Foreshadowing Is Not Character Development

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 15, 2019
  • Let’s talk the final season of Game of Thrones and Mad Queen Daenerys! A little different to my other vids in that it’s less focused on a “trope” and more about a character and her arc. Just needed to get this out of my system. What do you think of season 8? Leave a comment! And if you liked the video please thumbs up and subscribe if you're new here :)Also, if you could translate subtitles in any language I'd appreciate it! Thank you to those that added Russian, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, German and French.Made a new twitter: music: The Dark Glow of the Mountains by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (


  • Trope Anatomy  1 months ago

    edit: back on twitter if you wanna follow me: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Original comment: Been a while lol Hope you liked the video! Please thumbs up the video if you did 😊 Sorry this one is so Thrones heavy for those that don’t watch the show. I’ll be back with something broader (unless I make a video on the final episode). Hopefully it won’t take months! Thank you a...

  • @Trope Anatomy ouch, turn of the auto-translate for other countries!!!!!!! "Vorausdeutungen sind keine Charakterentwicklung" that is not even real german. nobody likes that youtube feature!!!!

  • Sky Walker  18 days ago

    It's like you almost had it but messed up with your theory of how the show was successful at showing that Dany could turn dark. There were not. Plain and simple. That's why it was never going to work in the end for her to have the sudden character change, sorry. As I said before, they would have had to change her character altogether. It seems GRRM and D&D never knew how to really did this so they just rolled with her character becoming increasingly popular.

  • Sopho Nax  1 months ago

    Next episode Jon kills his whole family because his Targaryen genes kick in

  • Sopho Nax  8 days ago

    @Ariadne Wolf Yes, but D&D didn't spare Jon's arc or character either.. it's like the storytellers kind of forgot about Jon

  • Ariadne Wolf  9 days ago

    @Sopho Nax What? Oh no I mean obviously not. Ha, don't we all wish!I mean that's the thought that the storytellers seem to have. Jon can control his genetic predisposition towards insanity cuz he's a dude, but Dany is prey to her emotions and her weakness because she's a girl.

  • Rafaela Bastos  27 days ago

    This video is perfect. I'm not angry about her going mad, is the way they did it that angers me.

  • Tony Sinc  an hour ago

    Rafaela Bastos this video is wrong about “foreshadowing” it’s not foreshadowing when she says what she will do. This is clearly her mentality. There’s more info as well. Psychologically, all the evidence is there.

  • Just Call Me Teacup  14 days ago

    Exactly. I was completely for Mad Queen Daenerys but it just didn't feel like it made sense when you took into account the last seven seasons of development we sat through

  • Sky Cendre  25 days ago

    "Targaryen genes kicking in" is literally the stupidest excuse ever... no wait, "Dany kinda forgot about the Iron Fleet" tops it, definitely.

  • SkyLight Gameuse  8 days ago

    @Sky Cendre that's a great theory too and i'm also sure GRRM will know how to make it all believable and more surprising. there are different rumors so we don't know exactly, once he said the outcome would be the same, then in another interview he said they wanted to make different endings so people would have more options if they didn't like one, and on his website he kind of stayed neutral pointing that there are many more characters in the novels and that things could turn out differently.

  • Sky Cendre  8 days ago

    @SkyLight Gameuse You know, lots of people think that probably this outcome (Dany going crazy) is what GRRM planned for the novels. And imo it can be true, albeit I'm sure uncle George will develop and structure it correctly. But many people either don't know or don't recall that there's a key character in the novels which was completely omitted in the TV show. I'm talking about about Aegon Targaryen, the son of Rhaegar which was taken away and raised by Jon Connington. Years ago there was this discuss...

  • Astrid  26 days ago

    jon executed a child before, I guess we can expect him to go nuts on the wildlings any day now... foreshadowing yknow

  • LoveInTheLight  5 days ago

    Lol what?

  • 1975jamrock  5 days ago

    the writers and George R Martin did a shitty job. to be honest too much damn plot armor for Jon and Sansa and Tyrion for that matter. The show is fantasy based, but if you apply the reality of this fantasy based land of Westeros. People like Jon die. People like Tyrion get executed by someone like Dany based on how they are trying to portray her. It's been a few weeks and I am still ticked off how they managed to mess up the show. It's like a floor gymnist having a flawless routine then she gets re...

  • Justin Williamson  27 days ago

    You referred to Robert Baratheon as Bobby B. I'm liking this video based solely on that

  • Petros Lazanis  11 days ago


  • NatashaNicole  13 days ago

    I was thinking the same thing lol

  • Cathérine  27 days ago

    She wasn't even 'mad queen' for that long either... exactly 30 minutes in the last episode...

  • Sai vamshi  5 days ago

    @ComaBerenices lmao hats off mate. You destroyed that troll.

  • ComaBerenices  10 days ago

    jean-louis pech, Lol, why you gettin’ so angry & calling me an “insult”. That phrasing doesn’t even make sense :). No need to make it personal, it’s just a debate, calm down :)*Facepalm* , GoT is not about who is “good” or not. That’s D&D’s kindergarten-level idea. They over-simplified & dumbed down everything.>> “It is the idea of Martin to make her into a mad queen.”And you think “mad” automatically means genocidal and worse than Hitler? :) That’s a CARTOONISH, over-simplistic, la...

  • Natasha Trendell  26 days ago

    " Danny just kinda forget about the Iron fleet." As did the master of whispers and Tyrion, lmao

  • nickie tee  9 days ago

    When all else fails... just make the characters really stupid. --D & D School of Writing

  • Sky Walker  18 days ago

    @Natasha Trendell LOL, yeah, Bran might as well had said, I had Jon and you do all my dirty work including betraying (and getting rid of) Daenerys with that weird smile on his face!

  • murat ber  26 days ago

    I can't be the warden of the north.. I'm three eyed raven.. Oh.. the king of the kingdoms you say.. Why do you think I came all this wayI'm in !!Ok🙄

  • Sky Walker  8 days ago

    @Victor Wooten That would have also been a better ending than what we got. When Dany got upset about how much Jon was liked she could have decided to go back to Essos with a now smaller army and rule there. Instead they multiplied her army and gave Drogon steroids and superb reasoning ability. Made her a Hitler type tyrant which was just all ridiculous.

  • murat ber  8 days ago

    @Victor Wooten nothing in this show make sense anymore

  • LG  27 days ago

    This video has left me feeling so sad for Daenerys Targaryen. Her character was written so poorly towards the end.

  • obsessive fangirl  4 days ago

    @Ahmed so true. The Cersei and Jaime part. They were literally reduced to side characters this season

  • Ahmed  10 days ago

    D GR Yes but Daenerys’s was the main focal point of the ending & fucking up her character REALLY ruined everything. It literally made Jon’s entire Targaryen association & character development POINTLESS, it made Tyrion look like a fool, it made Bran undeserving of being a king, it made Sansa look like nothing but a jealous bitch, it made Cersei & Jaimie look like some unimportant side characters.. etc. Fucking up Daenerys’s character was the catalyst of ruining the entire ending of the ...