Taking YOU into the Eye of a Category 4 Hurricane! Harvey 130-152MPH Gusts!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 7, 2018
  • Into the Eye of Hurricane Harvey is “Dramatic and unquestionably some of the best close-in night time footage of Category 4 Hurricane Winds! #BlueShed stood strong when devastation surrounded the tiny shed.” Please hit that LIKE button, Subscribe and Share! Thank You!Hurricane Harvey was the 2cd costliest Hurricane in U.S. history. $125 Billion! Kat Piotrowski narrates and edits this mini documentary, taking you on a minute by minute, hour by hour journey as Harvey transformed into a Major Category 4 Hurricane! Kat also explains Angular Momentum Conservation, a key component of Hurricane Intensity. Storm Chaser Jeff Piotrowski lands in Corpus Christi, TX at 12 am on August 25, just as the National Hurricane Center upgrades Harvey to a Category 1 Hurricane. Within less than 24 hours, Hurricane Harvey rapidly intensifies to a Category 4 Hurricane. Jeff positions for the chase in a car wash as the Category 4 Hurricane approaches near his location. The now viral #BlueShed stood strong throughout the entire event. Please Subscribe to our channel TornadoAlleyVideo on YouTube!Thanks!!To License footage shot by Jeff please contactus via email or text to 918-906-0427Search out Curiosity Stream’s interview of Jeff and his experience chasing Harvey. Titled “A Storm Chasers Guide to Hurricane Harvey”The link is here: https://app.curiositystream.com/video... Thank You for Watching!Visit our website https://TwisterChasers.ComStorm Chaser Jeff Piotrowski-Into the Eye of Hurricane Harvey-MusicTrack Title: Press OnComposer: Bjorn Lynne Publisher: Lynne PublishingShockwave-Sound.ComTrack Title: Wild_Fires Composer: Doug MaxwellYouTube Audio LibraryTrack Title: Agent RunComposer: Bjorn Lynne Publisher: Lynne Publishinghttps://Shockwave-Sound.ComTrack Title: Freezing TerrorComposer: Felipe Adorno Vassao (ABRAMUS - CAE#: 554403564)Publisher: Lynne PublishingShockwave-Sound.ComSpecial Thanks to Rob BurkCuriosity StreamCuriosityStream.ComA Storm Chaser’s Guide to Hurricane HarveyThank You to all of the Volunteers, Emergency Personnel, Police, Firefighters and National Guard who responded and aided those who were affected by Hurricane Harvey.Thank You to the National Hurricane Center and NASA!Thank You to our Subscribers and Friends supporting us!2018©TwisterChasers.Com, Inc. and Storm ProductionsAll Rights ReservedNot for BroadcastNot to be rebroadcast, re-edited in any formatNot to be monetized on any other YouTube ChannelCreated solely for TornadoAlleyVideo channel on YouTubeTo License footage shot by Jeff please contactus via email or text to 918-906-0427#HurricaneHarvey #JeffPiotrowski #BlueShed


  • Rilei Mitchell
    Rilei Mitchell  11 months ago +25

    is anyone watching because of hurricane florence

  • Nancy Boeddeker
    Nancy Boeddeker  a years ago +12

    I watched this live also. I was at the edge of my seat the whole time and have been following Jeff and Kat since. When Jeff lost service, I know we were all hoping and praying for his safety and survival. Jeff does a great public service for us during storms. #BlueShed

  • luva74
    luva74  a years ago +9

    Jeff and Kat have created another video with perfect presentation. This isn’t a four second loop. They’ve successfully put together a video that builds, using proper narration and Jeff’s natural excitement in order to make you feel what it must have been like to be there.

  • Shannon Mizener
    Shannon Mizener  a years ago +4

    Me and my family evacuated Rockport during hurricane Harvey and anxiously watched Jeffs live stream coverage from the safety of our hotel room miles away. even though I wasn't there it was very intense and surreal watching as our hometown was ripped to pieces and not knowing if your friends who stayed behind would be ok or if you would have anything left of your home when you returned. It was a sleepless night that I'll never forget and I'd like to thank Jeff for everything he does to learn about these storms and providing some of the best coverage I could find when it was all happening. if anyones interested the link below is aftermath footage I shot the morning after the storm when I returned home.

  • craig curlee
    craig curlee  a years ago +5

    I remember when Jeff lost service.....That was a long wait to know he was alright. I was actually sweating while watching his live stream. The outpour of volunteers helping people during the historic flood was incredible. The images and videos of boats all over the place searching and rescuing people was amazing. Made you proud to see people care so much.

  • Beach Seeker
    Beach Seeker  a years ago +2

    I watched this live too. What an intense experience!! As someone else mentioned, when Jeff lost cell service we were all hoping and praying that Jeff made it safely through the storm. At the height of the storm when the car wash structure was failing I kept wishing he could have been safe inside the #blueshed. What a relief when he brought us an update the next morning! Kat and Jeff, job well done on this compilation of the storm! 👍🏻#blueshed

  • steve smith
    steve smith  a years ago +1

    I remember watching your stream from a hotel and having the sinking feeling my home was taking a bad hit. It did. I thank God for your safety as that building next door to the car wash was totally destroyed. Nothing left but the foundation slab. It was Jerry's Pharmacy and when I say next door to car wash I mean only about 25-30 feet separated the 2 buildings. You were definitely in big time danger. Glad you made it through it.

  • Jeff Harris
    Jeff Harris  a years ago +1

    This was when I discovered Jeff's coverage and was totally glued to every live broadcast getting notifications on my phone.

  • TexRose956
    TexRose956  2 months ago +1

    Fantastic footage & great editing. Thanks

  • convex
    convex  a years ago +4

    That blue shed needs to built all across tornado alley

  • Alyssa Wilson
    Alyssa Wilson  a years ago

    Rockport is my hometown and my family still lives there! He was how we knew what was going on! I am so thankful he was there!

  • Vicky Longcrier
    Vicky Longcrier  a years ago

    Great video! I love all your chase videos! Thanks for all you guys do!

  • RainWanders
    RainWanders  a years ago +1

    I remember watching his live stream, absolutely fascinated by what he was witnessing and allowing us to witness. I also remember him losing service and hoping that he was okay. I am thankful for people like Jeff who are willing to go out there and show people what is happening and why it's important to respect the warnings.

  • The ELmeansDuh
    The ELmeansDuh  21 days ago

    Im in corpus. This was the first time as the man of the house to make a decision on what we were going to do. We were going to stay if it were a cat 2. But when it went to a cat 3 I told my family we are going to the valley. So we drove south and not one drop of rain landed in the valley. Thank God we made it out safe. When we got back home, our house was a little damaged but not too bad.

    TURPX  11 months ago +1

    I remember watching it live on periscope

  • MR. S
    MR. S  a years ago

    Another great video Jeff and kat, I remember this as if it were yesterday.

  • fatjoe460
    fatjoe460  a years ago

    Man these are some great shots. Gets my adrenaline going just watching them

  • EastAngliaUK
    EastAngliaUK  a years ago

    the phone service handled very well until it fail given how bad it was.

  • Meat Bag
    Meat Bag  11 months ago

    I remember watching it live. It was a surreal experience

  • ThunderCat
    ThunderCat  a years ago

    lways great to see you Jeff. Last year was extremely intense. I watched ride Harvey that night holding on to my own seat. This stuff sometimes doesn't seem real but with your work it's here for us to remember quickly.