21 Savage - Red Opps (Live from Rolling Loud Miami)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 13, 2018
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  • Aurelius Galaviz  1 years ago

    0:36 my 88 is rising

  • Aurelius Galaviz  1 years ago

    HAZZARD 😐 okay

  • Dxnkey  1 years ago

    It looks like a man with a woman head lmao

  • nuri  1 years ago

    saw some titti

  • Juan Mejia  1 years ago

    lmao flat as a paper

  • it was nice

  • Ben Fish  1 years ago

    I swear the DJ ruins these shows

  • Bay area one the dj played faneto like 5 fucking times before the uzi set it started to get a bit annoying with all the adlibs he spams.

  • Bad Hox  1 years ago

    Ben Fish Check my song on my channel please 🤘🔥🔥🔥

  • YakKing  1 years ago

    90% of comments:0:36 o yesAlso, 21 savage isn't even the loudest person on stage, you can barely hear him. You just hear the other guy on the stage yelling. It's so uncomfortable to try to listen to 21 savage rapping his own song when another guy is pretty much rapping for him. Not like it even matters.

  • YakKing  1 years ago

    HAZZARD, I can see how you probably have zero home training

  • I do believe the mixing for the recording is a bit misrepresented

  • BIG NEIL  1 years ago


  • DED.  1 years ago

    Police? Yes, this comment right here.

  • Regilio Bouma  1 years ago

    BOOBS ON youtube ow nooo this video is gonna get banned for sure :) cause free speech right?

  • 0:34-0:36 ur welcome

  • Tap Here Giigh  1 years ago

    Miguel Nunez she's hot af fym

  • NOVA  1 years ago

    Ik I was like wait a min

  • JustIncognito  1 years ago

    0:35 *demonitized*

  • Ynw Helly  19 days ago

    Oddly it’s monetized

  • George Goldberg  1 years ago

    rip monetization

  • Bad Hox  1 years ago

    BuddyVanDoodle Check my song on my channel please 🤘🔥🔥🔥

  • ESSNCE  1 years ago

    0:36 for you *H O R N Y B O I S*

  • Lhans  1 years ago


  • Roni  1 years ago

    like for titi

  • Kim Jong-Un  1 years ago

    Mr Figglybobo lol 0:36