

    In a later episode she like hacks the PYXIS.

  • Mr. Pulsar
    Mr. Pulsar  6 days ago

    This show is a blast from the past for me, I watched it when I was attending college. Thanks for the video!

  • Elaina Doak
    Elaina Doak  7 days ago

    She opened one of those capsules. Those little balls she was sniffing are supposed to represent the medicine that was encased.

  • Shodi Al Q.
    Shodi Al Q.  7 days ago +1

    Dr. Mike: I just came back from Costa Rica, as you can notice the tan.
    Me, a naturally tanned person: Where?

  • TheNightWolfie Official

    @DoctorMike this is about the Heimlich maneuver the person/people that is named after the Heimlich maneuver doesn't want first responders or anyone with medical training for example: nurse, EMT, EMR to call it the Heimlich maneuver they want it to be called abdominal thrusts

  • Anita Vaughn
    Anita Vaughn  7 days ago

    They get the opioid out of the machine then give Tylenol to the Patient.

  • Lorenzo Benito
    Lorenzo Benito  7 days ago

    So this is another show where they want to make the women look good, but the writers are so incompetent that the only way they can do that is by making the men look like complete morons? I'll pass, and so should you.

  • Joselyn Hernandez

    Dr. Jackie is a savage Lol!

  • Whodo Voodoo
    Whodo Voodoo  7 days ago

    React to another Nurse Jackie episode!

  • B2 bb
    B2 bb  7 days ago

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