Wearing ONLY Body Paint For A Day! Ft. Jeffree Star

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 19, 2019
  • Jeffree Star, LipStickNick, and pro body painters George and Sasha body paint realistic outfits on us that we wear out in public! Things get... interesting. SUBSCRIBE - https://www.youtube.com/user/TheDolan...Follow Jeffree on YouTube and IG! - https://www.youtube.com/user/jeffreestarhttps://www.instagram.com/jeffreestar/Check out the video we made on Jeffrees Channel!!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmEUE...Follow Nicole on Instagram! - https://www.instagram.com/lipsticknick/Follow George on Instagram! - https://www.instagram.com/georgetroes...Follow Sasha on Instagram! - https://www.instagram.com/sashaglasser/Merch - https://dolantwins.comEthan’s StuffINSTAGRAM - https://instagram.com/ethandolan/TWITTER - https://twitter.com/EthanDolanSNAPCHAT - EthanDolanGrayson’s ThingsINSTAGRAM - https://instagram.com/graysondolan/TWITTER - https://twitter.com/GraysonDolanSNAPCHAT - GraysonDolan


  • hope  5 months ago

    Dead at how Jeffree did nothing 😂

  • Diego Vazquez  16 days ago

    He was in the thumbnail of his video....

  • Emma Sofia Quist  2 months ago

    can we all just take a moment to appreciate how strong ethan and grayson are. this is 1 month after their dad passed, and they are already working and doing business/collaborating. i think it's so impressive, don't even have words to describe it.

  • Quantixツ  yesterday

    yeah but don’t remind them but ur right ❤️

  • meme lovered  yesterday

    Same thing I was saying

  • Charli  27 days ago

    3:27"I've never worn Louis." - GraysonFour months later, they went to Paris Fashion Week for Louis Vuitton

  • Ikr

  • Sara Coniam  3 months ago

    "This is alcohol based. Water won't remove it." *Dolan twins stand under running water for 6 hours.*

  • Emma Myers  1 months ago

    Lol soo true

  • Marsha Braudrick  3 months ago

    Grayson: We're back!*awkward silence*Grayson: *You still have pimple cream on your face*Ethan: Oh DammitGrayson: *Wow what a nice comeback**awkward silence again*Grayson: What a *great* start!

  • B my Gf  an hour ago

    Liz R it really took you a month to respond tho.

  • B my Gf  an hour ago

    Chris Rufus BABAHHAHAHAH y’all arguing over a 1 month old comment 👏. Yes i love it

  • Lili Farley  2 months ago

    Graysons looked a lot more fake because there was some parts where you could rlly see his skin color thru the blue

  • Kaylee Layman  9 days ago

    Exactly. His under arm wasn’t even finished.

  • Starlight Glow  11 days ago

    It was supposed to happen, the fabric on the actual shirt is velvet which is supposed to be see through at some angles

  • And i oop  2 months ago

    is anyone gonna talk about the fact that gray's shirt was fading the entire time??just me? okay

  • sxper rxndom  28 days ago

    ikr it got me mad

  • MDTA WebTeam  1 months ago

    i saw it to

  • Aly Girl  2 months ago

    What do we do about my nipplesJeffree:we have to cut them off.XD love jeffree

  • Drayasmiles Lynch  28 days ago

    I'm ur 200th like...ur welcome:))

  • Jason Kamiru  2 months ago

    15:00 the guy that was recording killed me like that's so me😂😂😂

  • Jason Kamiru  1 months ago

    @Phoebe Chando and you are...

  • Phoebe Chando  2 months ago

    your horrible

  • Val_ V  5 months ago

    *Make this blue if you are happy they are Back*👇

  • Rob Delaney  5 days ago


  • Shyan Arms  22 days ago