'Big Bang Theory' star on Roseanne's tweets: Why? How?

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 2, 2018
  • In a candid interview, CNN's Van Jones asks "Big Bang Theory" star Jim Parsons if Roseanne Barr went too far with her tweets.


  • marksern
    marksern  3 hours ago

    yeah, trump is the reason people can't speak their mind no more. never seen him issue a trigger warning thought.

  • Stu Crossland
    Stu Crossland  yesterday

    YouTube, Abby Martin exposes John Podesta.

  • Retired Early 53
    Retired Early 53  2 days ago +1

    That Sheldon character is getting old !!!!!!!!!!! But, I agree with ABC and Jim Parson's , on dumping Rose Anne , for saying what she said !!!!!!

  • Toto Tita
    Toto Tita  3 days ago

    great talk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Antonjlavey
    Antonjlavey  6 days ago

    This guy is gay and he will go to democratic parties because he doesn't want to be black listed. He told the truth about how people are butt hurt about nonsense.

  • Charles Hagan
    Charles Hagan  6 days ago

    This interviewer seems stiff and is just trying to hard.  Questions are sort of... "huh"?

  • TheGranti7a
    TheGranti7a  7 days ago

    Women comics are in "trouble". Let's be very clear. Don't challenge the patriarchy.

  • cameonet1950
    cameonet1950  8 days ago

    Sep 13, 2018 * Look who's talking about putting cast & crew out of work by cancelling a show! When he announced that he was leaving *The Big Bang Theory* after this next Season 12 ... he essentially did exactly the same thing! (Published discussions for a Season 13 were looking promising because most of the cast members were for it!) Then he goes on here to praise folks who "take care of their neighbor and community," etc. What a hypocrite! I used to like Jim...not anymore.

  • donnie payne
    donnie payne  9 days ago

    I just love Jim!

  • Kevin Moore
    Kevin Moore  12 days ago

    As long as your neighbors aren't black or gay or of another religion: https://fapgem.com/video/HUweIzkIZNg/video.html

  • Amber Parker
    Amber Parker  14 days ago

    He's just the best.. Love him. He loves everybody.. I'm southern myself & we are not all or even mostly racist bigots #FACTS

  • Quincy Lockett
    Quincy Lockett  14 days ago

    interesting Fact..Gay white men are easily accepted by US because we know they know what hate for sumthin that doesn't 🚗 matically make you a bad per fells like.....and like US they don't want to push that out...

  • Quincy Lockett
    Quincy Lockett  14 days ago

    Big fan but i never knew he was gay.....mind BLOWN....I mean if i would have had to guess i would have but not like it was important we love you Sheldon! Yall make @ Good looking couple!

  • Quincy Lockett
    Quincy Lockett  14 days ago

    Do your own show call it Bosanne! Ha

  • Travis Durham
    Travis Durham  16 days ago

    Sad she lost her show for making truthful observations about a woman but it's ok when a fucking libtard says some nasty shit.. it's called the first amendment CNN/FAKE NEWS should read it sometime

  • Chuck Buck
    Chuck Buck  18 days ago

    I am more disturbed by his lips that look horribly pumped with botox than her twice operated nose. I would love to see what she looked before the two nose operations and her lips looked like before started to use so much botox on them.

  • Jimmy Kane
    Jimmy Kane  19 days ago

    Very likeable chap

  • E Dub
    E Dub  19 days ago

    Roseanne sickens him, as she does most of us, but he's too nice to say here

  • keith mcknight
    keith mcknight  21 days ago

    How can you claim something that is true as a fact is this the USA

  • entrthedragon
    entrthedragon  23 days ago

    Jones: Let’s see how uncomfortable I can get Jim with all the political questions.