Discovery Channel - Raging Planet: Lightning VO (Fuerzas de la naturaleza: Rayos VO)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 15, 2015
  • Discovery Channel - Raging Planet: Lightning VO (Fuerzas de la naturaleza: Rayos VO)


    I AM THAT I AM  7 days ago


  • NLM
    NLM  7 days ago


  • Jakester Time
    Jakester Time  7 days ago

    His exitment tho

  • Jeffstone17
    Jeffstone17  7 days ago

    That intrepid photographer was wise enough to stop near the border of the Dem Rep of the Congo for good reason. He might've been killed in the ongoing civil war there.

  • Rosie Rawlley
    Rosie Rawlley  14 days ago

    Most people chase cheap thrills in life but I love some crazy people who chase lightning, thunderstorms, tornadoes, volcanoes,hurricanes etc etc for adrenaline high!

  • Wimzical
    Wimzical  14 days ago

    So.....what was the rocket man doing firing those rockets up? I have a good idea, but no explanation was given.

  • Wimzical
    Wimzical  14 days ago

    Colorado springs to Denver is more like 90 miles.

  • NIGHTOWL 1963
    NIGHTOWL 1963  14 days ago

    Now we only have to train the lightning to stack the wood after it cuts and splits it!

  • NIGHTOWL 1963
    NIGHTOWL 1963  14 days ago


  • Troy Kempton
    Troy Kempton  14 days ago

    Update, those step leaders have been recorded as going from ground all the way up into the cloud.

  • Rob Wilsn
    Rob Wilsn  14 days ago

    I think I figured out why lightning hits golf courses so much. Think about it. It's what they fertilize the grass with. Theres alot of zinc on all that grass. Yet alone aluminum. It's in the fertilizer. And lots of it. Hmmmm? Just a thought.

  • I C
    I C  14 days ago

    That photographer's enthusiasm is invigorating. A 70's child I bet.
    Lightning and thunder makes me feel so comfortable and alive.
    Nowadays, YouTube channels like the slo mo guys ( produce footage people only dreamed of a few years ago.
    Glorious technological evolution!

  • AlteringRealitystudios

    I hace some good footage and pictures of lightning my self. It can become an obsession. Lol

  • Rick Cruz
    Rick Cruz  14 days ago

    Great video HANK !

  • AzTrailRider57
    AzTrailRider57  14 days ago +1

    interesting the expert is comparing the thunderclouds to a battery when it's actually a gigantic CAPACITOR. Batteries store CHEMICAL energy and convert it to electricity. CAPACITORS store ELECTRICAL energy, not batteries.


    Does he have any superpower after he got struck by the lightning? Mr Stan Lee wants to know. 🤓

  • Terell
    Terell  21 days ago

    Idk why this guy reminds me of David Letterman.

  • Keith Sage
    Keith Sage  21 days ago +1

    The touch of God.

  • Ben Tree specialist
    Ben Tree specialist  21 days ago +2

    So frustrating to see the ancient camera equipment and so many bolts missed!

  • Myself andI
    Myself andI  21 days ago +2

    friction and static.. grab a doorknob.. does it zap you or do you zap it. You are the positive charge when you build static walking on carpet in a dry climate, or when electric heat is in play... those are the best conditions for static.. so static is the positive charge and you can build it up in your body by simply walking on ionized carpet with leather shoes.. the friction caused excites the atoms in the area and generates static electricity. When you reach out and touch something that's even remotely grounded, the negative charge jumps out and makes contact with your charge and then the energy is dissipated in the spark. Same principal with lightning.. positive charge formed in the air, the envelope becomes big enough for it to interact with the negative charge in the ground and it reaches up and makes the connection, allowing for discharge. The discharge actually occurs in the air, but the contact at the ground is often damaged from the connection.