'Big Bang Theory' star on Roseanne's tweets: Why? How?

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 2, 2018
  • In a candid interview, CNN's Van Jones asks "Big Bang Theory" star Jim Parsons if Roseanne Barr went too far with her tweets.


  • Xtoriez Novel  12 months ago

    "We are all so easily offended." You said it Sheldon!

  • Jo R  2 months ago

    ABC sucks! The real Sara Gilbert has been exposed and it is not pretty.

  • Ronnie Anon Amoss  2 months ago

    i have not heard about sara gilbert (i know who she is), whats she been exposed for?

  • Corey Dunlap  1 years ago

    This guy is very classy in ways that most of Hollywood aren’t. I like him.

  • BookwormAA 04  1 years ago

    I love Jim Parsons, he’s so articulate and insightful. His points are great.☺️

  • Ed Jones  1 years ago

    Jim Parsons summed it up nice... "We're frequently offended by things that aren't important."

  • Jim G  1 years ago

    Wow. Every time I hear Jim Parsons speak, I like him more. I agree with everything he says here, and he just seems like such a warm well meaning true person. Great job.

  • Alicia Veal  1 years ago

    He's very well spoken

  • blappinOncoppaz  10 months ago

    @Grunthos The Flatulent fuck off

  • @Lamel Winston Too many triggered clowns around these days. Dont message me again.

  • I always loved the character Sheldon, now I love the man Jim Parsons. Sir, you are amazing.

  • wow, great interview. left/right who cares - be kind to each other.

  • Said Baixo  5 months ago

    This is how trap makers use to think 🤔

  • Kyle Clemmons  9 months ago

    formerly 987946216430 but people theses days are so emotional too

  • jecka1982  1 years ago

    Simply love Jim Parsons when hes not being Sheldon. Such a nice down to earth guy. Great interview