NHL Top 10 3-on-3 Overtime Goals

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 16, 2018
  • Since 2015 the NHL has adopted 3-on-3 overtime as a way to make games more exciting and avoid shootouts as much as possible. The result, nothing but entertainment. Take a look at the top-10 3v3 OT goals so far. ---------------------------------------------- Subscribe to Sportsnet on YouTube - http://sprtsnt.ca/2paAT2LVisit Sportsnet.ca for more sports news and highlights - http://www.sportsnet.ca Follow Sportsnet on Facebook - http://sprtsnt.ca/YTFBFollow Sportsnet on Twitter - http://sprtsnt.ca/YTTWTRFollow Sportsnet on Instagram - http://sprtsnt.ca/YTINSTFollow Sportsnet on Snapchat - http://sprtsnt.ca/YTSNAPWatch Sportsnet on Sportsnet Now - http://sportsnet.ca/now


  • BNG Hockey  9 months ago

    That Toffoli Goal makes me so mad I remember watching it live thinking there is 0 chance....

  • Yashesh Patel  1 months ago

    Turk Turklet

  • Yashesh Patel  1 months ago

    Turk Turkleton hk’ Aqq

  • Tomi Tiippana  9 months ago

    Mikael Granlund's solo goal against kings should be on the list

  • LeskenTekijä :3  2 months ago


  • less than bread  5 months ago

    The video is titled “NHL Top 10 3-on-3 Overtime Goals.” First words spoken are “4 skaters against 3....” I’m putting my blindfold back on.

  • Jay P.  3 months ago

    Man, when he wants to be, Evgeni Malkin can be the most dominant player in the world. He's nearly impossible to stop once he gets going,

  • Rachael  9 months ago

    That flyer defending against Tavares did an amazing job not his fault at all.

  • Doodooo Da  1 months ago

    Antoine Gaming What? Dude he was just trying to defend, I’m an Islanders fan myself but he was just trying to defend not his fault the 14’s skate lost its edge

  • Antoine Gaming  4 months ago

    He thought he was good, then Tavares had to bring him down a step😂

  • HulaStrikesBack  9 months ago

    Mikael Granlund beat Selke, Norris and Vezina winners / nominees on his way to scoring the nicest 3on 3 goal since the rule came, and you excluded it from this list. #leafsnet

  • Duncan MacLeod  2 days ago

    They literally have one highlight from the Leafs. Stupid comment.

  • Vladshaw Simiv  7 months ago


  • 11 Yoshi  5 months ago

    3:56 the doorman was ready for that goal

  • - Locke -  9 months ago

    I just love that Point goal. So smooth.

  • Cody Gage  9 months ago

    Dont understand how that kid is so Understed. I'd take him over Marner, the kid has a motor that never stops!

  • Bridger Carlson  9 months ago

    How is granlund skating through 3 kings to beat quick, not in this?

  • Bridger Carlson  9 months ago

    I really just want to see the wild get recognition for their actions, it feels like we’re ignored up here

  • So Low  9 months ago

    I am a King's fan and I agree bro.

  • Zack Micciche  9 months ago

    Long live Team North America! What a blast they were to watch.

  • commenter  3 months ago

    They need to do the World Cup of Hockey more often. I am just now finding out about it, and it's frankly more exciting than the NHL and the Olympics combined. Of course they're All-Star teams and everything, but that's some dang good hockey.

  • GOLDwingsRR  17 days ago

    Toffoli goal against Boston was on point 👌🏼