Foreshadowing Is Not Character Development

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 15, 2019
  • Let’s talk the final season of Game of Thrones and Mad Queen Daenerys! A little different to my other vids in that it’s less focused on a “trope” and more about a character and her arc. Just needed to get this out of my system. Hope you enjoy the video! If you did please don't forget to like and subscribe. Follow me on Twitter: you could translate subtitles in any language I'd appreciate it! Thank you to those that added Russian, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, German, French and Turkish.Background music: The Dark Glow of the Mountains by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (


  • ayn ledina
    ayn ledina  2 months ago +3972

    "i did not watch a character grow and develop for years to completely be reduced to crazy targaryen genetics in the span of two episodes." EXACTLY

  • Sky Cendre
    Sky Cendre  2 months ago +1638

    "Targaryen genes kicking in" is literally the stupidest excuse ever... no wait, "Dany kinda forgot about the Iron Fleet" tops it, definitely.

  • Astrid
    Astrid  2 months ago +1626

    jon executed a child before, I guess we can expect him to go nuts on the wildlings any day now... foreshadowing yknow

  • Rafaela Bastos
    Rafaela Bastos  2 months ago +1514

    This video is perfect. I'm not angry about her going mad, is the way they did it that angers me.

  • Elmar live
    Elmar live  2 months ago +343

    Locks dragons up because they killed an innocent girl.
    Also Daenerys:
    Uses dragons to burn innocent children alive.

  • Natasha Trendell
    Natasha Trendell  2 months ago +932

    " Danny just kinda forget about the Iron fleet." As did the master of whispers and Tyrion, lmao

  • LG
    LG  2 months ago +518

    This video has left me feeling so sad for Daenerys Targaryen. Her character was written so poorly towards the end.

  • berk gündüz
    berk gündüz  2 months ago +781

    I can't be the warden of the north.. I'm three eyed raven..
    Oh.. the king of the kingdoms you say.. Why do you think I came all this way
    I'm in !!

  • Scremqueen Supreme
    Scremqueen Supreme  2 months ago +133

    In their bid to try and be as unpredictable as possible, they made her the most worn out trope in cinema- "the crazy hysterical woman"

  • AyK
    AyK  2 months ago +301

    My main issue is that this show equates ruthless ambition with madness. I think in the books Daenerys is going towards a path of being so ruthless that she is called mad (by her enemies) but that she is never mentally ill like her father was. Making her mad take away all her agency as a character and reduces the weight of her choices as something "she couldn't help doing because she's crazy."

  • Hannah Lenee
    Hannah Lenee  2 months ago +273

    This is so cathartic because's not even set up that's she's "crazy." Everything was set up so that she's traumatized and grieving and angry. Emotional does not equal "insanity." Everyone calling her the "mad queen" makes me cringe because it doesn't fit.

  • Shinoda19900
    Shinoda19900  2 months ago +195

    What you didn't mention is also a fact that the moment they reached "Mad Queen" point, they changed logic of the series once again.
    Scorpions and Euron's fleet? - useless now.
    Aegon Targaryen plot - Let's forget about it.
    Tyrion? - Smart again.
    It makes it even more obvious that they gave her "Hiob's" treatment only for the sake of fake change. Worst kind of writing.

  • Kyra Sirena
    Kyra Sirena  2 months ago +433

    'You will not have a happy ending if you are on game of thrones'. The only person without a happy ending was dany. Everyone else was happily ever after, specially the starks so...

  • Luis Lozano
    Luis Lozano  2 months ago +149

    I agree with you specially about "burning her opponents". In this series every single character would kill those who betrayed or wronged them.
    ALL OF THEM, good old Jon and Tyrion included.
    And then for Dany this is an explanation of her becoming the Targaryen Hittler.
    And the last episode it is even worse. She only had two scenes, and in both of them she looks like a absolutist tyrant.
    Where is the madness? Where is the rage? Where are all those feelings and derivative thoughts that led her to kill everybody in ep. 5.
    Give me a character that I can feel something for. This was just confusing.

  • Chelsea Clo
    Chelsea Clo  2 months ago +218

    This video is one of the most clear and sensible essays I’ve seen and listened to, especially about the subject. From your intro to your conclusion, I was hooked. I gotta say, I still don’t know what to feel and what to do about everything that happened this season but there is no doubt in my mind now that Dany’s character was butchered. She was simply done dirty. And it really is one of the most frustrating things I’ve seen on television. I still can’t accept it. But I also can’t praise you enough for your video and all the points you made, excellent job. 👍🏼

  • Vanderlaun Art
    Vanderlaun Art  2 months ago +153

    absolutely! Personally, I am not mad about her going mad. I am mad bout the rushed, unexplained pace and many dead ends the last two seasons offered.

  • Lam rof
    Lam rof  2 months ago +83

    the weird irony is that they wanted to make her the evil one and the Starks the righteous ones. Instead fans felt exactly the opposite and so ended up having position against the writers. A mark of bad story telling.

  • Sopho Nax
    Sopho Nax  3 months ago +4399

    Next episode Jon kills his whole family because his Targaryen genes kick in

  • mayumv1
    mayumv1  2 months ago +63

    Daenerys didn't deserve this kind of end and the fans didn't deserve this kind of sloppy story telling. You explained it all perfectly. This video needs to be sent to HBO and the writers! I feel bad for all of the cast and crew that worked so hard only to have all of that work be forever overshadowed by the writer's incompetence. They definitely should remake episodes 4-6.

  • Matias Figo
    Matias Figo  2 months ago +44

    I agree with U 100%. I hope Martin closes this beautiful character's arc in a proper way, what D&D have made with her is unforgivable!