My Cheap BMW 850i Is Unfixable-- But I Love it Anyway

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 26, 2018
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  • coinsagE46m3  1 years ago

    "Unfixable" translates in mechanic-speak to "unprofitable".

  • David James  1 months ago

    coinsagE46m3 unfixable could also mean the available parts from the manufacturer or aftermarket might work and fix the problem. Aftermarket parts might not be 100% compatible or fully tested, and oem might be discontinued, NOS or replacement

  • Abbas Abbas  4 months ago

    @J A you obviously don't know a mechanic. He's saying he can't fix it and neither can anyone else for the price hoovie wanted. Hoovies cheap

  • 850bimmer  1 years ago

    As an 850 owner of 12 years, the drain problem solution is literally a 30 second google search away, and would cost you 10usd in capacitors, 15 minutes to remove unit from the car and 30 minutes with a soldering iron.This car CAN be fixed, but not at a shop as they are useless on old cars like these. Get on the forums where the real knowledge is, there are people on the forums who have owned these cars for 15+ years, and there is NOT A THING that the community don't know how to fix.And if you can't ...

  • poiuyt poiuyt  10 days ago

    my 735 has the same problem. i installed kill switch on the battery.

  • ralphinator2  5 months ago

    "alligator clip"? Why don't you install a shut-off switch?

  • J  1 years ago

    I wonder if Hoovie's neighbors ever look out their window and wonder who the hell he is talking to...

  • patriot1918  1 years ago

    djcha2305 😂 😂 😂

  • CODMarioWarfare  1 years ago

    Just imagine Scotty Kilmer's neighbors as he shouts half of a sentence at a camera, moves the camera, and shouts another half of a sentence.

  • mupet00000  1 years ago

    The seat headrests look like they’re floating

  • T salinger1026  1 months ago

    The thing has been in an accident. Paint mismatch rear left fender.

  • Digby Dooright  1 months ago

    @J T what? really? :O

  • Miguel Montes  1 years ago

    Your dog is like your car.. first it looks at you in complete astonishment and then it totally ignore you

  • br00ks  1 years ago

    Hoovie is single-handedly paying for his mechanic's kids' university degrees.

  • quantumphaser  1 years ago

    The BMW Gentleman's Briefcase had me on the floor. 😁Love Dino too!

  • Private Listing  1 years ago

    The newer ones come with a fire extinguisher... Hey Hoovie, our 7 series AC would not command on from the DME because the auxiliary fan in front of the radiator was dead. Changed that out and voila AC again. Also the noisy AC compressor could have been simply overcharged and getting slugs of liquid refrigerant and causing a banging noise from the compressor vanes.

  • Phil  1 years ago

    Disconnect the phone in the center console. Was the cause for a parasitic draw on my 740

  • Bushwacker  6 months ago

    It's a baller phone. If you don't have one, you are not a baller.

  • The Wolfiet  9 months ago

    I just want to bump on this, Had a pontiac with a center console phone that caused the same problem. I think there are some electronics in these phone units that didn't handle the years quite as well as the rest of the car. Also note that ageing capacitors can cause phantom power draw in a number of ways.

  • Chuck Gilliam  1 years ago

    Parasitic Draw...sounds like one of my old girlfriends.

  • cincinnatislider  6 months ago

    I'm glad you made it out, comrade. Some unlucky chap after you probably didn't.

  • Terry Melvin  1 years ago

    Hopefully you got something in return for that "draw".

  • Boris S.  1 years ago

    Bad alternator or battery, seat motor, let an ex BMW mechanic look at it or connect it to a BMW computer at a BMW dealer and get an estimate for Kicks and Giggles!