This Is The END.. (Fortnite)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 21, 2019
  • Say Goodbye Forever.. (Fortnite Battle Royale)Today in Fortnite Season 9, we talk about the Fortnite Orb and how you should say goodbye forever!


  • Quickestksns ROBLOX & More

    Like=Kevin the cube
    Comment=Bob the orb

  • have a nice day
    have a nice day  28 days ago +146

    This is how many times mr top 5 sayshe is gonna show its face

  • ClapZ
    ClapZ  28 days ago +112

    This is how many time you have posted “how many time” comment but got no like

  • Drago-J Hilman
    Drago-J Hilman  21 days ago +12

    This is how many times he puts something about the end of FORTNITE in his title...

  • Kuro Chan
    Kuro Chan  28 days ago +220

    This is how much they said This is going to change fortnite forever

  • Fernando Soto
    Fernando Soto  21 days ago +28

    This is how many times he said that later in the vid he will show leaks and stuff, and he leaves it on a cliffhanger....

  • FlashyKID 1234
    FlashyKID 1234  28 days ago +83

    "Footage from season 5"
    That was season 6 event.
    Like if you saw

  • Danielle Lampchteam
    Danielle Lampchteam  21 days ago +14

    This is how much times mrtopfortnite said this is very important

  • Ryan Gameing
    Ryan Gameing  28 days ago +1

    The heroes: Kevin the cube and bob the orb. The evil villain: Steve the sphere

  • Shadow Gamer
    Shadow Gamer  28 days ago +246

    This how many time mrtop5 said goodbye
    👇 you don’t have to like

  • Cooling Heat
    Cooling Heat  21 days ago +1

    "He was warning us about the orb"
    "He was warning us about the orb"
    Ok I heard you
    "He was warning us about the orb"

  • Phoenix Dunn
    Phoenix Dunn  28 days ago +8

    His name isn't bob. Its KEVIN THE CUBE... Kevin Was In front of us the whole time.. He's inside the orb ....

  • admen gaming
    admen gaming  21 days ago +5

    My sugestion the sphere is actualy i think a anit-black hole because it is so powerfull and its a sphere so i think for a fact its a black hole that in the future it will distrot some locations and create better ones

  • metalic doggy
    metalic doggy  7 days ago

    Me: so what , marshmello’s music made the volcano erupt?

  • tmy1
    tmy1  28 days ago +1481

    You will have 0 ping forever,like to activate💯💪🏽
    But ìm sübßíñg to everyone who łikēs/sübs to mė💜

  • Jessica Evans
    Jessica Evans  28 days ago +6

    4:23 the zero point was at tilted not loot lake

  • Syrup Face
    Syrup Face  21 days ago +1

    6:42 oh really now, i thought that skin was from season 6, and why does it say season 5

  • Nazir Bradshaw
    Nazir Bradshaw  21 days ago

    That’s the same thing I told my friend

  • Foxsesandmarshell Plays games 4 u

    6:37 footage from season 5 mr top 5 it was footage from season 6

  • Frank Pritchard
    Frank Pritchard  28 days ago +3

    I literally heard this exact theory in a video uploaded a few days ago