I Put 100 Million Orbeez In My Friend's Backyard

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 22, 2018
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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  4 months ago +29191

    Subscribe for a cookie

  • xxSmartzz
    xxSmartzz  9 months ago +30111

    So this is how millionaires have fun

  • Prateek Tiwari
    Prateek Tiwari  7 days ago +1585

    Mr beast please plant millions of trees

  • yo
    yo  7 days ago +703

    waiting until MrBeast is gonna buy a house just to blow it up

  • spying_hunter
    spying_hunter  2 days ago +91

    1:38 its almost a year now and pewdiepie has 99mil :O

  • Prosper
    Prosper  4 days ago +281

    Anyone Recommend 8 months after it’s been uploaded??

  • JJ Studios
    JJ Studios  3 months ago +8936

    Mr beast is one of those youtubers who does what it actually says in the title

  • Cooper Warren
    Cooper Warren  14 days ago +602

    You will only know what this said if you look at the comments 😈

  • McGlone Bros
    McGlone Bros  3 days ago +289

    Mrbeast: pewds will have as many subs as orbeez we have
    Me: almost there man

  • WhitewolfPotter Yang
    WhitewolfPotter Yang  5 days ago +242

    "If you yeet one thing that has been yoted, the yeet gods will help you." ~Chris

  • SeyfertSanctuary
    SeyfertSanctuary  7 days ago +194

    Gf’s, “I’m sure he’s cheating on meh!”
    Bf’s, 1:45 what actually they are doing....

  • James Harris
    James Harris  3 months ago +7057

    how much money do you have?
    mr beast: yes

  • Nicholas vs Kate
    Nicholas vs Kate  3 days ago +77

    this vid should of been called i bullied chris for 24 hours

    TWIN PACIFIC  2 days ago +3

    “If you yeet one thing that has been yoted the yeet gods will help you”
    - Chris

  • Xx Valoria xX
    Xx Valoria xX  7 days ago +154

    Whoever has MrBeast as their neighbor, they must be use to the explosions and weird noises from their house and backyard

  • sᴇɴᴏ!
    sᴇɴᴏ!  7 days ago +129

    imagine color sorting those..

  • Jules & Jayne
    Jules & Jayne  5 days ago +84

    Legend says that some orbeez still lay in the backyard..

  • Alyssa Shipley
    Alyssa Shipley  yesterday +2

    Girls:hes probably talking to othet girls🙄
    Him: 1:45

  • christopher Bale
    christopher Bale  5 days ago +81

    mr beast plant 5 million trees so morgs will copy it so there will be 10 million

  • Free Roblox Hacks
    Free Roblox Hacks  yesterday +1

    Rumor has it that this garden is still full of these exact orbeez.