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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 19, 2018
  • Hey guys, hope you enjoy todays video! Its a little different because typically I talk about new products but for today I wanted to talk about some old & new! These are my current obsessions! XOXO


    ♡ ♡ ♡


    301 W. Platt St #632
    Tampa FL 33606




    Business inquiries only:

    (I am no longer booking clients)

    ♡ ♡ ♡

    Too Faced Born This Way Foundation
    Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder
    Kat Von D Shade N Light Palette
    Morphe Prep & Set
    HourGlass Ambient Lighting Powder 'Luminous Light'
    Elcie Highlighters
    Dior Highlight
    Dose Of Colors Creme Matt Eye Colors
    Dose Of Colors Block Party Eyeshadows
    Morphe Lipgloss "Flower Child" & "Boho" & "Shimmy"
    Morphe Liquid Lip 'Virgin" & "Vanity"
    Morphe Lipstick "Flirt"
    Dose Of Colors Lipgloss "Can You Not"
    MAC "Feels So Grand" Liquid Lipstick
    Morphe "Hot Shot" Liquid Lip

    * SOME links provided above are affiliate links! I am compensated based on some affiliate purchases.

    My channel is a fun place for people to enjoy the world of beauty! If you leave mean negative comments or resort to name calling, I will delete your comment & block you. My channel is not the place. This world is so ugly & negative & we desperately need to make a change. I cant control the world, but I can control my channel. Constructive criticism is always welcome! "you're a lying bitch" is NOT constructive ! Don't feel like you need to kiss my ass. Feel free to speak your mind but please respect each other! XOXO


  • Carol Li  (Jul 19, 2018)

    I love seeing Jaclyn fall back into YouTube. I don’t know if I’m weird and just notice things like this, but she’s stopped promoting her other codes and only has her Morphe one in her description box. And she’s also started to add the products mentioned in the description box again, which is specific to each video. It just seems that she’s falling back into her passion for YouTube again, and I love it. Jaclyn, you’re one of my favorite creators and it makes me so happy to see you so happy again.

  • Carter  (Jul 19, 2018)

    Yesssssss and can I just say my genuine appreciation for the lack of “YAS BITCH” every 2 seconds. I’m 100% not trying to be rude I’m here for the occasional yas bitch vide now and again. But too much it just didn’t seem like her and it was just alittle much. Of course I’m sure others didn’t care. But I just really appreciate the feel of her really being her in this video. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #jackisback

  • Rosanna Cabrera  (Jul 21, 2018)

    I've noticed she is more zen and relax now. I can tell she is happier and stronger just by listening to her voice

  • Vanessa Trevino  (Jul 23, 2018)

    girl ur skin is looking so bomb! we need a skin care tutorial asap! 😍💕✔

  • Hibiscus Angel  (Dec 13, 2018)

    Vanessa Trevino it’s called a ring light :)

  • Don in 5 Reviews  (Jul 22, 2018)

    I feel pretty just watching this.

  • Angela McKinney  (Jul 25, 2018)

    Don in 5 same!!! So true!!! Lol

  • Elizabeth Stokes  (Jul 21, 2018)

    Hi jacklyn! I don't know if you'll see this or not but I just thought I would let you know that at my work this man came up to me and complemented my eyeshadow he said he didn't know anything about makeup but it looked good and it was all from your pallet, and I'm not that great so it was defenitly a complement to you :) ❤

  • Lauren Moore  (Jul 19, 2018)

    Has anyone noticed how calm & absolutely RADIANT Jaclyn has been in her videos since the divorce announcement? Even the video & audio quality seem better. You are doing such a great job, Jaclyn.

  • abby weaver  (Jul 19, 2018)

    Lauren Moore YESSSS

  • Gaby Vasquez  (Jul 19, 2018)

    You’re doin great sweetie!

  • Hannah Denton  (Jul 23, 2018)

    I am actually obsessed with her nails in this vid haha and I love the way she did her makeup!

  • Cristela Garza  (Mar 13, 2019)

    Serious huh im obsessed

  • Aneeqa Hussain  (Aug 6, 2018)

    Hannah Denton same!!

  • Kara C  (Jul 21, 2018)

    Hit pan so you opened another one? Damn. Lol I guess I'm just a broke bum cuz I will use my shadows until there is none left. Hitting pan is barely even half gone.

  • Fahima Ghazali  (Aug 5, 2018)

    you're reaching girl

  • Desert Spice  (Jul 29, 2018)

    thats how it should be. Why be wasteful!

  • Aubrey Crowe  (Jul 21, 2018)


  • Sarah Dhillon  (Nov 13, 2018)

    I have an everyday skin care routine that if I don't do or change products my skin goes crazy! I'll try to do one in the next 2 weeks

  • Optimism 111  (Sep 6, 2018)

    Aubrey Crowe true

  • Felicia lorbacher  (2 days ago)

    i love all the lip products. my favorite is the reds . i love the reds. they are so beautiful