What Happened to the World's Greatest Ape?

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 11, 2017
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    Probably twice the size of a modern gorilla, Gigantopithecus is the greatest great-ape that ever was. And for us fellow primates, there are some lessons to be learned in how it lived, and why it disappeared.

    Produced in collaboration with PBS Digital Studios: http://youtube.com/pbsdigitalstudios

    Thanks to Julio Lacerda at 252MYA.com and Carlos Eulefi for both of their wonderful reconstructions of Gigantopithecus.

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  • ZnenTitan
    ZnenTitan  16 hours ago

    He went on to a spectacular career with RKO pictures.

  • whoa horsey whoa
    whoa horsey whoa  21 hours ago

    makes sense .....the Chinese and Asian cultures decimate so many species of animals !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • private name
    private name  yesterday

    Humans are the worse thing to hit this planet

  • Usernames don't Really matter

    "What happened to the worlds best ape"
    It's now causing climate change

  • aditya kiran
    aditya kiran  2 days ago

    It looks like the beast titan from attack on titans.

  • TheGame Dud
    TheGame Dud  4 days ago

    I think thats just a huge Orangutan

  • Snorlax Zero
    Snorlax Zero  4 days ago

    That looks like something I have seen cause is basically an orangutan

  • Faris Latif
    Faris Latif  5 days ago

    Damnn i never knew asia got hyena

  • Nyan Ard
    Nyan Ard  6 days ago

    I am Borneoan native and now im scared

  • Certified Critic Media

    Do some on Mosasaurs or giant crocodiles like Purrusaurus.

  • Mahima Romanoffsallymw

    It's probably yeti. Bigfoot's Asian cousin

  • Peachy Peppa
    Peachy Peppa  7 days ago

    Not gigantophithecus related, delete if not allowed: your eyebrows look like tadpoles

  • Arron Williams
    Arron Williams  7 days ago +1

    Time Machine: You have Arrived (Computer generated voice)
    Partner: Do you see anything
    Me: yes
    Partner: What is it?
    Me: it's time to leave now
    Partner: Why?
    Me: Remember king Kong?

  • Lorenzo Castillo
    Lorenzo Castillo  7 days ago

    Human migration

  • Nick Tarry
    Nick Tarry  7 days ago

    What does a 500kg primate eat? Whatever it wants.

  • Red Sonic 22
    Red Sonic 22  7 days ago


  • Adriansyah Pradana
    Adriansyah Pradana  7 days ago +1

    Soooo the plants that grew in dryer and hotter condition can explode ??

  • Cerated Sign
    Cerated Sign  7 days ago

    What if, the tribe of people on North Sentinel actually worship a Gigantopithecus, and resist contact with the outside world
    to protect their KING KONG!

    fun sized version ofc!

  • soul gain
    soul gain  7 days ago

    Mm I think u just sloved the big foot mystery

  • DougtheDonkeyTV
    DougtheDonkeyTV  7 days ago

    It was put into the horrible Jungle Book remake and died from embarrassment