11 Secrets About Michael Jackson Almost Nobody Knew

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 28, 2019
  • For copyright matters please contact us at: ► https://goo.gl/Gj3wZsEverybody knows that Michael Jackson was an outstanding musician and a legend. There are still rumors about his life, and even after many years his music keeps conquering people's hearts. Michael was gone in the summer of 2009, but he inscribed his name in history well before that. Today's video is all about the secrets of his life that only few people knew about.


  • Estrella Pineda  2 months ago

    Any Moonwalkers? im a moonwalker for life

  • Estrella Pineda  8 hours ago

    John Cenaé just saying haters going to hate but you’ll always going to be denied in life because ur a hater who don’t even know the truth 🤗

  • Estrella Pineda I’m a cat walker

  • NoobMaster69 _  2 months ago

    Why can't everyone just leave him alone

  • santir, the government itself has been following the case, and has plenty of information.

  • Because ppl are cruel..if they actually understood the meaning and pain maybe they think different but only those who go threw that hell will understand that..I hate seeing ppl slam him..

  • Ana  2 months ago

    King of Africa. He loved his roots and did a lot for the black community

  • Am i the only one who find it funny, that y’all refer to Black people as ‘Blacks’, or is it just me?

  • Kill_ ZONE347  4 days ago

    @morgan Honbarger He did a lot for everyone and every race. Not just Blacks

  • Xander FortniteR  2 months ago

    Most people think that MJ is creepy but he’s actually really chill and cool

  • StrawberrySkys  18 days ago

    But what if you hear Hee Hee from under your bed at 1 am? ig that’s really chill and cool :)

  • Caroline Nuthall  1 months ago

    Xander FortniteR how do u know

  • Edviza  2 months ago

    Tbh every mj fan knows these. Take this from an mj superfan.

  • Gacha Liyah  10 days ago

    What i knowHe had 3 kids He took photos with a tiger cub for thrillerHe Had a Monkey Bubbles and a Boa constructor muscles He did not have a Oxygen ChamberHe Loved Peter PanHe Sold more than a million Thriller Albums

  • Seantae Williams  21 days ago

    Edviza agree I know of all these events

  • Steven Matthews  2 months ago

    Did you know that Michael Jackson is Michael Jackson*_intelligence 100_*

  • Master Adidas  yesterday

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  • Whyamialive 9  yesterday

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  • Kurt Gacha  24 days ago

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  • Kid Tronic  6 days ago

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  • Unicorn Super Girls  1 months ago

    Thumb's up if you knew that Michael Jackson was brown before thumb's down if you didn'tJust a little HEHE

  • I know that he is brown before because my fav song of his is beat it

  • j4star  13 days ago

    Unicorn Super Girls r

  • Tikleson  1 months ago

    I'm sure Michael Jackson is aliveIn our hearts

  • Brittney Sutton  10 days ago


  • @Anthony Valencia fake fan

  • Derek Ewart  2 months ago

    I saw his Dangerous Tour in Glasgow, Scotland. A day I'll never forget. Love you MJ ❤️

  • Derek Ewart  4 days ago

    @Kill_ ZONE347 I wasn't a MJ fan until I went to the concert, it was when he performed Black or White that I truly realised what was happening. Only hours before then I had been watching his Black or White video and now here he was, standing in front of me performing live, I couldn't believe what I was seeing.Truly magical

  • Kill_ ZONE347  4 days ago

    @Derek Ewart I bet u we're tearing up seeing his performances.