iPhone Xs vs X - Worth Upgrading?

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 13, 2018
  • iPhone Xs & Xs Max vs iPhone X. Should You Upgrade? Is The Price Worth It? Features, Cameras, Speed, Battery & Full Comparison.

    iPhone Xr vs Xs/Xs Max: https://fapgem.com/video/CMtsy-D0Nlg/video.html
    iPhone Xs vs Galaxy Note 9/S9: https://fapgem.com/video/cwINagU6OgM/video.html


  • Imacat 17
    Imacat 17  16 hours ago

    Watching hopefully getting one for my bday

  • Original Man
    Original Man  22 hours ago +1

    Materialistic slaves! I will be laughing at all of you sheep, when nature turns on you fools, and that expensive piece of shit will not mean, or do you any good!

    NR NINJA  23 hours ago

    iPhone X 256GB or iPhone XS 64GB?

  • Square Square
    Square Square  yesterday

    Iphone 6 user here and its still not worth to upgrade to iphone xs
    We need a better leader and not a cock

  • moltitrader
    moltitrader  2 days ago

    This takes more to to explain what his about to explain. Lol

  • Christopher Wehn
    Christopher Wehn  2 days ago

    in USA the price of the iPhone X when it first was relised: 1000 dollars ( ca. 8000 Nkr)
    in Norway it was: 1 500 dollars (ca: 13000 Nkr)

  • benjiebarker
    benjiebarker  3 days ago

    XS max won't fit my porn VR headset!!!

  • Marcus Sowell
    Marcus Sowell  3 days ago

    I upgraded my 8plus for the xs worth it

  • TKNradium
    TKNradium  4 days ago +1

    Hopefully the price drops to like 800$ on the xs by Christmas 2019 or else I'll just get the x

  • Alex Giveaways
    Alex Giveaways  4 days ago

    *Great and Awesome video thank you man
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  • Andrea Mabunga_
    Andrea Mabunga_  5 days ago

    Who else is watching this on they’re iphone x?

  • Bedis Drass
    Bedis Drass  6 days ago

    I upgraded from galaxy s7 edge to iPhone X, so happy rn and I loved it, Now I became an iPhone member, first time using iPhone :)

  • Darryl Felton
    Darryl Felton  6 days ago

    GOD Bless you bro

    GAME HACKERS  6 days ago

    Hard to decide which to buy just go to this site you will find your best in between these guy see below

  • Jordan Co
    Jordan Co  7 days ago

    I got the Xs max and i love it!!

  • Jim Shoes
    Jim Shoes  7 days ago

    Warning to anyone thinking of going from 10 to 10s or 10s max. ATT wants a fee of $30, and the government taxes you on the entire amount of the phone even if you upgrade at the year. That’s an extra $110 of pure bullshit.

  • ツNecation
    ツNecation  8 days ago +1

    Samsung/galaxy where u at?

  • April Xu
    April Xu  8 days ago +42

    Anyone else still have the iPhone 7?

  • Prince 3
    Prince 3  8 days ago

    I’ll just buy the XS.Thanks!

  • Cruel Assassin
    Cruel Assassin  8 days ago

    I own a iPhone X will it be worth me upgrading to Xs? Suggestions needed plz

    • Steve 2x
      Steve 2x  3 days ago +1

      No, wait for the iPhone 11