COUNTRY BOY CAN SURVIVE: The Story of Matt Hughes’ Fight for Survival

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 28, 2019
  • Matt Hughes was a dominant UFC champion, but after his hall of fame career came to a close, he faced his toughest fight ever, this time, for his very survival.

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  • j p
    j p  13 hours ago

    Boy his wife is a real bitch sandwich!

  • happydays sunny
    happydays sunny  20 hours ago

    Behind every good man ✌️ a Great woman stands 👍🏻😎

  • Ashish Manandhar

    "his wife" casuals..

  • lee baby
    lee baby  yesterday

    so sad to see

  • smokeclouds8
    smokeclouds8  yesterday

    I wasn't rooting for Matt during his fighting career but I'm rooting for him now.

  • Juice Withey
    Juice Withey  2 days ago

    Country boy can survive...

  • Samir Allam
    Samir Allam  2 days ago


  • John Wick
    John Wick  3 days ago

    People have no idea what a TBI (traumatic brain injury) can do to a person, without having some personal experience, either from the side of the injury, or of the family or wife left behind to care for you, or run from you.
    I'm glad his wife stuck around, stuck it out after such an unworldly injury, one which changes you, changes your personality, changes your family life, it changes Everything.
    Im glad she stuck around... mine didnt, & that, changed Everything else.

  • Black Bit
    Black Bit  3 days ago +5

    Jesus. God speed Matt Hughes. Your wife is an angel.

  • ylekiote99999
    ylekiote99999  3 days ago

    He has a restraining order against him from his wife, his kids, and his brother. Tried to kill his wife a few times in the last year, and attacked his nephew.

  • Sam Caraballo
    Sam Caraballo  3 days ago

    Greatest welterweight of alltime sorry GSP

  • upreydeen
    upreydeen  4 days ago

    Shit, I did not know this happened to him, but he is a warrior he is recovering well, martial arts training do miracles, he always be a champion in my mind

  • darwin magalona
    darwin magalona  4 days ago

    Matt is one of my favorite ufc fighter glad he live hes a true survivor and a champ ❤️

  • eric lucero
    eric lucero  4 days ago

    Lets not forget he beat the dog shit out of Royce.

  • Tom Jacobson
    Tom Jacobson  5 days ago

    A woman is worthless she leaves when hes broke n unhealthy then she decides she cant use him any longer.

  • Avi Avi
    Avi Avi  5 days ago

    I cried for the first time in years. God bless you Matt. You will be in my prayers .

  • SmittyGreenMan flowers

    Damn!! This sucks to see this, love to watch him fight back in the day.. He's is unstoppable.💪💪

  • Dustin Paul
    Dustin Paul  6 days ago

    Matt you are a blessed man. Your family loves you. God loves you. Your an inspiration. Never give up.

  • Nomad x
    Nomad x  6 days ago

    What an amazing woman. She's the reason he got through that. I know my wife would be the same with me. We're nothing without our women.

  • Darrin Nunyah
    Darrin Nunyah  6 days ago

    All those fights I watched during those years, and this is the best of Matt's fights I've ever seen. Thank you for this.