Leo Messi: All 24 Champions League Goals Against English Sides

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 17, 2019
  • Leo Messi’s two goals against Manchester United in the quarter-final of the Champions League made it 24 in total against Premier League sides in the competition. Enjoy every single one of them here.


  • David Igwe
    David Igwe  4 months ago +242


  • vallan15
    vallan15  4 months ago +225

    That first goal, one of the most iconic headed goals of all time for sure!

    EDUARDO_4  4 months ago +178

    And then there’s the people that say Messi wouldn’t be good in the premier league 😂💀

  • Pablo Nakasato
    Pablo Nakasato  4 months ago +94

    9 vs Arsenal
    6 vs Man City
    4 vs Man United
    3 vs Chelsea
    2 vs Spurs
    2 vs Liverpool

  • MrMbutube
    MrMbutube  4 months ago +146

    EPL teams should be happy for this man decide not to come to EPL!

  • Nacional FC
    Nacional FC  4 months ago +37

    He'd tear the premier league apart

  • john C
    john C  4 months ago +14

    Why does Messi hate arsenal so much lmao

  • Kyle Ferguson
    Kyle Ferguson  4 months ago +63

    Messi would dominate in any league because his talent provides that he can do everything at the highest possible level

  • Ethan McDonald
    Ethan McDonald  4 months ago +12

    8:50 Manchester Untied??? I guess that's one way to see it lmao

  • Homer
    Homer  4 months ago +8

    Barca Vs. Liverpool
    Probably will be better than the actual Finale

  • Alfred Santiago
    Alfred Santiago  4 months ago +41

    Gotta admire this guy. He's scored against 4 of the top 5 teams in the epl. Liverpool is a tough team so we'll see how that goes. . . .

    SVGAR SKVLL  4 months ago +5

    Liverpool will be Messi’s next victim!

  • Leo
    Leo  4 months ago +3

    A Brace against Spurs
    A brace against Chelsea
    A brace against Manchester United
    A brace and a hattrick against Man City
    A brace, another Brace, and a Poker (4) against Arsenal
    (Liverpool soon?) Edit: A Brace against Liverpool.
    Lost for words on that free-kick against Liverpool.
    This man has single handedly torn these English sides apart. Nothing but respect for Lionel Messi the greatest footballer of all time

  • Strawberry Bubblegum
    Strawberry Bubblegum  4 months ago +4

    Can Messi play in PL I mean he scored a header on probably one of England’s best defenders OF ALL TIME against a Rinaldo and Manchester in their PRIME!... but I’m guessing people just want him to do it against Watford, Huddersfield, Everton, and wolves too huh lmao pathetic.

  • Alan Pedroza
    Alan Pedroza  4 months ago +17

    It’s been 8 years and 2:18 is still my favorite goal. Gives me chills every time!!

  • ThoroughBredRed
    ThoroughBredRed  4 months ago +1

    Andy Robertson the hardworking boy from Scotland who started from the bottom up against the best... im so hyped! Regardless of winner I think this lfc v barca tie will be amazing!

  • Uknown Fire
    Uknown Fire  4 months ago +7

    Premier league teams' fans
    "But But Messi never play in premier league😢😔"😂😂😂

  • Noah Tewolde
    Noah Tewolde  4 months ago +1

    When Messi comes at you best thing to do is step aside because he will break your ankles. And that's coming from Liverpool fan.

  • S. Li
    S. Li  4 months ago +7

    Suarze and Countinho against former club. Messi vs Van Dijk. Can't wait

  • Natnael Tsegaw
    Natnael Tsegaw  4 months ago +1

    Damn he has more goals against top English teams than most premier League players