Joe Rogan | The Harsh Truths of Operation Paperclip (NASA & Nazi's) w/Annie Jacobsen

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 17, 2019
  • Taken from JRE #1299 w/Annie Jacobsen:


  • Henry Brebberman
    Henry Brebberman  2 months ago +1438

    I’ve learned more from joes podcasts than I have in school for 12 years

  • Christopher Turner
    Christopher Turner  7 days ago +259

    Damn! She hit him with the “Jamie pull it up.” 😂

  • Hammsnut
    Hammsnut  4 days ago +114

    Totally admire this great woman but, my God she has the sexiest voice!!!

  • David Mayberry
    David Mayberry  1 months ago +215

    My father had a dueling scar, only he dueled a tree with a chainsaw and the tree won.

  • Tyler Lee
    Tyler Lee  2 days ago +19

    So what phone number do I call to hear her talk dirty to me? I dont mind paying $0.99/min.

  • sadfgh ert
    sadfgh ert  1 months ago +100

    Yeah thats the most erotic voice I've ever heard.

  • Jammin428
    Jammin428  5 days ago +34

    Joe do a Podcast about the Japanese during this time as well. Unit 731 as some of the darkest history of the war. Not to mention the rape of nanking.
    The United States let a lot of their officials off the hook as well at the end of the war.

  • Kielan Wade
    Kielan Wade  1 months ago +36

    It's really surprised me watching these podcasts how much knowledge Joe has on a variety of subjects! Big respect to the guy for knowing his shit and bringing his A game to every interview

  • Ralph Hassenpflug
    Ralph Hassenpflug  4 days ago +14

    Nonsense! Academic fencing has been around in student culture in Germany and other European countries ever since the 16th century. It is a fraternity thing - Drinking, brawling and swordsmanship.

  • Johnny Mac
    Johnny Mac  2 months ago +910

    She has the voice of a sexy librarian who says 'Shoosh ; come with me

  • Pierre Requillart
    Pierre Requillart  1 months ago +186

    The facial scars were not a Nazi symbol but a Prussian military tradition.

  • Daniel Kreiss
    Daniel Kreiss  2 days ago +5

    Yup, the swastika is a bastardized version of the Hindu symbol Surya, which means prosperity and good luck.

  • AcaciaTreeTV
    AcaciaTreeTV  7 days ago +16

    “Good job Jamie” 😂 I love how sweet this woman is

  • Mark Gaiennie
    Mark Gaiennie  1 months ago +58

    I haven't seen Lisa Loeb since the nineties she still looks hot!!!

  • Jagger Pence
    Jagger Pence  2 months ago +434

    The ASMR is strong in this one.

  • Robert McClellan
    Robert McClellan  1 months ago +11

    That was not a picture of Dr. Bolme .... that was Otto Skorzany (the most dangerous man in Europe) amazing career

  • C. W.
    C. W.  14 days ago +10

    Joe: what's up with NASA and the Nazis?
    Annie: left turn ahead

  • Ken Sho
    Ken Sho  1 months ago +181

    Yo I'm German and I have a few friends that are members of fencing fraternities and they still practice dueling and some of them have scars, even though its rare. Its not a Nazi thing, it was even done at Oxford and other elite universities in Europe (mostly in Germany and Austria tho). Also it exists since beginning of the 18th century so its much older than Nazi Germany. In fact the Fencing was even prohibited at all German universities following the Nazi partyline, so the Nazis basically ended that tradition and there are only roughly 300 fencing fraternities left. You can look it up on Wikipedia if you search for "dueling scar" or translate the more detailed German article "Schmiss".
    Edit: Another thing that might be interesting: We visit concentration camps as schoolkids. I was in Ausschwitz and Dachau with my schoolclass when I was 13 and 16 I think, and we saw those photographs that Jacobsen talked about, that show the evilness of Nazi Germany and fascism. U can imagine the impact of such photos and the overall darkness of those places to a kid. This visit is part of our socialization, so something like Nazis will never happen again. (And personally it also motivated me to become vegan. Another area where we treat the vulnerables like shit, systematically.)

  • Sebastian Greiner
    Sebastian Greiner  1 months ago +38

    Maybe clarifying the dueling scars:
    In Germany there were (and also still are) brotherhoods/fraternities and one of the traditions is to fence without masks.
    Having a scar is a symbol to show you're part of this elite club, so while many occurred during actual fencing, some are cut deliberately.
    The reason high ranked Nazis had those scars is that it's a very elite club and when you're in, the network will help you out in getting a high ranked position in a company etc.
    so obviously the most prestigious position during that time was a high ranked one in the regime. The fraternities wanted to best people to be in and of course the most ambitious people often wanted to be part one.
    (If I remember correctly, Hitler was part of a fraternity as well, but I might be wrong)
    Having such a scar doesn't necessarily mean that you were a super extreme, high ranked Nazi but there is a correlation why many high ranked Nazis had those scars

  • Dean Murray
    Dean Murray  3 months ago +2113

    Her voice is so calming. Perfect to talk about Nazi sword fighting