My BFF Revealed My Deepest Secret

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 19, 2019
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  • Ioana Roznovanu
    Ioana Roznovanu  2 hours ago

    yAss i fiNd her chaNel she wAs Years old At the time she travelled to Paris. NY
    for those who understood

  • lil sis
    lil sis  18 hours ago

    Who else have a constant ad of apple and cola having calories and bulshit

  • Ieyqha Marzuki
    Ieyqha Marzuki  yesterday

    I want part 2

  • Ieyqha Marzuki
    Ieyqha Marzuki  yesterday

    I want part2

  • Brisa Garcia
    Brisa Garcia  2 days ago +2

    When is part two coming out

  • Yara Khalil
    Yara Khalil  2 days ago

    Where is part 2

  • thami Kopo
    thami Kopo  3 days ago

    Ok peeps so like O can't find this "Anna Yani" but like if you'll can give me info Plz do.

  • Wolf Lover
    Wolf Lover  3 days ago

    OK wich Anna yani is it I found 1 million of em and they all named the same thing lol

  • Xander Williams
    Xander Williams  4 days ago


  • Bersan Bugdayci
    Bersan Bugdayci  4 days ago

    Half of the comments are just coppies of “sLaP jEnIfFer 1000 tImEs”

  • Miss Madness
    Miss Madness  4 days ago

    I really need a part two bruh

  • Drag0nRage
    Drag0nRage  5 days ago

    Is this james charles

  • Bear Games
    Bear Games  5 days ago

    Where is the part 2?

  • Amy Mel24
    Amy Mel24  5 days ago

    Me:how much do you like your chanel the girl:rely much really much really much

  • silje moan
    silje moan  6 days ago

    I now your name

  • Ella Reid
    Ella Reid  6 days ago +44

    Her name is Anna yani, her friends name is Erika. A like would be appreciated

  • Honey Overton
    Honey Overton  6 days ago +1

    One like = one slap for Jenifer

  • Promesse Kayumba
    Promesse Kayumba  7 days ago +2

    But the part 2 and part 1 are not even the same story

  • Yannick Ngouana
    Yannick Ngouana  7 days ago

    Anna yani

  • Aysha Faiello
    Aysha Faiello  7 days ago

    omg i hate i would have rather sent her on a flight home or just left her in Paris on her own