Leo Messi: All 24 Champions League Goals Against English Sides

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 17, 2019
  • Leo Messi’s two goals against Manchester United in the quarter-final of the Champions League made it 24 in total against Premier League sides in the competition. Enjoy every single one of them here.


  • Ian Villar
    Ian Villar  28 days ago

    great video - I wished you had included where Messi scored, as local or visitor, Camp Nue or England.

  • NateAtNyte Gaming
    NateAtNyte Gaming  3 months ago

    Messi is Arsenal’s UCL Nightmare

  • TEEim Saza
    TEEim Saza  4 months ago +2

    0:15 - this is why Rio Ferdinand always says "cR7 iS bEtteR" the saltiness lol

  • Rusty
    Rusty  6 months ago

    Damn look at Messi's veritcal on the first goal! That jump was insane! Almost looked like he was flying lmao

  • Cameron Hirtle
    Cameron Hirtle  6 months ago

    +2 more now. But yeah he still could NEVER play in EPL. hahaha. Haters.

  • Ryan Nguyen
    Ryan Nguyen  6 months ago

    5/1/2019: please update the video, it's 26 now, LMAO

  • Daniel Bui
    Daniel Bui  6 months ago

    All 26 goals* =)

  • Jaime Nunez
    Jaime Nunez  6 months ago

    26 now..

  • Matthew Dougherty
    Matthew Dougherty  6 months ago

    #2 vs. Arsenal - 2009/10, Quarter-Final --- Isn't Xavi (#6) considered offsides? Sure looks like it at the 0:44.

  • Johnny Graza
    Johnny Graza  6 months ago


  • Shayan Charalaghi
    Shayan Charalaghi  6 months ago

    Messi has done my team so many times

  • DreeHundridDegrees
    DreeHundridDegrees  6 months ago


    - TTMTBWF  6 months ago

    The Chamsions

  • Paulo Rodriguez
    Paulo Rodriguez  6 months ago

    Messi the 🐐 but avengers endgame, April 26th

  • Noah Tewolde
    Noah Tewolde  6 months ago +1

    When Messi comes at you best thing to do is step aside because he will break your ankles. And that's coming from Liverpool fan.

  • Leo
    Leo  6 months ago +3

    A Brace against Spurs
    A brace against Chelsea
    A brace against Manchester United
    A brace and a hattrick against Man City
    A brace, another Brace, and a Poker (4) against Arsenal
    (Liverpool soon?) Edit: A Brace against Liverpool.

    Lost for words on that free-kick against Liverpool.

    This man has single handedly torn these English sides apart. Nothing but respect for Lionel Messi the greatest footballer of all time

  • angry pandas
    angry pandas  6 months ago +1

    My favorite Messi is super saiyan Messi 5:05

  • ThoroughBredRed
    ThoroughBredRed  6 months ago +1

    Andy Robertson the hardworking boy from Scotland who started from the bottom up against the best... im so hyped! Regardless of winner I think this lfc v barca tie will be amazing!

  • Clownan around
    Clownan around  6 months ago +1

    Messi needs to go to another team to prove himself. Barca has always carried Messi. He can't do the same for Argentina? Why? Goatless

  • Joseph Ibarra
    Joseph Ibarra  6 months ago +2

    La pulga 🇦🇷