How Attractive Am I? | Lineup | Cut

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 9, 2019
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  • Trice M  13 days ago

    That black guy made the girl in the red shirt feel so good... it was beautiful

  • AS Red eye  10 hours ago

    She is beautiful to be honest

  • Mariyana  13 hours ago

    I agree

  • Carlie r  9 days ago

    Blue blazer girl when I first saw her: 8Blue blazer girl by the end: 1

  • Mariyana  13 hours ago


  • I am not a sheep  23 hours ago


  • _Nicole _  10 days ago

    Blue blazer girl is one of those people that are all “iTs nOT rUdE iTS hOnEsTY sWeETY”

  • Chaine Test  yesterday

    It's a karen

  • mysticsarah  yesterday

    ya I don't like her she's mean !!!

  • caprice.t  8 days ago

    Listen: blue blazer girl was rude. The black dude got away with giving out 2s in a way that was not rude, while her 5s had some really nasty comments and reactions attached. Know the difference.

  • the red priest  yesterday

    Picky bitch will die alone

  • RH  2 months ago

    The black dude was probably the smoothest person I've ever seen.

  • Nicole Raheem  5 days ago

    Yaaaaaassss 😂

  • Nora Peace  5 days ago

    Blessing Ashanti some black men, not all

  • D Ranger  13 days ago

    Blue blazer chick got the shittiest attitude ever, everyone of y'all is beautiful.

  • I Need Memes  an hour ago

    @Lari Alanko Yeah,also opinions literally aren't objectively. You guys are should get over yourselves, they were telling their opinion. Respect it or leave it.

  • tukangbusuk  8 hours ago

    yo she's funny

  • It’s Isa  12 days ago

    Blue Blazer Girl: your face is a little weird...Me: oh I’m sorry kArEn that he’s Korean.

  • Evelyn Youngdeer  26 minutes ago

    His butt was absolutely not mediocre either. I would slurp him up.

  • Stay Lit ok thats a bit mean he was cute but I dont think u should say that

  • Littlewhisper  14 days ago

    Awe when he gave her a *9* ❤️😭 *bruh she really needed that, I could tell she was hurting* ❤️❤️❤️

  • He's not being nice. He's just attracted to fat girls.Isn't he mean when he gave a bad score to the asian? Fuck outta here

  • fag _got  yesterday


  • aNd I oOp-  12 days ago

    Dont bring that blue bitch back my dudes she bringing negativity in here

  • I Need Memes  an hour ago

    Oh nooooo! She explained her opinion!! What the fuck. You guys are bitches, get your shit together.

  • Josef K  7 hours ago

    We'd all look like an asshole putting our judgements onto other people like that. You're the one being mean, she was just being honest for the purpose of the video.

  • isabel andrew  2 months ago

    Okay blue blazer you ain’t Beyoncé.Humble yourself.

  • Jillian McCarthy  4 hours ago

    @Brain Tumor but she's the perfect example of having a pretty face but an ugly heart. doesn't get you very far in life

  • Jack Dean  15 hours ago

    Isabel Andrew true af