Being the Best/Worst Ever

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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 2, 2018
  • life, amirite?

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  • thecucumbergamer 1324
    thecucumbergamer 1324  3 minutes ago

    6:07 I like purple😢

  • savioblanc
    savioblanc  4 minutes ago

    Proud to have been a subscriber and enjoying and upvoting Jaiden's vids before YouTube Rewind 2018.
    Enjoy her vids, new subscribers.
    Jaiden is awesome!

  • Callum Davis
    Callum Davis  4 minutes ago

    Pewdiepie looking mad Not in youtube rewind
    Pewdiepie looking happy Jaiden Animations bringing Pewdiepie's chair into youtube rewind
    Result Plus me as a subscriber

    Ella BELLINGER  12 minutes ago

    I am currently struggling with things similar like this, I never thought it was a really bad issue but the way you put it made me change my mind, I push myself and ya I guess I am a bit too much, I can never accept a compliment I feel like the person who is giving my the compliment (or people) are just lying, because they feel bad for me, I also compare myself to others and when I actually ahceive something that I have been working for, for ages. It's never good enough. Thanks so much, I never actually thought other people understand or think like this! ❤️❤️

  • mohp khall
    mohp khall  12 minutes ago

    3:31 just noice

  • Adrian Sanchez
    Adrian Sanchez  13 minutes ago

    Nice vid and adding p to rewind

  • V.E. Theorist
    V.E. Theorist  21 minutes ago

    Envy yourself.

  • Dreamz
    Dreamz  21 minutes ago

    You're probably thinking most of these people are just here because of pewdiepie, but your videos have made a great impact on my life and you are one of my favorite youtubers. Thank you for doing youtube all the time and for inspiring me.

  • Rojin Networks
    Rojin Networks  22 minutes ago

    thanks for chair

  • Imran Iqbal
    Imran Iqbal  24 minutes ago

    The 9 year old army is here to stay.

  • Alexandra Rompa/Kahrimani

    Hey Jaiden, you won't believe this but I was on sony sketch (a social media and also an art app) and I was like "you know, I'll search for fake Jaidens and so I searched "Jaiden Animations" on the search users bar and I found 4 fake Jaidens and 2 fan pages!!! OH WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL! Then I searched "JaidenAnimations" and found one fake and another fan page. I was like wtf and well, I was shook at the same time. I am absolutely pissed off. I will report the fake ones.

  • Mason Fleming
    Mason Fleming  26 minutes ago

    Rewind reference army has arrived

  • RedSweetLemon
    RedSweetLemon  27 minutes ago +1

    Fellas, our lord pewdiepie summoned us here to rise the following channel

  • Maleha
    Maleha  31 minutes ago +1

    Thanks for including pewds chair in YouTube rewind... You did your part jaiden

    • DJh
      DJh  22 minutes ago +1

      Facts 🙏🏽

  • Couch Potato
    Couch Potato  32 minutes ago

    You served us nine year olds well 👏👏

  • неоновый амлет

    Im need russian subtitles

  • Rowena World Gaming
    Rowena World Gaming  38 minutes ago

    Cough *RiceGum* Cough *Logan Paul* Cough *ForgoHisName*

  • theXtroyer
    theXtroyer  38 minutes ago

    Just because every one talking about pew so why not... thx jaiden

  • Rowena World Gaming
    Rowena World Gaming  41 minutes ago

    I love the part where she's like "Don't paint your walls a colour based on lies of when you were a 9 year old" and then she drops the paper and 👌 comes out of nowhere!!! <3

  • aaron lee riadi
    aaron lee riadi  42 minutes ago

    9:07 holy Jaiden Animations in One for All form