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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 11, 2019
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  • Barry Sanchar  2 months ago

    Oversimplified hasn’t uploaded in 3 monthsThis enraged his father, who punished him severely

  • Henry Spear  11 hours ago

    Barry Sanchar 5 months

  • 7个G币 _GAME  19 hours ago

    Barry Sanchar awesome ,bro

  • Jackninja5  5 days ago

    Problems with Chinese dynasties:-Corrupt eunuchs-Horny warlords-Child emperors

  • Andrea Manfrin  21 hours ago

    - distracting hot step-moms

  • shuaige15  yesterday

    @g gg Gavin Brown asked whether are they real, so i said refer to the Records of the Three Kingdoms instead.

  • paper bucket bob  3 days ago

    At 6:14 if you pay attention to the background you can see the alois spanking one of the loyal servants just pay attention

  • Dota 2 Fan  11 days ago

    You have explained it so beautifully, i never wanted this video to end. Thanks a lot for your valuable time.

  • Well said!

  • British Emperor  10 days ago

    "Some sources say he was so fat and oily, he kept burning for days"*"nice"*

  • >The United States of America wants to know your location

  • Keydiam  2 days ago

    @Jason and Julie Smith Steve1989 is a guy here on youtube who's entire channel is dedicated to military rations from all time periods (he has eaten stuff from the Vietnam War, the Second World War and even older including one biscuit from the American Civil War). Everytime he has unpacked them he starts with, "Let's get this out on a tray." Jumpcut to a tray with all the content on it. "Nice." And not to forget everytime who opens a vacuum-sealed-package, "Nice hiss."

  • DrQuasi  2 months ago

    Japan: I have fought china the most.Mongolia: No, I have.China: Amateurs

  • 李冉  22 hours ago


  • India and China fought themselves so long they became victims of Europeans

  • Dolce Banana  yesterday

    LOOK AT 6:08 The Eunuchs were very corrupt, which enraged his father who punished them severely.

  • John Chen  10 days ago

    The bird sang“Never gonna give you up”“Never gonna let you down”

  • cc and more  yesterday

    Glad someome else pointed it out XD

  • Omer Bosnjak  6 days ago

    You deserve a like 😉

  • Pope Guilty XIII  12 days ago

    "It's a little kitty-cat. Look at her little ears."*The people loved his political philosophy.*

  • 369. The amount of emails I didn't read :/

  • @Jason and Julie SmithThere's also another rather obvious and creepy message behind this name too. I don't even have experience with any Catholics, Britain barely even has Protestants nowadays, it just sounded funny at the time, and hey, a YouTuber liked it too, so I think it was a good idea.Nice rant, anyhow.

  • Neatsp  yesterday

    You should change your name from OverSimplified to RemoveDepressionified