Walking Up To Random People With 100 StormTroopers

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 11, 2018
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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  a years ago +15702

    Subscribe and I’ll invite you next time

  • pokepack
    pokepack  3 months ago +1877

    Give this a thumbs up if you want Chris to stop vaping

  • Killer Cougar75
    Killer Cougar75  2 months ago +1148

    Security: Its actualy against the law to wear mask
    Halloween: am i a joke to you?

  • NylodnewgPlaZ
    NylodnewgPlaZ  2 months ago +754

    "Wearing masks is against the law"
    Well anyone who has ever cosplayed or worn a motorcycle helmet is screwed.

  • Nur Alya Qaisara
    Nur Alya Qaisara  1 months ago +335

    Give a thumbs up so that chris can stop vaping/smoking...CHRIS VAPING IS BAD FOR YOUUU

  • IceCube69
    IceCube69  2 months ago +314

    Mr. Beast should run for president
    He can make America great again

  • jaygallegos gallegos
    jaygallegos gallegos  8 months ago +3838

    Cop must have been star trek fan

  • tiggstargamer epic
    tiggstargamer epic  2 months ago +202

    0:49 stop vaping chris it makes you more likely to smoke

  • finnny lopez
    finnny lopez  1 months ago +188

    Mr beast : yeah y’all are stupid I don’t wanna die
    Also Mr beast : yeah I change my mind I wanna die
    My life in a nutshell;-;

  • Annette Pearson
    Annette Pearson  2 months ago +364

    2:59 "Taking over the galaxy"
    Some random woman screams
    " Where's ur nerf guns?!?!?!

  • Bright Light
    Bright Light  7 days ago +28

    Officer: It’s against the law to wear a mask
    MrBeast: I don’t care (gets arrested)
    MrBeast: first person to bail me out of jail gets $50,000

  • RPL Mahasiswa
    RPL Mahasiswa  1 months ago +96

    Mr beast:he's the leader now!
    Stormtrooper shortie:I MAY BE SHORT BUT I'M THE LEADER AAAAA AAAAA!!!!
    Edit: thx for 53 likes OwO

  • Epiloy Plays
    Epiloy Plays  2 months ago +147

    "Darth vapor"
    Common Chris, you can do better than that.

  • Hadi Shamli Oghli
    Hadi Shamli Oghli  2 months ago +102

    This is how the police should dress
    And they should use these guns they’re more high tech

  • Dani and Kk Vlogs
    Dani and Kk Vlogs  1 months ago +31

    i remember last year i watched this the day my grandma died and it cheered me up. thank you mr beast 💛🙃

  • IceWolfLMC
    IceWolfLMC  a years ago +1183

    Cop says “ Its actually illegal to wear a mask” me “Man a lot of people break the LAW on Halloween” lol 😂

  • God Has abandon us
    God Has abandon us  9 hours ago +1

    For those who don’t know the anti mask law was created to stop lynching by the kkk

  • Nonyaliz Biz
    Nonyaliz Biz  2 months ago +54

    I'm joining. My family don't love me. Your fam is better. Coming in!!!

  • Fiery Slicer
    Fiery Slicer  yesterday +1

    Cop: it's elegal to wear masks
    Halloween: jail full of children

  • Starlie Studios
    Starlie Studios  14 hours ago +1

    Mr Beast : Eh , I changed my mind , I wanna die .
    Me : hey ... it’s okay to talk about about how your feeling .