Dungeons and Dragons, explained

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 14, 2018
  • Why we love this nerdy role-playing fantasy game.

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    In an age of virtual reality, video games, and smartphones, more and more people are getting into this magical, nerdy tabletop fantasy role-playing game. Here’s why you should play Dungeons & Dragons, too.

    If you want to learn more about D&D, here are my (Carlos M) recommendations:

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    Great D&D podcast: Dungeon Rats

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  • Vox  (Jun 14, 2018)

    Watch the last time we played a board game in the Vox office and tried to figure out the mechanics of TRUMP: The Game: http://bit.ly/2lb3PUc

  • Logan Kale  (Nov 18, 2018)

    Higher isn’t always better as in the percentage dice of a wild magic sorcerer, or if the GM is deciding the severity of something based on a roll.

  • Jonathan Monterrosas  (Nov 6, 2018)

    Vox what about war gaming it’s like dnd but different

  • 3DSage  (Jun 20, 2018)

    I'm glad you made this. The game is referenced so much and never explained.

  • Age Co.  (Feb 7, 2019)

    +chris guess It's ok man we cant all have friends.

  • Zealots of Birbio  (Jan 29, 2019)

    Darn Christians covering euphoria up with scare tactics. I'm not surprised honestly.

  • pay1370  (Jun 17, 2018)

    "It was a total misunderstanding"

  • Elirocx  (Feb 4, 2019)

    _Sounds like Murder Hobos to me!_

  • Will West IV  (Jan 29, 2019)

    Insight check. I bet they were slaughtering bandits and they surrendered and lied.

  • Nick C  (Jun 14, 2018)

    I had no idea it’s such an intimate game

  • Negan's Evil Twin  (Nov 27, 2018)

    Nick C, if all else fails: Elder Scrolls!

  • BLAKE WALKER  (Oct 5, 2018)

    Me nither

  • Awang Budiman  (Jun 14, 2018)

    I lack the very first requirement of the game: Friends.

  • Falcon Dudes  (Feb 12, 2019)

    Meet too

  • Meh Meh  (Feb 6, 2019)

    Awang Budiman if you really want to there’s a thing called D&D Adventures League that’s run at many game stores (though this year they made some controversial change).

  • Anne Wagner  (Jun 14, 2018)

    Why does the game have such a nerd reputation? It sounds like a lot of fun and as they said in the video: everyone plays a role on a daily basis.

  • DeluxeTux5249  (4 days ago)

    Because fantasy, math, and... You know...

  • rotwang2000  (Feb 10, 2019)

    For years the game was the "refuge of the damned" the nerdy kids who weren't too popular, now that movie stars and entertainers have all come out saying they played and still play D&D and with games being streamed, some kids now feel they are not hip enough to participate in something they are now starting to see as the cool thing entertainers do as a hobby !!!

  • Luca Baldassi  (Jun 14, 2018)

    "So... What do you do for a living?""Well.... I am a coworker"

  • SoulSlayer615  (Dec 22, 2018)

    i thought it spelled cow worker

  • Negan's Evil Twin  (Nov 27, 2018)

    "I play D&D for a living."

  • Lordocasl  (Jun 18, 2018)

    Reason 1,045 for playing D&D.I am 67 years old. My son, who is now 37, is very busy. My nephew I hardly ever get to see. And my young friend 27, I meant in collage last year, could have just moved on.I invited them all to come together to play Dungeons and Dragons in hopes they would say yes.We are now on our 10th game over 6 months and are level 6.This game has brought together those who most dear to me that I would otherwise not get to see very often.We are having a ball.Thank you Wizards of th...

  • kylas  (Feb 4, 2019)

    You got me to comment and i am a serial lurker. I love the idea of different generations a cliques being at your table every game night. I think almost all games can do this but DND is so communal, collaborative, and special. You can't win this game but you get so much out of it. Love it so much. Wishing your group many more sessions.

  • MissJessicaB  (Dec 23, 2018)

    This is so sweet

  • Kha Ngo  (Jun 14, 2018)


  • Jebadiah Jackson  (Feb 3, 2019)

    No self proclaimed murder hobo is ever creative with the rules the game presents for being a literal hobo. You would be squalid at best and banned from entering any decent establishment.

  • Zealots of Birbio  (Jan 29, 2019)

    You are the cancer of D&D.

  • Arias1101  (Jun 14, 2018)

    Paper RPG are absolutely amazing, most people don't know what they are missing out...

  • Laura Knight 2  (Dec 10, 2018)

    Arias1101 “paper RPG “ more like roll play games

  • Arias1101  (Jul 18, 2018)

    What about me?