Just Married! - 10 Minute Power Hour

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 4, 2018
  • Now kiss. Tell us what we should do next!

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  • Nj Njhjh
    Nj Njhjh  8 hours ago


    AC GAMER  yesterday

    These guys generally make me laugh, I haven't laughed like this on YouTube for age's!

  • TopHatKat
    TopHatKat  yesterday

    Why is no one mentioning the fact that before Matt walked in for the first time to interrupt them, the question Arin was about to ask was “Who do you think is better at making out?“ lol

  • Martin
    Martin  yesterday

    With you on those fucking monotones brother. Those scare me to death.

  • Puddor
    Puddor  yesterday

    Great content Arin!

  • Squishy And Friends

    i died when dan showed he got into the bank account to get a yacht

  • Kateee B
    Kateee B  2 days ago

    I can’t help it it’s my gas- DEAD CUT

  • BFreece2214
    BFreece2214  2 days ago

    When the guy first walked in talking about the compromised email I genuinly couldn't tell if it was scripted or not.

  • RoMaRo
    RoMaRo  2 days ago

    11:09 wtf. did arin just give danny a quickie under the table?

  • F ormula
    F ormula  2 days ago

    Dan, sharks are more scared of you than you are of them. Please think of their feelings.

  • Sam the gamer
    Sam the gamer  3 days ago +1

    I'm sure I'm dead inside

  • Erose 524
    Erose 524  4 days ago

    I had no idea Dan was 39 wat.

  • Fluffy Puppies
    Fluffy Puppies  5 days ago

    fuck me the bits

  • Sour Tui
    Sour Tui  5 days ago

    I can never tell if they're being serious or not and I fucking love it

  • Enderphase
    Enderphase  6 days ago

    ok but arins fear is so fucking true that shits terrifying

  • Jowen0wen
    Jowen0wen  7 days ago

    So just wondering.. why is it called 10 minute power hour when it's neither 10 minute or an hour??

  • CynicalPopcornCandy

    "Join us next time and if you wanna do us more, if you wanna have a - a, suggest more things for us to do on the show, then go and comment in the comment section." - Arin Hanson, 2018.

  • Dylan Anderson
    Dylan Anderson  8 days ago +1

    Dan's last meal: jew food

  • Fern the Human
    Fern the Human  8 days ago

    dan: *hacker voice* im in

  • I Live in a Box
    I Live in a Box  9 days ago

    You know what i have been trying to explain this fear i have turns out Arin also also has that fear