Hurricane Michael Video Later Tonight Oct 15 2018

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 15, 2018
  • Finally, the wait is ALMOST over tonight we will release Jeff's Journey Chasing Hurricane Michael


  • Jeremy Ellis
    Jeremy Ellis  10 months ago +10

    JEFFREY Don't tease me like that! Can't wait, wish we were there on periscope with you!

  • Jorge Lopez
    Jorge Lopez  10 months ago +7

    Team Blueshed!!!

  • Tornado Alley Video
    Tornado Alley Video  10 months ago +9

    For EVERYONE waiting for the video I (Kat) can confirm that the video will be uploaded about 1:00am. Sorry. I am a perfectionist and on the current video to upload I noticed a clip that needed to be added! I so apologize. I almost uploaded the the video anyway just to keep the deadline but my “make that video great self” just wouldn’t allow me to do it. So, once again rendering footage and then will not upload until 1:00 am give or take. I apologize just don’t want people staying awake like I am, in anticipation.

  • Dylan Leaman Anderson
    Dylan Leaman Anderson  10 months ago +5

    Woah!! I’m so stoked for this footage jeff right on!

  • Noah G
    Noah G  10 months ago +7

    Woah! Can’t wait

  • Mark Horner
    Mark Horner  10 months ago +4

    Really been looking forward to the footage. Thanks for the heads-up!

  • MikesAquaDock
    MikesAquaDock  10 months ago +2

    -Glad you are above ground, friend!

  • OlafurArons
    OlafurArons  10 months ago +1

    Another month, another hurricane.
    Seriously. Glad you and yours are staying safe.

  • Tyler Blackmore
    Tyler Blackmore  10 months ago +1

    This is crazy thank you for posting footage of this crazy hurricane

  • Just Me
    Just Me  10 months ago +1

    El Jefe!!!! OMG I cannot wait! Glad you are safe!

  • BenJammin F.
    BenJammin F.  10 months ago +1

    Never seen a teaser for a youtubers video. Got me!

  • 5555gravity
    5555gravity  10 months ago +1

    jeff you're a monster dude. glad you're safe!

  • Be Happy
    Be Happy  10 months ago +2


  • NotYour Name
    NotYour Name  10 months ago

    Was so excited to see your live stream! Sorry it didnt work out!! Glad you're ok and CAN NOT WAIT to see the footage!!!!

  • JoshCT K
    JoshCT K  10 months ago +1

    CANT WAIT! But I have to be awake in about 5 hours for work... BUT I'll have a chance to watch it tomorrow. I respect Jeff, Jeff & Mark so damn much. Imo those 3 are STARS. And Jeff is for sure the biggest star of them all!

  • Luis Molina
    Luis Molina  10 months ago

    Saw the video before you removed it 😁 incredible footage, all i could think about was how amazing the chat wouldve been if it was livestreamed

  • maddie grace
    maddie grace  10 months ago +1

    that’s so dangerous!! i’m glad you’re ok!!

  • Dillon Riggs
    Dillon Riggs  10 months ago +1

    Be prepared to hold copyright to this video your about to upload... the f22 howling is going to grab some attention once the press catches on.

  • Elysia Haley
    Elysia Haley  10 months ago

    Cannot wait for the video, hopefully alot of others will pay attention to this video and listen to the warnings. Im glad you made it through that ferocious beast of a storm.

  • Ann Bartsch
    Ann Bartsch  10 months ago

    Thank God you lived through it! Many people have lost everything- unless they still have trust in Jesus their savior