the wave that shook the world

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 4, 2015


  • Mugly Mae
    Mugly Mae  yesterday

    i remember the media mentioning about the indian ocean not having a warning system for tsunamis. people were angry, surprised, and shocked

  • cruzan mongoose
    cruzan mongoose  3 days ago

    Climate change strikes in mysterious ways

  • Shane Weidle
    Shane Weidle  3 days ago +1

    America tried to tell them it was coming, but it was too late. Soo sad.

  • Doug Harris
    Doug Harris  3 days ago

    The ocean has been,and will allways be,a mass murderer

  • K M
    K M  5 days ago

    man tries to control the world but they cannot, nature will always win

  • colliecandle
    colliecandle  6 days ago

    Total lying bullshit ! We do NOT, i repeat NOT live on a fucking 'planet' ! The earth is NOT 'billions' of years old ( all these idiotic unimaginable figures are pulled from the liers assholes ! ) How does anyone know what lies under the earth ? The deepest man made hole is only 8 km deep ! THis lying shite gets me incandescent ! Howw DARE these scum lie-entists poison peoples minds with trash ! The bible tells us the earth was MADE by our Creator FIXED and UNMOVING - multiple times - all you who PROFESS to believe in 'God' are hypocrites ! You don't believe His bible !

  • Maja Krstic
    Maja Krstic  7 days ago

    Indonesia kills dogs for food, tsunami hits them real hard. Payback time. Same as japan, they kill dolphins, and bad weather and earthquakes screw them very good.

  • Ten Ants Parking I drive a small carnow

    Funny, we as civilians, will never know if it wasn't a detonation of a terrorist act against another Power, the disposal of a large amount of aging nuclear arms or just Uncle Sam using an area not surveiled by all the means mentioned to have some fun.

  • T.A.P. Gaming
    T.A.P. Gaming  14 days ago

    its 2019
    If a Tsunami hit the Eastern Coast of the US two things will happen directly afterwards.
    1- Millions of mentally deranged Liberals will be killed on the East Coast
    2- ALL of the mentally insane Liberals on the West Coast will blame it on Donald Trump
    We can only hope the Tsunami gets Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and AOC!

  • torry nerheim
    torry nerheim  14 days ago

    Well, I have seen some of the wreckage in publications but nothing like this footage; as well as educational.

  • J
    J  14 days ago

    Should be proof enough for any ration mind, that there is no god. Too bad we don't raise our children to be sane and rational... we prefer the opposite.

  • razony
    razony  14 days ago

    Evolution in progress while many die. We use money to make more money and not use enough to save life. We all have to die, even those who make the money!

  • Pat Whit
    Pat Whit  14 days ago

    Is there supposed to be sound? No sound.

  • Stevie Anderson
    Stevie Anderson  21 days ago +1

    I don't think that wave was as high as those trees. It was bad enough, no need for hyperbole.

  • Karolyn Herrera
    Karolyn Herrera  21 days ago

    Watching this, I wondered why people couldn't figure out what the large influx of water meant. I mean, what else would it be other than a tsunami? Seems obvious. Then I realized that they must not have learned about tsunamis at school as I did. Even though I've lived within 60 miles of the west coast of the US my entire life, I've never seen a tsunami. But I've read about, and learned about them and the telltale signs and causes. So maybe they don't learn about other cultures and geography in school, which is a shame. So sad to see so many people running for their lives, many of whom did not survive.

  • mesi meee
    mesi meee  21 days ago

    Man they should of called me up. I’ve been practicing my water bending for a few years now I would of flung that wave back to mothers nature core.

  • Jeb Broham
    Jeb Broham  21 days ago

    In only 10 years, I witnessed 9/11, the 2004 tsunami that killed a quarter million people, and then finally, the Japanese version of Chernobyl in 2011. All huge events with very real and long lasting consequences that to this day are still very much pertinent facts to prepare against for a better future.

  • Cory Thompson
    Cory Thompson  21 days ago

    Come on it's the OCEAN,,,
    if you see it disappearing,,,,,
    RUN like hell! you have to know this could not be good. Can't believe you have to teach that to people.

  • Softlock
    Softlock  21 days ago

    Watching this in my Marine Science class gave me one of the biggest shocks I've ever had in my life. I have an extreme fear of something like this happening where I live and now I'm shaken over how much devastation something as sporadic and sudden as that could do.

  • Jacob Tanner
    Jacob Tanner  21 days ago

    For us in Hawai'i, when California has their big earthquake, there will be a huge disaster, along the whole western side of the world, and we being in Hawai'i will be hit directly in its path. We may lose thousand a of lives here in the islands. We need to do something asap. When you see the oceans receding head towards the mountains, not at the beaches or face your fate.... It's expected, when is unknown.