Turning old jewelry into pure gold bars

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 29, 2019
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    A few months ago, one of my patrons sent me a bunch of old gold jewelry for me to refine. I originally thought that it was going to just be some gold plated stuff, but it turned out to be quite a bit of gold. I was able to purify out all of the gold and then melt them down into some small 24K pure gold bars.

    Procedure references:
    Paint can idea: https://fapgem.com/video/2bTesd75Wic/video.html
    indeedItdoes: https://fapgem.com/video/1gjJNZtrUHo/video.html
    CodysLab: https://fapgem.com/user/theCodyReeder (Both the main procedure and the silver recovery. I can't find the video where he recovered the silver from the chloride though.)


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  • NileRed
    NileRed  4 months ago +16090

    Note: There have been some comments about the gold being stolen, but just to clear, I have verified that it wasn't.

  • Nighthawke70
    Nighthawke70  56 minutes ago

    The veracity of the gold itself will now be questioned by anyone you wish to sell this to. There's no proof of origin, so the buyer might assume it's stolen and remelted. I'm afraid your work is all for naught. You might, MIGHT get 25% of market, AT BEST, for 14 karat quality. I've seen pawn shops nearly get ripped for silver bars, where they were zinc or lead inside and silver cladded to hide the filling. Same goes for gold bars. If you are serious about recycling gold, consult a local jeweler or assay to find out who would smelt your materials down, providing proof and a paper trail so you can get to about 75% market for the actual grade of gold you have. on hand.

  • Ricardo Lafou
    Ricardo Lafou  3 hours ago

    Damn this guy is smart✌🏻👍🏼good explanation

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    Alex's Redemption  7 hours ago

    I want to drink it

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    16:13 the forbidden fanta

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    Wow Ben has been a pateon for a while now

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    Look at this Dr.Stone Netflix adaptation

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    Wow his camera is good

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    I like the explanation in this video and how you're just like so knowledgeable about chemistry that you're able to just wing it lmaooo


    Who else didn’t know what he was saying

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    so no one's gonna talk about the cool coloured gasses

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    Now sell them and make a couple 100,000 lol

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    S t o n k s

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    Thats so shady this guy sent him all this stuff and hes cashing the watch for himself like do what the guy said.

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    pure gold is clear

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    “I just decided to keep the watch” lmaooo

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    I can imagine the day in school when it was presentation day this guy had the whole class zoned in reading a book he wrote and making a cool science experiment. :)

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    Came looking for how they made emeralds for jewelry and struck gold