NHL: Best Shootout Goals

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 25, 2017
  • This is one of the best goals the nhl has ever had after an overtime period.

    This video was requested by Noahh Montgomery

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  • nfl_nhl_king
    nfl_nhl_king  2 years ago +303


  • personal nightbot
    personal nightbot  21 days ago

    Pavel changed the way the sport was played

  • Dolepole
    Dolepole  21 days ago

    The best overtime goal

  • Beanos
    Beanos  21 days ago

    Btw I’m also a Minnesota fan

  • Beanos
    Beanos  21 days ago

    #BETHETHUNDER KUCHEROV is my third favorite player on the lightning ever

  • Awesome Tacos
    Awesome Tacos  21 days ago


  • Cody Lewis
    Cody Lewis  28 days ago

    Lainey wasn't all that special

  • Tokin
    Tokin  a months ago

    2:47 I dont think that should count cause he stopped then hit the puck and the rule is you have to keep forward motion unless this was before that rule cause judge by the video quality looks to be alil older than when that rule was made.

  • Console MonsterX
    Console MonsterX  a months ago

    Some of these are weak as shit. Like Laine's and Crosby's. Those are just everyday, run of the mill shootout moves. Nothing more. Kucherov, Kane, Giroux, Datsyuk, Malik. Other than that..... average.

  • Naomi Chalifoux
    Naomi Chalifoux  a months ago

    You won’t fail ur next test

    >Study more to activate<

  • Nic Raider99
    Nic Raider99  a months ago +1

    “He just put Forsberg in the parking lot”

  • Mark Sobolak
    Mark Sobolak  a months ago +1

    Datsyuk the glory days

  • Justin Goetz
    Justin Goetz  a months ago +2

    Anyone else watching this when you can’t spin, it’s kind of enraging!

  • Howling Burd19
    Howling Burd19  a months ago

    Let’s play a drinking game. Take a shot every time you see Pavel Datsyuk or Patrick Kane

  • P A P R U
    P A P R U  a months ago


  • Brody Robbins
    Brody Robbins  2 months ago

    Worst shootout attempts

  • Kathryn L
    Kathryn L  2 months ago

    do best cellys

  • CometF81
    CometF81  2 months ago

    This could have been 12 minutes of Barkov, and it would have been better for it...

  • Ferda Nhl
    Ferda Nhl  2 months ago

    They really needa take the damn rules off shootouts

  • Kowbowski
    Kowbowski  2 months ago